Toggl Home Page Website Design

Toggl’s Clean Online Platform Excites And Inspires Users

Toggl is a time-tracking tool used to help freelancers and remote workers track their working hours. And businesses can use it too. But while this tool was first created for internal use by its founders, it also helps small businesses track data and vital business information.

Headquartered in Estonia, this essential platform tracks time working based on projects and tasks, as well as through manually-tracked time.

Toggl is an easy, efficient and cost-effective tool for staying accountable and tracking hours for entrepreneurs and small businesses alike.

This tool puts efficiency and productivity first. It holds people accountable and gives businesses a platform to hold all of this vital information in one easy-to-find place.

Here’s what one Toggl user has to say about using Toggl:

We’re using Toggl to analyze the profitability of the projects we do for our clients, and for tracking our internal ROI. But sometime we also show the data to our clients — that makes negotiations a lot easier!

Toggl lets teams not only track their time, but it also allows people to track progress, ROIs and valuable data that is vital for proper business function.

This simple tool promotes positivity, accountability and work ethic, but to balance out this business-focused model, the team at Toggl went with a website design that was dreamy, airy and fun.

Using colors, animations, movement, and illustration, the Toggl website is approachable, clean and fun.

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Toggl Features Website Design

Toggl's Digital Destination Excites Customers With Serene Pastels And Breathable Negative Space

Toggl is a team management platform that adds efficiency and productivity to the workplace and the overall function of a small business.

To help simplify and make the tool more approachable and fun, this website plays with soft and subtle colors to add a pleasing and fairytale-like quality to the website.

Pastels make up the background and the text boxes. They add a nostalgic and serene vibe that puts you at ease and makes you feel instantly lighter overall.

And considering the stress and anxiety of an average workday — especially when you’re trying to manage your own time or the time of your team, you want a tool that will make you feel happy and peaceful.

And just like the pastels make up the backdrops to text and illustrations, they also make up the text. When against a darker, grey or white background, pastels make up the typography and text. It’s bright. It’s light. It’s intoxicating.

Pastels are dreamy. Pastels are airy. These colors bring a paradise-like quality to the website and overall experience, and they fill the majority of negative space, allowing all of the messaging and elements to breathe. 

This website aims to sedate in a sense. It aims to ease and comfort — just like the tool aims to alleviate workplace stressors.

Work is stressful enough — managers and teams shouldn’t have to worry about having to track, document and report throughout the busy and jam-packed day for every single employee.  And this paradise-inspiring design is sure to lull away any of those frustrations. Check out some of the most inspiring website designs.

Toggl Cost Website Design

Toggl’s Playful Animations Bring Its Website Design To Life

This website design jumps to life thanks to its animated illustrations and moving text and image boxes.

These landing pages pop. Text boxes appear and jump in as you scroll. The animations themselves move — like a conveyor belt tracking money, projects and time. And these clever illustrations don’t just display the daily goings on of a workplace.

They depict the creation of hot dogs and hamburgers — it’s silly, flirty and fun. It almost seems out of place, but it works.

Movement creates urgency. Movement draws attention. Movement brings designs to life. And this design certainly pops thanks to the moving shapes, laugh-inducing animations and more.

On top of this movement, there are hilarious little illustrations — in the shape of everyday objects like pizza, hot dogs, and hamburgers.

These illustrations seem far from the focus of the brand — using illustrations of food to represent a tool used to manage time, but it adds a personality and a flair to the website and the brand that can’t be beaten.

Toggl Testimonial Website Design

The Toggl Website Enchants With Color And Movement

The Toggl website is bright, airy and clean. It’s a fun and simple design that promotes accountability and positivity in a fun and playful way.

Subtle movement jumps into focus as you scroll, adding an engaging and dynamic layer to this design. The text is carefully laid out and images dance across the screen. There’s a realism to these claymation-esque illustrations and animations that is inspiring, enlightening and light.

The matte grey, pink and purple backgrounds have a very simple and sophisticated vibe, and the pastels overlaid bring the overall design to life.

Easy and breezy menu bars glide along the screen and create a user experience that is beyond words — it’s simple, serene and playful.

This Toggl website design is a fairytale dream, adding a personality and a flare to a platform that adds efficiency to the work day and helps businesses keep track of their employees and their work.

This efficiency is mimicked in the website design -- and urges users to add this tool to their own roster.

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