AIMIAM Great Homepage

AIMIAM is a state-of-the-art app in the making that’s designed to encourage adventure and exploring the world outside one’s own home. Still in the works, this app is available in beta form for Android platforms only. For explorers who enjoy mountains, mountain climbing, and unexplored terrains, the app is meant to help create routes outlining where they want to go, as well as track their progress along the way. Explorers are able to invite friends to join them and make new friends through the app, as well.

AIMIAM Great Contact Page

AIMIAM takes a simplistic approach to giving information to potential beta testers of the app, as well as to future users. The one page website relies on a deep scroll to give brief bits of information on each major topic. The site utilizes the brilliant reds and whites of its logo mixed with gorgeous photos of mountain landscapes.

AIMIAM Great Menu Design

For explorers who want to look at the overall topics made available to them, AIMIAM offers a sliding window menu accessible in the upper right corner. The menu reflects the different topics shown in the deep scroll, and it pulls explorers to the associated area when they click on a specific topic.

AIMIAM Top Website Design

For those who are beta-testing the app through the Android platform or for those who have interest in offering up suggestions for AIMIAM, the website employs a plugin form for users to send in information. Additionally, if users scroll down to the next section, they are able to subscribe to the site to get updates about the iOS format of the app.

Viewers can access AIMIAM’s social media sites through hyperlinks at the bottom left side of the site at any given time. The hyperlink opens a new page for them. Users can also access both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store in order to find information about how to download the app.

AIMIAM is a top website design in the Sports & Leisure industry.