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Searching for a reliable restaurant digital marketing agency that could elevate your online presence, attract new diners, and increase your revenue? Our expert listing, based on verified client reviews and detailed case studies, is a trustworthy source for finding the best digital marketing companies for restaurants on the market. Explore our directory and refine your search by pricing, location, team size, and more.  

Our list features top restaurant digital marketing agencies, chosen from over 400 providers, based on their expertise, services, accomplished projects, client reviews, pricing models, and industry recognition. Learn about our selection process and how we identify the leading players in the hospitality sector.

The Number 1 Restaurant Digital Marketing Agency as Selected by DesignRush Is...

1. Vigor Branding

Vigor Branding restaurant digital marketing
[Source: Vigor Branding]
  • Best for: Overall
  • Average hourly rate: Inquire
  • Minimum budget: Inquire
  • Founded: 2002
  • Size: Under 49
  • Location: Atlanta, GA
  • Notable clients: Olga’s Kitchen, Chasin’ Tails, Papa Gino’s, Sankranti, Pure Roots Provisions

Vigor Branding is a full-service restaurant branding and advertising agency that helps clients succeed in the competitive hospitality industry. With over 20 years of experience, it has activated over 1,750 restaurant locations and has worked on 250+ concepts. The agency’s services range from branding and advertising to interior design and hotel food and beverage concept development, all tailored to each client’s taste.

Olga’s Kitchen, one of Detroit’s iconic places, experienced challenges in messaging and adapting to evolving dining trends under new ownership. Vigor was tasked with defining the brand’s identity and engaging its audience amidst a shifting restaurant landscape.

Vigor conducted extensive research to define Olga’s primary audience, the “homerunners,” and developed a strategic messaging approach emphasizing the brand’s rich history and contemporary experience. Through a revitalized visual identity and targeted social media campaigns, it successfully increased brand engagement and adoption of Olga’s Kitchen gift cards and loyalty rewards app, laying a strong foundation for future growth.

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2. Embark Marketing

Embark Marketing restaurant-digital-marketing
[Source: Embark Marketing]
  • Best for: Social media marketing
  • Average hourly rate: $10
  • Minimum budget: Inquire
  • Founded: 2018
  • Size: Under 49
  • Location: San Antonio, TX
  • Notable clients: Rosario’s, Stone Bro’s, The Good Kind, Piatti, Créme Coffee & Social

Embark Marketing delivers creative solutions for restaurants, bars, and food and beverage brands. It offers the full suite of marketing, web development, and public relations to help food and beverage businesses thrive. Since its inception, Embark Marketing has helped hundreds of restaurants succeed, earning recognitions from Forbes, PRSA Del Oro, and the American Marketing Awards.

Rosario’s, a renowned Mexican restaurant, approached Embark Marketing, looking to overcome challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and revitalize its digital presence. The restaurant digital marketing agency focused on refreshing the brand’s social media presence, implementing a digital ad strategy, and optimizing email marketing.

The email marketing strategy that Embark Marketing implemented generated over 3,000 new subscribers. Through professional photography, videography, and engaging content creation, Rosario’s social media platforms also experienced significant growth:

  • Facebook likes have increased by 2,377 (40% growth)
  • Instagram followers scaled by 2,424 (40% growth)
  • Twitter followers have grown by 229

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3. Hudson Creative

Hudson Creative restaurant-digital-marketing
[Source: Hudson Creative]
  • Best for: Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Average hourly rate: $150
  • Minimum budget: Inquire
  • Founded: 2010
  • Size: Under 49
  • Location: New York City, NY
  • Notable clients: Patina Restaurant Group, LDV Hospitality, Wolfgang Puck Catering, Lincoln Ristorante, Cucina & Co.

With a proven track record of serving over 210 restaurants and executing more than 1,500 digital campaigns, Hudson Creative understands the complexities of the hospitality industry. From SEO and web development to digital advertising, social media, email marketing, and consulting services, it offers comprehensive solutions that boost sales and elevate the restaurants’ digital presence.

Patina Restaurant Group wanted to enhance exposure for its 46 restaurant location websites and boost online reservations. Hudson Creative managed each restaurant’s keyword targets and location information through its proprietary “ABIS” (Approved Business Information Sheet). The digital marketing company for restaurants also implemented a custom “Digital Dashboard” report to track location-specific and group results in real time.

The project achieved a remarkable 63.75% year-over-year increase in restaurant website visitors from search engines and a 35% year-over-year increase in seated website reservations, effectively reversing a negative trend for the entire group.

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4. Resto Experience

Resto Experience restaurant-digital-marketing
[Source: Resto Experience]
  • Best for: Creative advertising
  • Average hourly rate: $30
  • Minimum budget: $25,000 - $50,000
  • Founded: 2022
  • Size: Under 49
  • Location: Atlanta, GA
  • Notable clients: Rreal Tacos, Tomo Japanese Restaurant, Enzo’s Pizza, The Crossing Steak House, Mojitos Cuban American Bistro

Resto Experience is a digital marketing agency exclusively serving restaurants to accelerate their success. Specializing in demand generation, brand acceleration, and digital transformation, it deploys tailored strategies to attract new customers, boost brand visibility, and optimize operational efficiency. From targeted advertising campaigns to user-friendly website design, Resto Experience equips restaurants with the tools they need to thrive in the competitive hospitality industry.

Resto Experience teamed up with Rreal Tacos, a colorful Mexican restaurant known for its unique, locally sourced tacos, to boost its presence on Instagram. The challenge was to attract more followers and increase social media engagement. Using targeted ads and creative content, Resto Experience aimed to highlight Rreal Tacos’ vibrant dishes and ethos to a wider audience.

The campaign was a success, reaching 180,449 people and generating significant engagement: 8,717 interactions with the post, 15,996 profile visits, and 2,705 ad clicks. The boost in social media activity elevated Rreal Tacos’ online presence and helped attract more customers to its business.

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5. Restaurant Marketing

Restaurant Marketing restaurant-digital-marketing
[Source: Restaurant Marketing]
  • Best for: Photo and video content
  • Average hourly rate: Inquire
  • Minimum budget: Inquire
  • Founded: 2015
  • Size: Under 49
  • Location: Orange County, CA
  • Notable clients: Yogurtland, Salt Creek Grille, Mama’s Hospitality Group, Archibald’s, Finney’s Crafthouse

Restaurant Marketing specializes in showcasing the culinary excellence of restaurants, ensuring they stand out in a competitive market. Understanding the challenges in the hospitality industry, it crafts engaging marketing strategies tailored to each client’s unique offerings. From mouth-watering food photography to comprehensive marketing campaigns, its services combine creativity with data-driven insights to effectively connect restaurants with their audience.

Since 2019, Yogurtland has been collaborating with Restaurant Marketing to boost its digital presence, especially on Instagram and Facebook. The focus has been on creating engaging photo and video content to keep Yogurtland’s social media feeds fresh and attract more followers. One standout campaign was the holiday promotion featuring Cheetos® Flamin’ Hot® as a froyo topping in December.

This creative idea quickly gained attention and was featured on platforms like the Food Network online and Fast Casual Stories. Restaurant Marketing’s eye-catching content played a crucial role in the campaign’s success, demonstrating its ability to capture interest and drive engagement.

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6. YellowFin Marketing

YellowFin Marketing restaurant-digital-marketing
[Source: YellowFin Marketing]
  • Best for: Branding
  • Average hourly rate: $75
  • Minimum budget: $1,000 - $10,000
  • Founded: 2011
  • Size: Under 49
  • Location: London, UK
  • Notable clients: Danielle & Daisy, Fire + Fly, Miss Biddy’s, Papa-Dum, Coop Kitchen

With over 12 years of experience, YellowFin Marketing has created dozens of brands, built a network of hospitality experts, and become a valuable partner in launching and managing successful restaurants. This full-service agency specializes in website design, branding, and marketing for single-site operators and small chains. With a focus on research, data, and customer psychology, YellowFin Marketing empowers clients with the marketing power of big brands.

Restaurant Marketing collaborated with a serial entrepreneur to bring her dream of showing Ghanaian and West African culinary heritage to life by establishing Danielle & Daisy restaurant. Its team meticulously crafted a brand that embodied exceptional quality cuisine and warm hospitality, mirroring the inviting atmosphere of the restaurant’s interior design inspired by traditional Ghanaian textiles.

The restaurant digital marketing agency curated a brand identity that resonated with the owner’s desire to educate British tastes on the richness of West African ingredients and recipes while maintaining accessibility. From designing the logo to creating a cohesive brand identity, the agency ensured that Danielle & Daisy would become synonymous with exquisite West African dining experiences.

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7. The Digital Restaurant

The Digital Restaurant restaurant-digital-marketing
[Source: The Digital Restaurant]
  • Best for: Digital marketing for pizzerias
  • Average hourly rate: $99
  • Minimum budget: $1,000 - $10,000
  • Founded: 2014
  • Size: Under 49
  • Location: Aurora, IL
  • Notable clients: Salerno’s Pizza, Baldinelli Pizza, D’Agostino’s Pizza, Braconi’s Restaurant and Pizzeria, La Tosca Restaurant

The Digital Restaurant specializes in digital marketing for restaurants and pizzerias, focusing on growing dine-in, delivery, and catering segments. Aside from providing growth marketing services, it also fosters customer engagement, manages brand reputation, enhances local online presence, and improves business capabilities through online ordering and POS integration.

Salerno’s Pizza faced ineffective online presence, non-functional website and online ordering systems, and high commissions paid to third-party ordering platforms. To address these issues, The Digital Restaurant provided strategic planning, web design, and marketing services, implementing a growth marketing program tailored to the restaurant’s needs. A new website with seamless online ordering and POS integration was launched within four weeks, along with a custom mobile app designed for easy ordering and customer engagement. Additionally, the agency executed multi-channel marketing campaigns to drive traffic to the website and reduce reliance on third-party ordering platforms.

Within the first 90 days, Salerno’s experienced a significant increase in online sales, reduced order errors, and improved customer satisfaction due to streamlined ordering processes. The restaurant also witnessed rapid growth in its customer email database and social media engagement. By eliminating commissions paid to third-party platforms and implementing effective digital marketing strategies, Salerno’s achieved operational efficiency and enhanced its brand reputation.

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8. Foodie Restaurant Agency

Foodie Restaurant Agency restaurant-digital-marketing
[Source: Foodie Restaurant Agency]
  • Best for: Rebranding
  • Average hourly rate: $150
  • Minimum budget: Inquire
  • Founded: 2002
  • Size: 50 - 99
  • Location: Miami, FL
  • Notable clients: Baires Grill, Prima Pasta, Miami Spice, Edge, Havana 1957

With over two decades of experience, Foodie offers a comprehensive suite of top-notch marketing solutions for the food and beverage industry. From tailored multi-channel online marketing strategies to custom-developed, mobile-friendly websites, it covers all aspects of restaurant marketing. Its innovative one-stop marketing solution, Foodie360, provides restaurants with the expertise of a dedicated chief marketing officer and an experienced team, along with cutting-edge technology, all at a fraction of the cost.

Baires Grill, an esteemed Argentine steakhouse chain, recognized the need to elevate its brand to reflect its high-end offerings and appeal to a more discerning clientele. It hired Foodie Restaurant Agency for a comprehensive rebranding, aiming to revamp its logo, introduce a sophisticated new color palette, and overhaul its social media presence, particularly on Instagram.

The introduction of a new logo and color palette successfully elevated the brand’s perception, making it appear more premium and exclusive. Revamping the restaurant’s social media resulted in higher engagement rates and an increase in followers, reflecting the brand’s updated, sophisticated identity. This transformation allowed Baires Grill to attract a broader audience and achieve a stronger, more prestigious market presence.

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9. Gourmet Marketing

Gourmet Marketing restaurant-digital-marketing
[Source: Gourmet Marketing]
  • Best for: Website design
  • Average hourly rate: Inquire
  • Minimum budget: Inquire
  • Founded: 2009
  • Size: Under 49
  • Location: New York City, NY
  • Notable clients: Le Suprême, The Walllace, The Marmara Park Avenue, The Lucerne Hotel, Halal Guys

Gourmet Marketing, founded in 2009, connects restaurants with the right customers by deeply understanding buyer motivations and crafting tailored marketing strategies. With a team of creative and analytical experts from around the globe, it has been helping hospitality brands become market leaders through services like SEO, customer acquisition strategies, social media, web design, and more. In 2023 alone, its partners generated $189 million in revenue, showcasing the effectiveness of its innovative marketing strategies.

Le Suprême, a French-inspired brasserie located in Detroit’s historic Book Tower, needed a digital presence that reflects elegance and culinary excellence, ensuring high visibility in search results for French restaurants in Detroit.

The restaurant digital marketing company developed a sophisticated website using HubSpot content management system (CMS), optimized for both general and local SEO, to capture the essence of Le Suprême and target the local Detroit market effectively. The website achieved the top ranking in searches for “French restaurant + Detroit” keyword combination and 80% of website traffic from organic and local search results, significantly enhancing Le Suprême’s online visibility and customer reach.

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10. SideDish Media

SideDish Media restaurant-digital-marketing
[Source: SideDish Media]
  • Best for: Google Ads
  • Average hourly rate: $40
  • Minimum budget: $1,000 - $10,000
  • Founded: 2015
  • Size: Under 49
  • Location: London, UK
  • Notable clients: Vapiano, Baccalà, The Skinny Kitchen, Pizza Pilgrims, Buddha-Bar

SideDish Media employs the finest digital marketing techniques to deliver seasonal results throughout the year. Recognizing a gap in the hospitality industry for trackable results and return on investment (ROI) reporting, the restaurant digital marketing agency offers transparent, straightforward reporting on all activities, ensuring measurable outcomes. Always on the cutting edge, it brings the latest digital marketing innovations to enhance its clients’ visibility and attract more customers. From local SEO and Google Ads to content creation and bespoke websites, it has a proven system to increase online presence and fill seats with happy customers.

A restaurant near London’s city center aimed to increase bookings and walk-ins in a competitive market. It partnered with SideDish Media, which used Google Ads with a clear goal: more customers at an average spend of £24 (around $30) per head for tables of three.

Over seven months, the campaign spent £1,931.41 (around $2,446) on ads, leading to 72 bookings and 394 walk-ins, generating £34,272 (around $43,413) in revenue. This direct approach proved highly effective, showcasing the power of targeted ads to significantly boost restaurant patronage and revenue with a modest advertising investment.

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How We Picked the Best Digital Marketing Companies for Restaurants

To discover the best digital marketing companies for restaurants, we meticulously assess each agency’s client list, customer feedback, case studies, standing in the market, team skill set, and leadership effectiveness. This comprehensive evaluation enables us to highlight the agencies best suited for boosting restaurants’ digital presence and growth.

Our agency specialists evaluate their performance based on criteria specifically relevant to the restaurant industry:

  • Client reviews: Verified feedback that reveals quality of work, client satisfaction, and agency trustworthiness
  • Portfolio: The volume of successful digital marketing projects executed for the food and beverage sector
  • Awards and press mention: Industry awards and accolades specific to digital marketing excellence
  • Team bios: Employee profiles, experience, and qualifications
  • Top services: Core service offerings and areas of focus
  • Restaurant digital marketing expertise: The breadth and relevance of digital marketing services tailored to restaurants

For an in-depth look at our selection process and criteria, we invite you to explore the DesignRush Agency Ranking Methodology page, tailored to help you understand how we determine the best fit for the restaurant industry’s digital marketing needs.

10 Most Popular Restaurant Digital Marketing Agencies Compared

Agency nameLocation Hourly rateSizeBest for
Vigor BrandingAtlanta, GAInquireUnder 49Overall
Embark MarketingSan Antonio, TX$10Under 49Social media marketing
Hudson CreativeNew York City, NY$150Under 49Search engine optimization (SEO)
Resto ExperienceAtlanta, GA$30Under 49Creative advertising
Restaurant MarketingOrange County, CAInquireUnder 49Photo and video content
YellowFin MarketingLondon, UK$75Under 49Branding
The Digital RestaurantAurora, IL$99Under 49Digital marketing for pizzerias
Foodie Restaurant AgencyMiami, FL$15050 - 99Rebranding
Gourmet MarketingNew York City, NYInquireUnder 49Website design
SideDish MediaLondon, UK$40Under 49Google Ads

Best Digital Marketing Companies For Restaurants

544 Companies
Rankings updated: July 17, 2024
  • Intero Digital

    #1 Rated Digital Marketing Agency in the US
    Driven by patented technology and proven strategies, our team works to take market share from your competitors, increase your brand equity, grow qualified traffic, and increase your revenue and  [... view the full profile of Intero Digital]
    Colorado Springs, Colorado
    250 - 499 Inquire $1,000 - $10,000
  • SmartSites

    Think Web. Think Smart. Partner with the #1 Rated Digital Marketing Agency.
    Outsmart the competition with best-in-class digital marketing services. With over 450 5-star reviews online, SmartSites is America #1 rated digital marketing agency. Call (201) 870 6000 for a free  [... view the full profile of SmartSites]
    Paramus, New Jersey
    100 - 249 $100/hr Inquire
  • Consumr Buzz

    We Make It Easy To Be Found Online
    Looking for a marketing plan that will actually work for your business? We're here to help! We specialize in creating strategic, cost-effective plans that are specifically designed to help your  [... view the full profile of Consumr Buzz]
    Lake Worth, Florida
    50 - 99 Inquire $1,000 - $10,000
  • Gourmet Marketing

    The secret ingredient of the worlds most captivating hospitality brands.
    The secret ingredient of the worlds most captivating hospitality brands.  [... view the full profile of Gourmet Marketing]
    New York City, New York
    Under 49 Inquire Inquire
  • A full-service restaurant digital marketing agency!
    The Foodie Agency is a full-service marketing firm that provides restaurants with a variety of Branding, Social Media, Web, and Online Reputation solutions, among others. DM Agency's food and beverage  [... view the full profile of Foodie Restaurant Agency]
    Miami, Florida
    50 - 99 $150/hr Inquire
  • Digital Track

    Helping businesses bridge the gap with customers
    Since 2017, Digital Track was established by Leo Callejas to fill the notable marketing gap among small businesses in Solano County, California.  [... view the full profile of Digital Track]
    Fairfield, California
    Under 49 Inquire Inquire
  • Excelling in food marketing
    At Restaurant Marketing, we bridge the gap by combining our experience in technology and operational efficiencies in restaurant digital marketing with a passion for food and hospitality to help you  [... view the full profile of Restaurant Marketing]
    Orange County, California
    Under 49 Inquire Inquire
  • Embark Marketing

    Digital marketing focused on the food industry
    Embark Marketing, a renowned restaurant digital marketing agency located in Texas, focuses on catering to the specific needs of the food and beverage industry.  [... view the full profile of Embark Marketing]
    San Antonio, Texas
    Under 49 $10/hr Inquire
  • Resto Experience

    Boost Your Sales Through Digital Platforms
    Located in Atlanta, GA, we are your premier restaurant marketing agency and restaurant website design company. Our full-service approach encompasses all aspects of restaurant marketing. With our  [... view the full profile of Resto Experience]
    Atlanta, Georgia
    Under 49 $30/hr $25,000 - $50,000
  • SideDish Media

    Engaged in transparent and trackable business
    SideDish Media restaurant marketing opened for business in October 2016 and has built up a strong base of restaurants who trust us to manage their restaurant digital marketing ad spend.  [... view the full profile of SideDish Media]
    London, United Kingdom
    Under 49 $40/hr $1,000 - $10,000
  • Need Help Selecting The Right Agency For Your Project?

    Need Help Selecting The Right Agency For Your Project?

    We can help you find verified agencies that fit your budget and other requirements within just a few days and free of charge.
  • Let your restaurant business thrive with us!
    We are a branding, web design, and marketing firm that offers comprehensive services to assist forward-thinking hospitality companies that are eager for expansion. Contact us to know more!  [... view the full profile of YellowFin Marketing]
    London, United Kingdom
    Under 49 $75/hr $1,000 - $10,000
  • Your Partner in Digital Growth
    At Enchantment Marketing, we specialize in transforming visions into digital success. Based in the heart of Albuquerque, NM, our agency combines innovation with marketing excellence to empower brands  [... view the full profile of Enchantment Marketing LLC]
    Albuquerque, New Mexico
    Under 49 $70/hr $1,000 - $10,000
  • SEO Tech Experts LLC

    Award Winning Digital Marketing Agency - Since 2009
    SEO Tech Experts LLC, the leading SEO agency in Dubai/Abu Dhabi/Saudi Arabia, elevates businesses with cutting-edge strategies. Our experts drive online success through meticulous SEO campaigns  [... view the full profile of SEO Tech Experts LLC]
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    Under 49 $30/hr $1,000 - $10,000
  • Delante

    Data-Driven International SEO Powerhouse
    International SEO/SEM agency specialized in KPI-oriented search engine optimization processes. We provide hands-on services to power up our companies' digital optimizations. Ready to take your  [... view the full profile of Delante]
    Krakow, Poland
    50 - 99 $150/hr $1,000 - $10,000
  • Top-Rated PPC & Digital Marketing Agency Focused on Driving Results
    The last digital marketing agency you'll ever need.  [... view the full profile of Disruptive Advertising]
    Pleasant Grove, Utah
    100 - 249 Inquire $10,000 - $25,000
  • Digital Silk

    DesignRush Design Award Winner
    Growing Brands Online
    Digital Silk is an agency focused on Creating Superior Digital Experiences for their clients. They create cutting-edge brand strategies, websites, apps and results-driven marketing campaigns for  [... view the full profile of Digital Silk]
    New York City, New York
    100 - 249 $150/hr Inquire
  • Funnel Boost Media

    Funnel Boost Media is an all inclusive digital marketing company based in San Antonio, Texas. FBM specializes in everything from the creation of your marketing piece or website to the online  [... view the full profile of Funnel Boost Media]
    San Antonio, Texas
    Under 49 $100/hr $1,000 - $10,000
  • Grow My Ads

    The Google Ads Agency You've Been Searching For
    Maximize the potential of your Google Ads account in 3 months or less with a team Of PPC Specialists 100% focused on putting dollars in your pocket.  [... view the full profile of Grow My Ads]
    Fort Wayne, Indiana
    Under 49 Inquire $1,000 - $10,000
  • Red Spot Design

    Distinguished Website Design and Web Development Services
    No matter your business size, when it comes to e-commerce web design, Red Spot Design is your top choice. Our portfolio includes hundreds of websites, catering to both small family businesses and  [... view the full profile of Red Spot Design]
    Dallas, Texas
    Under 49 $75/hr $1,000 - $10,000
  • SEM Nexus

    Startup App Experts
    SEM Nexus is an award-winning startup app agency focused on building and marketing startup mobile apps. We live, breathe, and dream startups. They are our life, our passion. Let us help you make your  [... view the full profile of SEM Nexus]
    New York City, New York
    Under 49 $100/hr $25,000 - $50,000

    DesignRush Design Award Winner
    Mobile Apps, Websites & Internet Marketing
    Founded in 2000, is a friendly custom mobile app and web development firm based in Scottsdale, Arizona. We are focused on app development, design and the building of complex back-end  [... view the full profile of]
    Scottsdale, Arizona
    Under 49 $45/hr $1,000 - $10,000
  • JAS Quantum

    Where Ideas meet Innovation!
    At JAS Quantum, we believe in the transformative power of technology to shape a better future. As a leading-edge technology company, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation and  [... view the full profile of JAS Quantum]
    St. Petersburg, Florida
    100 - 249 $35/hr $1,000 - $10,000
  • Award-winning freelance web designer building rich online experiences for businesses in Manchester
    Are you looking for a Freelance Web Designer who can make your website look stunning and draw in potential clients? I have years of experience designing successful online shops and brochure websites.  [... view the full profile of Freelance Web Designer]
    Manchester, United Kingdom
    Under 49 $50/hr Under $1,000
  • Rankings

    Specialists in Law Firm SEO is a premier SEO agency dedicated to serving law firms. They offer specialized services tailored to the legal industry, helping firms achieve top rankings on Google and generate guaranteed  [... view the full profile of Rankings]
    Marion, Illinois
    Under 49 $199/hr $10,000 - $25,000
  • Social Media 55

    A Digital Marketing & Social Media Agency
    Social Media 55 is an award-winning full-service digital marketing and social media agency established in 2014.  [... view the full profile of Social Media 55]
    Montreal, Canada
    Under 49 $150/hr $1,000 - $10,000
  • Joseph Studios

    Intelligence-Based Marketing | Find, Join, & Influence Your Ideal Buyers
    Joseph Studios enables you to speak to your ideal buyers online with a proven methodology for growth and success.  [... view the full profile of Joseph Studios]
    Atlanta, Georgia
    Under 49 $100/hr $1,000 - $10,000
  • Absolute Web

    The eCommerce Development Specialists
    Absolute Web is an eCommerce development and growth agency with offices in Miami, Florida and Los Angeles, California. We specialize in Magento development and have been helping eCommerce businesses  [... view the full profile of Absolute Web]
    Miami, Florida
    50 - 99 $125/hr $10,000 - $25,000
  • 18.7 Million Organic Traffic Last Month | A Small Team of 56 Member, Clients Across 16 Countries
    SEO Tech Experts is located 4 country - India, US, Canada, Dubai, Agency will help your business grow. There are many ways that you can promote your business online. The most important thing to  [... view the full profile of SEO Tech Experts Pvt Ltd]
    Gurgaon, India
    50 - 99 $99/hr $1,000 - $10,000
  • Design In DC

    A Digital Agency For The Future
    We create websites and apps that are fully customized, scalable, easy to manage, and have a creative twist. Everything we build for you at Design in DC is made with the future in mind. We are a  [... view the full profile of Design In DC]
    Washington DC, Washington DC
    50 - 99 $190/hr $10,000 - $25,000
  • The Emms

    Marketing On A Mission
    From logo design and branding to website development, marketing campaigns, consulting and training, our mission is to help you achieve your goals! We will create a solution that works for you  [... view the full profile of The Emms]
    Toronto, Canada
    Under 49 $100/hr $1,000 - $10,000
  • Digital Drew

    An Award Winning NYC Digital Advertising Agency With Official Google Partner.
    Digital Drew SEM is a search and social media advertising agency that ensures quality and value for all of our clients. Our services include: Creating copy and targeting on platforms such as Google  [... view the full profile of Digital Drew]
    New York City, New York
    Under 49 $100/hr Under $1,000
  • Ignite Visibility

    The Expert Digital Marketing Agency (Sponsored)
    Ignite Visibility is a leader in SEO, online advertising, email, social media marketing and digital marketing. 200+ five star reviews, 3x Landy Award winner, 6x Inc. 5,000 company, #1 ranked  [... view the full profile of Ignite Visibility]
    San Diego, California
    100 - 249 Inquire $1,000 - $10,000
  • Upsway Marketing

    Helping Small Businesses Build & Understand Their Digital Impact
    Upsway Marketing empowers small businesses with a strong online presence, providing cost-effective web development, social media management, and graphic design services. Our educational approach  [... view the full profile of Upsway Marketing]
    Buford, Georgia
    Under 49 $50/hr Under $1,000
  • Mowgli

    Time to evolve
    Mowgli is a remote digital marketing agency. We create digital strategies for brands & businesses that make a difference, helping brands to evolve, innovate, and authentically engage with their  [... view the full profile of Mowgli]
    Singapore, Singapore
    Under 49 $100/hr $10,000 - $25,000
  • JPLoft

    Innovating Today, Shaping Tomorrow
    JPLoft is a leading web and mobile app development company based in Denver, USA with operational sales offices in the UK, India, Australia and New Zealand. The company boasts over a decade of industry  [... view the full profile of JPLoft]
    Denver, Colorado
    100 - 249 $50/hr $10,000 - $25,000
  • DesignRush Design Award Winner
    Branding The World. One Client at a Time.
    Founded in 2018, Justin Jenkins Designs in New York City has always been committed to assisting businesses and individuals in shaping their brand strategy and identity.  [... view the full profile of Justin Jenkins Designs]
    New York City, New York
    Under 49 $50/hr $1,000 - $10,000
  • Naked Development

    We are a Creative Development Agency & Consultancy.
    First we listen and strip down your idea to reveal the core of your business objectives.This means designing a strategy that will best support the users total experience, end-to-end.Then our  [... view the full profile of Naked Development]
    Irvine, California
    Under 49 Inquire $25,000 - $50,000
  • RNO1

    RNO1 creates Digital Products & Brand Experiences for Seed-Funded to Fortune Favorite Companies.
    RNO1 is a Global Branding, UX & Digital Growth Agency. Guiding Tech-enabled Companies across Platforms & Places. Creating Radical Digital Experiences.  [... view the full profile of RNO1]
    San Francisco, California
    100 - 249 Inquire Inquire
  • Wiserbrand

    From Analysis to Transformation
    The WiserBrand marketing team is committed to crafting effective digital strategies for online stores and digital platforms, elevating conversions and boosting sales through eCommerce development.  [... view the full profile of Wiserbrand]
    New York City, New York
    100 - 249 $100/hr $1,000 - $10,000
  • WestMetric

    Low-Cost, High-ROAS Performance Digital Marketing, Web Development and SEO.
    WestMetric is a Full-Service Performance Digital Marketing Agency based in Los Angeles, CA. Our mission is to optimize and scale your sponsored product ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google search  [... view the full profile of WestMetric]
    Los Angeles, California
    Under 49 $250/hr $1,000 - $10,000
  • Wowbix

    Affordable Digital Marketing Company that helps you SELL MORE!
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    Need Help Selecting The Right Agency For Your Project?

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Restaurant Digital Marketing Agency Hiring Guide

What is a digital marketing agency for restaurants?

A digital marketing agency for restaurants is an agency that specializes in creating and implementing online marketing strategies to promote dining establishments through digital channels. It combines knowledge of the hospitality industry with expertise in digital marketing to help restaurant businesses increase their online presence, reach more potential customers, and drive sales.  

These agencies are adept at navigating the unique challenges and opportunities of marketing restaurants online, including: 

  • Targeting local customers: Most restaurants typically serve local customers — 43% of customers prioritize restaurant location when making a dining decision. That is why it is critical to focus marketing efforts locally. The challenge is to stand out in a competitive local marketplace and reach potential clients at the exact moment they are looking for dining options. 
  • Customer experience focus: Restaurants are in the business of selling experiences as much as food and drink. Digital marketing for restaurants must attract customers but also convey the ambiance, service quality, and culinary excellence online to entice potential diners. 
  • Local competition: Restaurants face stiff local competition. Digital marketing agencies for restaurants must employ strategies that highlight a restaurant’s unique selling propositions (USPs). Since 88% of smartphone users who perform local searches visit a related business within a week, digital marketing agencies must leverage local search engine optimization (SEO) to ensure their clients stand out in local search queries and maps.  
  • Reputation management: Online reviews can make or break a restaurant. In fact, 74% of restaurant customers state that positive customer reviews and high ratings are moderately or highly important when choosing one restaurant over another. Effective digital marketing includes managing reviews across platforms, encouraging positive feedback, and diplomatically addressing negative reviews. 
  • Variable customer demand: Demand can vary widely depending on the time of day, day of the week, season, and current trends. Thus, digital marketing strategies must be flexible and adaptive, promoting special offers, events, or seasonal menus to boost slow periods. 

Digital marketing agencies for restaurants employ different strategies depending on stages or aspects of the service: 

  • Early business development: For new restaurants, digital marketing focuses on building brand awareness, establishing a strong online presence, and generating buzz before and around the opening. This might include teaser campaigns, influencer partnerships, and targeted ads in local areas. 
  • Corporate vs. general branding: Corporate-branded restaurants might focus on consistency across locations and leveraging the corporate identity. In contrast, independently owned restaurants or smaller chains might emphasize their unique identity, local flavor, and personalized customer experiences. 
  • Customer loyalty and engagement: For established restaurants, strategies may shift towards building loyalty and deepening customer relationships through loyalty programs, personalized email marketing, and engaging social media content. 

An example from Hudson Creative showcases the true power of top restaurant digital marketing agencies. Lincoln Ristorante sought to boost revenue during the COVID-19 pandemic by promoting its delivery and takeout services. Focusing on targeted Display Ads and directing traffic to Caviar, a food delivery service, Hudson Creative showcased the effectiveness of its strategic approach. 

The results were impressive:  

  • 2X the number of online orders  
  • Over $1,000 daily revenue from online orders  
  • 318,670 impressions 

What do digital marketing agencies for restaurants do?

Restaurant digital marketing agencies provide services designed to enhance a restaurant’s online visibility and customer engagement across various channels. 

Some of the services they offer include: 

Website Design and Optimization 

Digital marketing companies for restaurants create visually appealing, easy-to-navigate websites tailored to a restaurant’s brand. These websites are optimized for mobile devices and search engines, featuring menus, booking systems, and online ordering functionalities. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Restaurant digital marketing agencies improve the ranking of dining establishments in search engine results through keyword optimization, content creation, and local SEO strategies, making it easier for potential customers to discover them online. 

Social Media Management (SMM) 

Given that 89% of U.S. diners have social media accounts and 62% check them multiple times a day, it’s imperative for restaurants to effectively manage their social media presence. Digital marketing companies for restaurants handle their presence on various social media platforms, engaging with the audience through regular posts, stories, and interactions.  

To make the most of SMM efforts, restaurant digital marketing companies: 

  • Identify the right channels 
  • Target specific demographics 
  • Employ organic and paid tactics to grow brand exposure 
  • Create unique and engaging content 
  • Monitor and analyze performance 
  • Foster customer relationships 
  • Interact with qualified leads 


Content Marketing 

Digital marketing agencies create and distribute high-quality content related to the restaurant’s offerings, such as blog posts, videos, and infographics, to attract and retain a clearly defined audience. 

The most effective types of content for hospitality businesses are: 

  • Social media and video content for building interest and desire 
  • Blog for optimizing search rankings 
  • Digital PR content for improving brand awareness and perception 
  • Website content for informing the audiences of the restaurant’s offerings and rates 
  • The mix of these for boosting local SEO 


Paid Advertising 

Digital marketing agencies specialized for restaurants implement and manage local online advertising campaigns, including Google Ads and social media ads, to increase visibility and attract customers. 

Carefully targeted paid campaigns allow businesses to attract highly qualified leads identified by various criteria, including: 

  • Age and gender 
  • Behavior 
  • Location 
  • Income level 
  • Interests 


Email Marketing 

These agencies develop email marketing campaigns to send incentives to loyal customers and promote special offers, events, or new menu items to a list of subscribers, aiming to encourage repeat visits and foster customer loyalty. 

Online Reputation Management 

94% of restaurant customers read online reviews on platforms like Yelp and TripAdvisor. Digital marketing companies for restaurants monitor and respond to online reviews and feedback to maintain a positive online image. 

The benefits of optimizing online feedback and third-party recognition include: 

  • Improvement of the local SEO 
  • Increase in brand awareness 
  • Enhancing customer trust 
  • Gaining a competitive advantage 
  • Improvement in brand perception 
  • Establishing credibility and authority 

How much does digital marketing for restaurants cost? 

Here’s a breakdown of digital marketing prices for restaurants, covering different services like SEO, SMM, and more. The costs can vary widely depending on the scope of your project, the agency you work with, and the specific services you require: 

Marketing professionals often recommend allocating 3%-15% of a restaurant’s revenue to its marketing budget. This range allows for flexibility, enabling businesses to adjust their spending based on their operational scale, audience reach, and desired marketing outcomes. 

They suggest following a 70/20/10 model to ensure a balance between proven strategies and exploring new opportunities: 

  • 70% of the budget goes to tried-and-tested marketing techniques that have delivered results, focusing on digital marketing, traditional advertising, and customer loyalty programs. 
  • 20% is allocated to scaling up successful experiments from the previous 10%. It ensures that your marketing strategy continuously evolves, incorporating new and effective tactics alongside the main strategies. 
  • 10% is reserved for experimenting with new marketing tactics. This segment allows for innovation without expecting immediate returns, exploring new platforms or trends that could benefit the restaurant in the long run. 

The top 50 restaurant digital marketing agencies on DesignRush charge an average of $105/hour. Roughly 21.4% of these agencies accept projects with a minimum budget of less than $1,000, while only 0.7% require a $50,000+ minimum budget.  

Why should you hire a restaurant digital marketing agency?

Hiring a restaurant digital marketing agency helps with attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. It also offers scalability, cost-efficiency, and the ability to directly connect with and understand your audience. With 90% of customers researching restaurants online before visiting one, digital marketing isn’t an option for the hospitality sector – it’s a necessity.  

Here’s why it’s a wise investment: 

  • Increased visibility: With most consumers turning to online searches to find new places to eat, a strong online presence ensures your restaurant comes up in those searches, attracting potential customers. 
  • Targeted advertising: Digital platforms allow restaurants to target and reach specific demographics based on interests, location, dining habits, and more. Precision leads to higher conversion rates and more efficient use of advertising budgets. 
  • Engagement with customers: Social media and email marketing enable restaurants to engage directly with customers and build relationships that foster loyalty. Sharing content like behind-the-scenes looks, special offers, and new menu items keeps your audience engaged and informed. 
  • Cost-effectiveness: Unlike traditional marketing methods, digital marketing often offers a higher return on investment (ROI). Online ads, content marketing, and social media campaigns are typically more affordable than most offline campaigns, with the ability to measure and adjust in real time for better performance. 
  • Reputation management: Online reviews are a significant factor in a restaurant’s success. Digital marketing strategies include managing these reviews and helping to maintain a positive online reputation that attracts more customers. 
  • Insights and analytics: Digital marketing provides valuable data on customer behavior, campaign performance, and more. These insights allow restaurants to make informed decisions and tailor their offerings and marketing strategies to effectively meet customer needs and preferences. 
  • Competitive advantage: By leveraging the latest digital trends and tools, restaurants can create a distinctive brand identity and customer experience that draws in more business and leaves competition behind. 
  • Dynamic response to market trends: The digital landscape is ever-evolving and offers the flexibility to quickly adapt marketing strategies based on performance, seasonal trends, or changing consumer preferences. This agility is crucial in the fast-paced restaurant industry. 
  • Customer retention: Through personalized marketing efforts like email newsletters and loyalty programs, digital marketing helps keep your restaurant top-of-mind for existing customers, encouraging repeat visits and fostering a loyal customer base. 
  • Accessibility: Consumers expect to find information about restaurants, including menus, hours, locations, and booking options, online. A comprehensive digital marketing strategy ensures your restaurant meets these expectations, enhancing customer satisfaction and accessibility

The Le Suprême case study illustrates the importance of investing in digital marketing for restaurants and shows how effective SEO can improve online visibility and customer engagement.  

Faced with the challenge of establishing Le Suprême as a premier French dining destination in Detroit’s competitive market, Method Co. and Gourmet Marketing collaborated to create a sophisticated website that would reflect the brasserie’s elegance but also achieve top search engine rankings for relevant keywords. 

Utilizing HubSpot’s content management system (CMS) and focusing on both general and local SEO, the agency increased Le Suprême’s digital presence, ensuring that it reflected the spirit of French food in Detroit. This strategic approach propelled Le Suprême to achieve the top-ranking position for any “French restaurant + Detroit” keyword search combination. It also accounted for 80% of the website’s traffic from organic and local search results. 

How to choose the right digital marketing agency for restaurants?

Choosing the right digital marketing agency for your restaurant involves a series of thoughtful steps to ensure the agency aligns with your specific needs, budget, and goals. Follow these steps through the selection process: 

  1. Define your project requirements: Clearly outline your digital marketing needs, objectives, and timeline. Consider the challenges your restaurant faces and what you aim to achieve with digital marketing. 
  2. Set a budget: Understand that digital marketing is an investment in your restaurant’s growth. Determine a realistic budget that accommodates your goals while factoring in the scope and duration of the project. Seek a balance between cost-effectiveness and the quality of services offered. 
  3. Gather references: Start by researching reputable digital marketing agencies for restaurants through online directories, blogs, and industry recommendations. Compile a list of potential agencies that catch your interest. 
  4. Evaluate their work: Review the agencies’ portfolios, client lists, and testimonials. Look for experience in the restaurant sector and assess the impact of their campaigns. Client reviews can offer insights into the agency’s reliability, effectiveness, and communication style. 
  5. Focus on location-based marketing expertise: Brick-and-mortar businesses enjoy different online opportunities from digital ones. Not only do search engines recognize local search intent, but your searches are much more likely to convert. This is why you need experts in promoting local businesses online. 
  6. Assess their experience and reputation: Delve into the agency’s background, including how long they’ve been focusing on digital marketing for restaurants, their core areas of expertise, and any recognitions they’ve received. This helps gauge their industry standing and expertise. 
  7. Investigate their processes: Look into the agency’s approach to digital marketing. A reliable agency should employ data-driven strategies and thorough market research to tailor their services to your restaurant’s unique needs. 
  8. Consider the agency size: Decide whether a larger agency or a smaller boutique firm would best suit your project based on the complexity and scope of your digital marketing needs and your budget. 
  9. Assess their awareness and compliance with the relevant laws: Whether it is web accessibility or user data protection, look for partners who take all the necessary measures to respect and protect your users, as well as your business. 
  10. Shortlist and contact candidates: Narrow your options to up to five agencies and initiate contact. A detailed request for proposal (RFP) can help gauge their interest and ability to meet your needs. 
  11. Review proposals: Evaluate each agency’s proposal to gain insight into its creative and strategic capabilities, as well as its eagerness to understand and amplify your brand. 
  12. Conduct interviews: Meet with your shortlisted agencies to discuss their proposals further. This step is crucial for assessing compatibility in terms of vision, work ethic, and communication style. 
  13. Understand potential ROI: Discuss with each agency the return on investment they offer. Ask detailed questions about their pricing, expertise, and proven results to ensure they can grow your restaurant. 
  14. Make your decision: Choose the agency that best aligns with your restaurant’s marketing needs, budget, and culture. Opt for a partner who not only understands the restaurant industry but is also committed to your success. 

For restaurants looking to enhance their online presence and attract more diners, selecting the right digital marketing agency is a critical step toward achieving their goals. If you need help with the selection process, visit DesignRush’s Marketplace. We’ll connect you with five of the most suitable agencies based on your requirements – for free.  

What questions to ask digital marketing agencies before you hire one?

You can ask digital marketing agencies the following questions before you hire one: 

Its Relevant Background 

  1. Can you share examples of successful location-based marketing campaigns you’ve executed for restaurants and the impact they had? 
  2. Who are your past clients in the hospitality and restaurant industry, and what type of work did you do for them? 
  3. Which digital marketing channels and tactics are your strengths, especially regarding the food and beverage sector, and why? 
  4. How do you integrate online reputation management for restaurants into your broader digital marketing strategy? 
  5. How do you stay informed about the latest digital marketing and restaurant industry developments? 

Company Services and Processes 

  1. What digital marketing strategies have you found most effective for restaurants? 
  2. Which advertising platforms do you recommend for restaurant promotion? 
  3. Which platforms do you use for project management and marketing automation to streamline campaigns for restaurants? 
  4. How do you tailor your digital marketing strategies to accommodate the unique aspects of a restaurant’s brand and customer base? 
  5. What digital marketing budget range do you recommend for a restaurant looking to achieve significant growth in its market segment? 
  6. How flexible are your digital marketing strategies in adapting to sudden market changes or trends within the restaurant industry? 

The Project 

  1. Based on your experience, when could we start seeing tangible results from our digital marketing efforts? 
  2. How can we track and monitor your performance and the progress of our digital marketing campaigns?  
  3. What key performance indicators (KPIs) will you track? 
  4. How will you define and measure success for our restaurant marketing campaigns, and what ROI can we expect? 
  5. What level of involvement do you expect from us in the campaign development process, and how do you incorporate client feedback? 
  6. Who would be our primary contacts within your agency, and how frequently would we receive updates? 

Asking these detailed questions will help you discern whether a digital marketing company for restaurants can handle the unique challenges and opportunities within the hospitality industry, ensuring they can drive meaningful results and support the growth of your business. 

What are the best restaurant digital marketing agencies in the U.S.?

The best restaurant digital marketing agencies in the U.S. are: 

  • Embark Marketing 
    • 5.0 stars on Google (6 reviews) 
    • Top clients: Rosario’s, Stone Bro’s, The Good Kind, Piatti 
  • Hudson Creative 
    • 5.0 stars on Google (2 reviews) 
    • Top clients: Patina Restaurant Group, LDV Hospitality, Wolfgang Puck Catering, Lincoln Ristorante 
  • Resto Experience 
    • 5.0 stars on Google (5 reviews) 
    • Top clients: Rreal Tacos, Tomo Japanese Restaurant, Enzo’s Pizza, The Crossing Steak House 
  • Restaurant Marketing 
    • 5.0 stars on Google (14 reviews) 
    • Top clients: Yogurtland, Salt Creek Grille, Mama’s Hospitality Group, Archibald 
  • The Digital Restaurant 
    • 5.0 stars on Google (7 reviews) 
    • Top clients: Salerno’s Pizza, Baldinelli Pizza, D’Agostino’s Pizza, Braconi’s Restaurant and Pizzeria 

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Restaurant digital marketing agencies on DesignRush excel in strategies crucial for the hospitality industry. They are experts in local search engine optimization (SEO) that attracts nearby diners and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising for targeted local campaigns. They’re skilled in social media marketing (SMM) that engages local communities, tailoring content for food enthusiasts, and crafting email marketing campaigns for updates and specials. These agencies also leverage influencers through affiliate marketing and utilize web analytics to optimize the dining journey from online discovery to restaurant visits.

These competencies show their wide-ranging expertise and capacity to offer digital marketing solutions tailored for restaurants, from strategizing and implementing to monitoring and analyzing outcomes.

Agency Credibility Indicators

The top digital marketing companies for restaurants demonstrate their outstanding work through notable recognitions, including The Webby Awards, W3 Awards, Shorty Awards, Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI) Adrian Awards, Restaurant & Bar Design Awards, Content Marketing Awards, MarCom Awards, and more.

These awards indicate agencies’ ability to consistently deliver high-quality results for restaurants seeking exceptional digital marketing strategies and campaigns.

Restaurant Digital Marketing Awards logos: The Webby Awards, W3 Awards, Shorty Awards, Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI) Adrian Awards, Restaurant & Bar Design Awards, Content Marketing Awards, MarCom Awards

Their proficiency is verified by a variety of certificates:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO): Semrush SEO Toolkit Certification, Google Analytics Individual Qualification Certification, Moz SEO Essentials Certification
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising: Google Ads Certification, Bing Ads Accredited Professional, Semrush PPC Fundamentals Exam
  • Social media marketing (SMM): Meta Blueprint Certification, Hootsuite Social Marketing Certification, HubSpot Social Media Certification
  • Content marketing: HubSpot Content Marketing Certification, Content Marketing Institute Certification
  • Email marketing: HubSpot Email Marketing Certification, DigitalMarketer Email Marketing Specialist Certification
  • Influencer marketing: Influencer Marketing Hub’s Influencer Marketing Certification
  • Video marketing: YouTube Certified Program, Video Marketing Certification by HubSpot Academy
  • Data analysis and reporting: Google Data Studio Certification, Microsoft Certified: Power BI Data Analyst Associate
Restaurant Digital Marketing Certifications

Agencies’ Supported Technologies

Digital marketing companies for restaurants are proficient in various industry-standard technologies, tools, software, and platforms, including but not limited to:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO): Semrush, Ahrefs, Moz Pro
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising: Google Ads, Bing Ads, AdEspresso
  • Social media marketing (SMM): Hootsuite, Buffer, Sprout Social, BuzzSumo
  • Email marketing: Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Brevo (formerly Sendinblue)
  • Content marketing: HubSpot, WordPress, CoSchedule
  • Affiliate marketing: ShareASale, ClickBank, Post Affiliate Pro
  • Marketing analytics: Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Hotjar
Restaurant Digital Marketing Tools and Technologies

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