BukWild Amazing Homepage

The little things in life make all the difference: a reckless hug from your kid before bed, an endearing text from a lover halfway through the day, a kind wave from a driver during rush hour. BukWild is a digital agency in touch with the little things that make life go round.

BukWild seeks to create the websites, technology, social media, films, campaigns, strategies, and all kinds of other digital content that help individuals make choices each day. They connect people with brands in creative and unconventional ways.

Using a similar philosophy, the site design for BukWild employs the little things to direct users toward big opportunities. From the first “hello” on the landing page, this site staysattentive to details that make all the difference. Solid blocks of color, like purple and white, line the page and orient the eye toward simple shapes—circles, squares, and triangles—that react to user engagement.

Site designers left out none of the details: the blocks of color shift vertically or horizontally depending on the size of the user’s screen. With a slight hover of the mouse, sections of the screen darken to reveal navigation options for any user need. Small colored arrows point the way toward larger projects.

BukWild Amazing Website Design

While they may use the little things to attract attention, BukWild is anything but small in their vision. Matching the expansive scope of their work for partners like Amazon, Hershey’s, and Pandora, the site design uses text and shapes to direct to a multitude of navigation options. Each page and pop-out menu leads to numerous other selections. Users can link to countless informational tabs and demonstrations of developed content.

The structure relies on animations and video to explain the scope and size of the work produced, yet it also applies minimalism to simplify the UX. A bright, solid-colored loading page with a single circle outlining the BukWild logo moves users from one page to the next.

BukWild Amazing Website Design

Text is large against a solid white background throughout the site, which helps to minimize the otherwise overwhelming amount of content provided on the multi-page site. Perhaps one of the easiest features of the entire site, no matter how far users might navigate through the varied links available for their interest and information, scrolling just leads them back to the main menu page. Users can enter a broad experience without ever really getting lost in the little distractions that move them from one intriguing link to another.

A colored variety of shapes also seen on the home page are sprinkled throughout each campaign, project, or strategy page to echo the little details BukWild pays attention to in their work. Customers can be sure that magnitude and minimalism are both primary concerns for this agency.

BukWild is an amazing website design in the Advertising, Professional Services and Technology industries.