Unpigeon Beautiful Homepage

With Unpigeon, users can discover their new career calling in less than five minutes, just by rating ten simple words—no multiple choice or filling in blanks required. Based on how they rate these words, Unpigeon will calculate the user’s true hidden ambition.

The home page immediately grabs the user’s attention with charming effects. Words are neatly written with warm colors to spark the interest of viewers. Blinking lettering and throbbing icons directly invite users to start the visual quiz.

Gracefully moving, colorful dots appear and fade away in the background, complementing a mystical atmosphere. The dark purple negative space is excellent because it influences a "bubbly" feeling suited for the site's inspiring intent, and the darker shade makes the flickering dots sparkle.

Unpigeon Beautiful Website Design

The pages where users rate words are the center of the site’s creativity. Artistically, their color tones match the background for a uniformed presentation. Despite their colored similarities, the words are clearly presented for easy understanding.

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Unpigeon Beautiful Website Design

Upon moving the rating bar, something unexpected happens that demands the audience’s attention. The words slowly fill from left to right with colorful related images.

For example, the word "feed" begins to fill up with photographs of food. This, by far, branches out of stereotypical rating quizzes that use standard numerical measurements.

The neat feature makes the site stand out against competitors. On top of this, it promotes engagement with the viewer by making the rating process fun.

Unpigeon Beautiful Website Design

The transition of the words from plain to decorated with imagery is very smooth, and it does not have any choppy or lagging movement.

Every word is presented differently, whether it be based on the movement, texture, font, or other attributes.

From lightly bouncing on the screen to changing colors, every page captures the audience’s attention and wonderment of what will happen next. From the home page to the results page, all imagery and wording are neatly presented for a clean, elegant look that will be appealing to any viewer.

Unpigeon is all about helping users discover their ambition through imaginative amusement and time-saving techniques.

If users feel like their result wasn't as accurate as it could be, they can simply retake it! The functionality of the site makes it easy to use, and the creative characteristics of the quiz itself make for a captivating and entertaining UX.

Unpigeon is a beautiful website design in the Arts & Recreation, Education and Entertainment industries.

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