There are 5.03 billion global internet users—that is 63.1 percent of the world’s population. This staggering number justifies the steady and rapid rise of internet marketing. Not only have agencies built massive businesses around online marketing, but individuals looking for new income streams also benefit from the proliferation of web advertising.

If you want to make money online, learning how to do Amazon affiliate marketing is an excellent starting point. Affiliate marketing on Amazon is accessible and easy to understand. Knowing how to do affiliate marketing on Amazon can monetize your online presence and help you earn regular passive income.

Over 80% of brands across the globe leverage affiliate marketing. The Amazon affiliate marketing program has a market share of 44% and over 900,000 members worldwide. You, too, can gradually yet successfully work your way around building your side business as an Amazon associate over time, given the right tools and following the proper process.

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What Is Affiliate Marketing on Amazon?

Amazon affiliate marketing via Amazon Associates Program is paid for promoting Amazon products or services via content you produce on your blog, active website, YouTube channel, or app.

It is commission-based partner marketing. You will be provided unique links across your web pages and articles. Each link redirects visitors to a specific Amazon product listing. You will receive a portion from every successful sale made through your affiliate link.

Affiliate marketing on Amazon enables you to earn from e-Commerce without the need to launch and maintain your online store.

How to Do Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Before applying with affiliate marketing on Amazon, you need a site with optimized pre-populated content. An existing web page, mobile app, or YouTube channel with original publications will be a basis of authenticity and credibility to boost your chances of getting your application approved.

Here is how to do Amazon affiliate marketing in five simple steps:

Step #1: Sign Up

Create an Amazon account or sign in using your existing account.

Go to the Amazon Associates homepage and select a language and location from the menu. Register for an Amazon affiliate marketing account by clicking on the header's yellow “Sign Up” button.

After setting up your account, head back to the Amazon Associates homepage to complete your application.

Step #2: Provide Your Details and Website URL

Key in and confirm your primary details on the Account Information page, including your name, address, and mobile number.

At the bottom of the page, you will be asked to choose the account’s primary contact. Select yourself as the payee by ticking the “The payee” option on the list. You may also add a different contact person by selecting the second option.

Click on “Next.” This will take you to the Website and Mobile App list page, where you will enter the web addresses you will use to promote Amazon items. These include your live website, blog, mobile apps, and YouTube channels.

Step #3: Update Your Profile

Set up your associate's ID. This ID will appear as part of your affiliate links. It can contain your name or your website name.

Next, provide more details about your web pages or apps on the Profile page. Add a few sentences discussing your site, and then, from the available lists, you need to select:

  • The topics that best describe your web pages
  • The Amazon product categories and types you plan to promote
  • The type of website or app you own

Under the Traffic & Monetization section, you will elaborate on how you drive web traffic and generate money from your content. You will select all the descriptions that apply to your web pages or mobile application from a list.

Read the Operating Agreement and Contract Terms, and click “Finish.”

Step #4: Select Your Preferred Payout Methods

After completing your profile and clicking the Finish button, you will be taken to a page confirming your submission of an Amazon affiliate marketing application. On the same page, you will find additional information on how to do Amazon affiliate marketing—from using your unique ID to navigation.

You can enter your payment and tax details at this point of the application or choose to do so later in the process.

Amazon will review your application after your first sale. If you fail to make at least three sales in 180 days, your application will be withdrawn automatically.

Step #5: Generate Your Unique Affiliate Links

Now that you are an Amazon affiliate, you are ready to start creating affiliate links.

First, head to Quick Links and then type the product you are looking for into the Search for Product bar. Click on “Go” to see search results. Select the product you will promote from the results list and click on “Get link.”

You will be taken to a page with options for displaying the product on your site. Choose from:

  • Text and Image
  • Text Only
  • Image Only
  • Add to Widget

You will get an HTML code on your site, channel, or app when posting content where you will display the product. If you choose “Text Only,” you will only be provided with a link instead of a code.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing on Amazon

Here is what you can gain when you start your journey in how to do Amazon affiliate marketing:

Additional Income Source

You can earn as much as 10% in Amazon associate commissions. This will depend on:

  • The categories of qualified products you promote
  • The number of conversions you make
  • The number of referrals you generate

Earning Online and Offline

The Amazon affiliate marketing program is a significant source of passive income. As an associate of affiliate marketing on Amazon, you can earn even while offline or away on vacation.

Initially, you need to perform the necessary function of creating high-quality and high-performing trustworthy content where you will promote Amazon goods via affiliate links. You can simply leave your content, update it when needed, and let online users find it.

More Sales

Typically, an Amazon shopper will buy more than one item at a time. When they are redirected to the product listing from your affiliate link, they will most likely purchase more items on Amazon. These conversions mean you can further your earnings from the additional purchased products, whether or not they are related to the item you are promoting.


Amazon affiliate marketing has been around since 1996. The longevity and stability that comes with the Amazon brand name entail trustworthiness and quality—attributes consumers look for when shopping online.

Becoming an Amazon affiliate marketer builds trust, thus, increasing your chances of making conversions out of the program.

Several Compensation Methods

When learning how to do Amazon affiliate marketing, it is essential to understand the three payment methods available to an associate marketer. They are as follows:

  • Direct deposit to your bank account: Note that you should earn at least $10 before Amazon credits your earnings.
  • Check sent to your mailing address: The minimum check payment is $100. Moreover, there is a required $15 processing fee.
  • Amazon gift cards sent to your email address: The minimum amount for payout through gift cards is also $10.

Tips on How to Do Amazon Affiliate Marketing Effectively

While affiliate marketing on Amazon can serve as a passive income in the long term, you will have to put in vital work to be a successful affiliate marketer.

Here are the five best practices on how to do Amazon affiliate marketing:

  • Ensure that you abide by the Amazon Associate Program guidelines when making content for your websites, channels, or applications. Read and familiarize yourself with their policies from the get-go. It will be easier to optimize content that is compliant with Amazon regulations.
  • Find the niche for which you can consistently create content. Choose to promote products aligned with your website's central subject matter and interests.
  • Dabble in different content formats. To succeed at doing Amazon affiliate marketing, you need to attract as large an audience as possible. And innovating your style and media is an efficient way to do so. Switch up your content types, i.e., between articles and videos. This can significantly contribute to advancing your audience's reach.
  • Post content regularly. If possible, generate evergreen content that can be valuable to consumers for longer.
  • Invest in keyword research. You can use various tools to find appropriate targeted keywords for SEO purposes, such as Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Google Keyword Planner.

Wrap-Up: Why You Need to Start Affiliate Marketing with Amazon Today

Pursuing affiliate marketing on Amazon has numerous advantages. It aims to increase sales for the Amazon merchant while you, as an affiliate, get your share of profits from successfully promoting their product. This marketing model is generally a cost-efficient advertising tactic.

Implementation, tracking, and payout are straightforward and convenient. You can enjoy readily available client support services. It is also well-supported with user-friendly functionalities and built-in tools to help you start your Amazon affiliate marketing venture quickly.

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