The Weather Channel Beautiful Homepage

For over 35 years, The Weather Channel has transformed the way people view weather, space, and Earth. By using vivid imagery, the popular channel’s Stargaze website infuses knowledge, beauty, the UI, and the UX with science.

The home page is a fullscreen view of a night sky. Attractive typography draws users to the content on the page. The black menu bar outlines the site's chic look, and it contains simple navigation tools. The Weather Channel logo on the top hyperlinks to their own website, but its subtlety doesn’t interfere with users’ attempts to explore Stargaze.

The Weather Channel Beautiful Gallery Design

Every page of the Stargaze gallery has a high-quality image of a night sky, and each uses simple typography to draw the user’s attention to the text. On the right, users can click on individual white dots to jump to specific pages, making the sitemap easy to navigate.

The Weather Channel Beautiful Website Design

The new moon calendar page demonstrates how the combination of the UX and UI is influenced by the site's theme. The dark background highlights the moon in the middle of the page. Each time the user manipulates the moon calendar, the moon visual will change with it. Users are free to change the month and year to determine what the moon looked like on any day.

The Weather Channel continues to wow its audiences with its contemporary approach to meteorology. Stargaze is an ingenious website, taking visual conceptualization to a whole new level.

The Weather Channel is a beautiful website design in the Entertainment industry.

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