What Makes Advertising Agencies in Portland, Oregon Unique?

Different reasons make Portland appealing, including access to capital, favorable tax systems and pro-business incentives. The city is also an excellent place to live in, whether you prefer city living or outdoors. All of these features make advertising agencies in Portland, Oregon unique.

Learn more about the other features that make Portland advertisers more unique:

Feature #1: The City Has a Highly Skilled Workforce

Portland's rapidly increasing population benefits small businesses in different ways. It results in more potential customers and provides a diverse and talented labor pool. In fact, the city's workforce is nearly one million, which is six times higher than the U.S. average.

Creative and technology-centered companies, such as the advertising agencies in Portland, will always have access to highly educated employees. That means they'll have more chances of finding highly capable and talented employees to join their agency.

In turn, it allows you to find an ad agency in the city that meets your expectations,

Feature #2: The City Offers Access to Capital

Based on the National Venture Capital Association data, venture investment in Portland was at $350 million in 2017 – a 75% increase from investments made in 2013. Unlike the numbers from New York, Texas and California, venture capitalists are increasingly interested in investing in solid ideas outside the traditional startup hubs.

In fact, Portland Seed Fund is one of the highest investors in the area and continues to raise money to support promising new startup companies, especially those with diverse leadership teams.

However, being a startup company can be challenging. You'll have to look for approaches that appeal to the local market's eyes. That's where advertising agencies in Portland, Oregon can help you!

Portland ad firms are your best companion because they can determine which strategies and approaches will work in the community. It'll be easier to establish your brand in the city and earn the audience's trust in your business with their assistance.

Feature #3: The City Offers Lower Operating Costs

Portland is also a cheap location to start your business, unlike San Diego, San Francisco and Seattle. In Portland, the average price per square foot for an office is 20% cheaper than in Seattle and 75% cheaper than in San Francisco.

Therefore, companies can grow faster and bigger in Portland than in other cities on the West Coast. You can invest more money into your business by saving on your overhead expenses, like advertising.

You can opt to hire the most established advertising agencies in Portland, Oregon to get high-quality ad campaigns and strategies to grow your business.

Feature #4: The City Has a Thriving Start Community

Portland is becoming an epicenter for motivated entrepreneurs. In fact, INC included Portland in their list of the Best Places in America for Start Companies. Portland's startup community includes numerous industries, including innovative apparel stores, top-notch food businesses, and tech companies.

Portland also offers startups or entrepreneurs numerous meetups, development and training programs, events and other similar resources to encourage collaboration and new business.

Therefore, competition can be fierce in the city, so you'll need the assistance of the best advertising agencies in Portland, Oregon. Hiring Portland ad companies make it easier to stand out and establish your brand in the area.

Portland skyline​, Oregon
Portland is one of the best places in the US for starting a business

What Do Advertising Companies in Portland, Oregon Specialize In?

Nearly all advertising agencies in Portland, Oregon offer a comprehensive range of services addressing your business's digital marketing aspects. Portland ad companies are experts specializing in:

However, you can also find ad companies in Portland specializing in specific fields, including:

  • Branding
  • Market research
  • Digital marketing
  • Video production
  • Social media marketing
  • Web design
  • PPC
  • Media planning
  • And more
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Why Hire Advertising Firms in Portland?

Advertising agencies in Portland, Oregon have already built connections and surpassed nearly all client expectations. Here are the numerous reasons for working with Portland ad firms if you want to achieve your company's objectives and improve your brand.

Benefit #1: They Are Familiar with the Region

Portland ad agencies are familiar with the region, especially those you're trying to reach and your region. Furthermore, they're familiar with your niche market and business environment, which allows them to provide nuanced knowledge and specialized expertise.

Portland ad firms are also familiar with the local competition and market, allowing them to use the best strategies, resources and talents. Because they've already built their network in the city, Portland firms can connect you with the right resources and vendors.

Benefit #2: They Are Invested in Your Growth

Advertising agencies in Portland, Oregon will always guide you every step of the way. They always listen attentively to your concerns to build a collaborative environment. In short, you can work with an agency that considers you their partner instead of a client.

They also value your opinions, allowing both parties to achieve the desired results within the set timeframe. Working with a Portland ad firm focused on your growth and success will save you money and be a reliable resource for your company for years to come.

Benefit #3: They Offer More Creative Ideas

Advertising firms in Portland have the necessary experience and skills to develop creative and innovative ideas. That makes them the most enthusiastic and creative minds in the city. Each agency can address complex problems and provide fresh ideas, which allows them to develop and implement bolder and more contemporary concepts.

Because they're also familiar with your niche market, they can develop ideas and solutions that meet your needs. That makes it a worthwhile investment for your brand and business.

Benefit #4: They Have More Flexibility

Advertising agencies in Portland, Oregon also understand that local consumers want to connect with something that feels personal. Whether it's branding, new web design, live events or press releases, your Portland ad firm is more flexible in delivering a message that specifically represents your brand.

Portland ad firms will also closely work with you to determine the messages you want to deliver and which approaches will be more efficient. Their targeted and creative solutions will meet your goals.

In short, working with ad firms in Portland will allow you to quickly achieve your objectives and adapt to the latest approaches to meet your needs.

Benefit #5: They Are More Accessible

Excellent communication is the key to exceeding your expectations. Nearly all advertising companies in Portland, Oregon prioritize their clients. With their assistance, you'll get individualized attention and a team focused on your account compared to working with a non-local ad agency.

You can also meet with their team or representative to discuss marketing strategies and ideas to help grow your brand. If you build a more individualized relationship with a Portland ad firm, you can be more transparent and honest with your objectives, ideas, and opinions.

How Much Do Advertising Companies in Portland, Oregon Charge?

Usually, advertising agencies in Portland, Oregon charge $100 – $150 per hour. But you can also find an ad agency that charges as low as $50 per hour or as high as $200 per hour.

Meanwhile, their rates per project range from $1,000 – $25,000. However, other companies can charge as high as $50,000 per project. Each company's rates differ due to certain factors, including:

  • Marketing goals
  • Types of products or services
  • Expected revenue
  • Selected media types
  • Target audience
  • And more

How to Find the Right Advertising Firms in Portland?

Follow these tips to compare the advertising agencies in Portland, Oregon, and find the agency partner that fits your business.

1. Check Their Testimonials and Case Studies

You should start by looking into their clients' testimonials. Good testimonials will always talk about the problem, how the agency addressed it and its consequences. Advertising agencies in Portland, Oregon will have no problems retaining good testimonials and case studies.

You can even ask their team for a portfolio if you want to inform your team about their achievements and background. Meanwhile, an ad agency that lacks recent case studies isn't a good sign, and you need to consider looking for another firm.

2. Establish the Goals You Want to Reach

Their portfolio and case studies will also help determine if they're the best fit for your brand and business. You can set an appointment with their team to discuss the goals you want to achieve. It'll also be an excellent way to clarify the questions you might have in mind.

Portland ad agencies will always value transparency and honesty to help achieve your goals.

2. Don't Hire the First Company You See

Hiring the first company you see might get the job done quicker, but it's not ideal. If you plan to optimize your content marketing strategy, you should work with the top advertising firms in Portland specializing in SEO tools and web design. You'll also have to think about the agency size you want to employ.

Usually, the first result you get from your online search is the biggest agency in Portland with positive case studies and reviews. But if you own a startup company, hiring that agency might not be the best choice. To avoid problems, make a list of agencies. Then, weigh the pros and cons before hiring one.

3. Narrow Down to Specific Kinds of Firms

It's also best to think about the kind of ad agency that will help you reach your goals.

For example, you want to increase your presence on social media. So, you should consider working with advertising companies in Portland, Oregon specializing in social media platforms. Hiring the right kind of agency for your business is the best way to increase your revenue.

Though full-service ad agencies offer all kinds of services, ad companies in Portland are a better option because they're more creative and affordable. In short, you'll have to think about the type of agency that best suits your needs and goals.

3. Hire an Agency Familiar with Your Market

Lastly, you need to hire a Portland ad company with experience or insight into your industry. With their deep understanding of your industry, advertising agencies in Portland, Oregon will develop ad campaigns and content that target the right people and the best marketing channels you can invest in.

Suppose they don't understand your industry deeply. In that case, Portland ad companies are eager to learn more about your products or services to provide a strategy that fits your business and develops it.

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12 Questions to Ask Portland Ad Agencies

  1. Who will be handling my account and completing the work?
  2. How will you manage client collaboration and communication?
  3. Can you tell me about your previous clients from the same industry?
  4. How will you tell if my ad campaign is successful or not?
  5. Which aspects of the project will you outsource, and how much?
  6. What project management tools are you familiar with?
  7. Which marketing software will you use for my campaigns?
  8. How frequently will I meet with the team handling the work?
  9. How will we meet? In-person or through video conferencing?
  10. How long is my contract with you? What does it include?
  11. How will backlinks ensure my ad campaign's success?
  12. What separates a mediocre backlink from a quality link?

Takeaways on Advertising Agencies in Portland, Oregon

Portland can be a great place to build your business thanks to the city's lower operating costs, access to capital, thriving startup community and highly educated workforce.

But it'll also make local competition fiercer than ever, so you'll have to rely on the guidance of the best advertising agencies in Portland, Oregon to survive.

Portland ad firms specialize in different digital campaigns, spanning social media marketing, video production and SEO. With the different choices in Portland, you'll have to be attentive when picking an agency partner. One of the primary factors you'll have to consider is their charges.

On average, they charge $100 – $150 per hour.

Though it sounds expensive to work with the top-rated advertising agencies in Portland, Oregon, it'll benefit your company.

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