What Is a Corporate Video Production Company?

A corporate video production company creates video material for corporations’ various operations, including marketing, recruiting and more. Said content includes all types of videos including commercials, online ads and employee training videos.

Creating a quality corporate video helps businesses become more memorable to their target audience.

A corporate video production agency usually does not focus specifically on the client’s products and/or services but rather on the core business itself.

It improves a business’s branding and transparency and is essential for lead generation, engaging and investing prospective consumers in the vision of the company.

Although they share a lot when it comes to production quality (especially in recent years), a video production company differs from a film production company, as they typically make shorter content for a variety of outlets that are often part of a larger marketing strategy.

Corporate video production company
86% of businesses use video as a primary marketing tool.

What Does a Corporate Video Production Agency Do?

86% of businesses use video as a primary marketing tool.

With corporate video production and viewership on the rise, more and more executives are starting to consider corporate videos as a necessity in their marketing plan.

The corporate video is:

  • Business/brand focused
  • Well suited to B2B marketing
  • Often used solely within the business
  • Used to explain rather than sell products and services

Just because you may be a B2B business doesn’t mean you should only stick to the old methods of white papers and webinars to reach your audience. Corporate videos refer to any type of non-advertisement-based video content created for and commissioned by a business.

Just like with its traditional counterpart, corporate video production typically flows in a step-by-step process:

  • Pre-production phase: It usually starts with determining/developing a budget, brainstorming a concept and writing a script.
  • Production phase: Once a particular video style is decided on, the next step is storyboarding – the layout of scene-by-scene shots. From there the process is determined by the specific type of video.
  • Post-production phase: Once the corporate video is produced, the next steps include editing, adding the finishing touches and sound design.

What Are the Common Types of Business Video Production?

Now that we have gone over the basics of corporate video production services, let’s dive deeper and see what are the most popular types of corporate videos.

1. Testimonial Videos

Client testimonial videos are often used to instill trust, highlight the personality and approach of a specific business.

Business testimonial videos allow users to peek. behind the curtains, talk about company history or highlight a brand’s philosophy.

2. Animated Corporate Videos

As their exponential rise in popularity shows, animated videos are proving that they’re not only aimed at younger demographics.

The playful nature of this medium is a great tool to contextualize complex ideas and provide a clear understanding of the company’s mission/UVP/USP.

3. Live-Action Business Videos

Live-action videos are great for businesses who have a tangible product that they want to share with the world.

As opposed to the testimonial video style, live-action corporate videos often tell a fictional/hypothetical story or demonstrate a common scenario surrounding a product or a service.

4. Corporate Communications Videos

Corporations are more than impressive, albeit robust entities - they’re (full of) people. Those individuals could be spread out across multiple floors, cities, countries or continents, especially in this era of remote work.

The need for internal communications videos is growing and corporate videos are often produced with the intent to exclusively be seen by employees or contractors of your business, getting everyone on the same page quickly and efficiently.

These corporate video productions can either be initiated by the executive team, HR, or department leaders – really anyone who wants to make sure they’re clearly communicating company policies and procedures in a very direct, transparent and clear way.

5. Corporate Brand Videos

Usually, when you think of the word “corporate”, the first thing that comes to mind is large imposing buildings, stuffy offices, long meetings filled with, board members, etc.

To change this perception, corporations make brand anthems a significant part of their corporate video production strategy. They are often meant to emphasize what they stand for, explain who they are and provide some depth to their brand.

Corporate brand videos can also be divided into a series of three or more videos with the same goal in mind.

6. Corporate Recruiting Videos

Corporate recruiting videos are a great way to promote your brand, showcase company culture and encourage potential candidates to apply. They are produced with the intent of giving prospective talent a taste of what the company is all about.

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How Much Do Corporate Video Production Services Cost?

Corporate video production has three major elements:

  • Creative script writing
  • Video creation
  • Professional project management

Generally, corporate video production agencies charge for all three activities but most companies bundle up these services into a single package.

The cost of business video production largely depends on the style and scope of the video production service. A two to a three-minute professionally produced video can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000.

The rates may also depend on the following factors:

  • Type of video
  • Complexity of the project
  • Scripting fees

However, typically, a 60-second corporate video can cost anywhere between $1,000 and $5,000.

Why Should You Hire a Corporate Video Production Company?

Although we have already touched upon the primary advantages of employing business video production, it’s time to go over the multiple facets that come in the package.

Video production is leveling the playfield across industries because it is fairly cost-effective and readily accessible.

If you’re still reluctant about incorporating videos into your marketing or branding strategies, here are the key reasons to consider using this valuable business tool:

  • Videos are incredibly versatile when it comes to promoting your company.
  • Videos are more cost-effective as well as easier to produce than ever before.
  • Corporate videos can enhance your company’s image by sharing more about you and your company’s personality.
  • They encourage sharing, especially where different social media channels are concerned.
  • Videos engage your target audience more than any other type of content.
  • They generate more visibility and exposure by building a more substantial offline and online corporate presence.
  • They make it easy to get your point across and provide valuable information.
  • Videos promote creative genius by using graphics and images to create interest in your company.

4 Benefits of Working with Corporate Video Production Agency

Creating valuable and high-quality videos that communicate your brand story influences users and pushes them towards the end of the sales funnel.

Here are the top seven benefits of considering corporate video services:

1. Increased Traffic

People are more likely to engage with videos than with conventional text content or images. By using corporate videos, you are engaging your customers and diverting traffic towards your brand.

It boosts your brand in search ranking and helps in the precise cutting of commercial strains.

Moreover, videos allow you to branch out to different platforms like YouTube, GitHub, Behance and more.

Using platforms like YouTube, which is the second-largest search engine in the world, to amplify your videos will help you in getting good traffic.

2. Better SEO Ranking

Following up on the previous point is a better SEO ranking.

Most people use Google for online research. They are more likely to find your page over other competitors if you have a better click rate. Videos can encourage this.

If your website includes a video on its landing page, it has a high chance to appear on the first page of the specific Google search.

3. Access to the Best Equipment, Expertise and Resources

While nowadays almost everyone has access to video equipment through the use of smart devices, high-quality equipment is still fairly scarce.

Recording on your mobile phone gives a DIY quality to the production, with unsteady shots and erratic zooming. While this may work for your company, for many, a more professional approach is a preferable option.

If you are going to spend the time and budget making a video, it will be wasted if you are aiming for professionalism without the right equipment and expertise.

A corporate video production agency will have a professional camera, team and high-end post-production.

4. It Frees Up Your Time

Video production (and marketing) is a long, arduous process. It starts with the genesis of ideas. Then comes realization, locations, sets, props, and (voice) actors need to be sourced along with the correct equipment. Once this is done, filming will take at least a day, followed by more days of post-production.

After this, you have to market the video itself. All of this is time that you could have spent working on what matters - your primary business goals.

A corporate video company will have all of this ready to go. They may even have their own set of locations in which they can film, or at least know excellent, low-cost places to do the recording.

How to Choose the Right Corporate Video Production Company for Your Business

Before you start searching for the best corporate video production company for your business, make sure you define your goals and budget first.

Then, once you know your objectives, consider the following factors that will make your choice easier:

1. Determine Whether the Prospective Company Understands Your Needs and Vision

While every business opting for corporate video production has at least a rough idea of what they need and the brand image they want to convey, not every provider has the capacity to help in achieving said goals.

When partnering with a corporate video production agency, you need to focus on a few key areas of communication.

First things first, are they able to translate your needs into proper executable concepts?

Do they understand your brand’s vision? Do they care at all about the impact and potential feedback of the video?

If the answer to all of these is “Yes”, you’ve found the right partner.

2. Look at Their Past Work Examples and Client Testimonials

Whenever you employ a new service or buy a brand-new product on the internet, first you look for product review/past work. The same process should be used when selecting corporate video companies as well.

So, if you are considering working with a corporate video production agency and trying to predict the quality of their future work, you should always check their past work and testimonials to understand the sort of work that they can do for you.

Past work is the best proof of corporate video producers’ abilities.

3. Ensure Their Production Quality Is Top-Notch

Simply put, if the production quality isn’t top-notch, you won’t be able to make a lasting impression on your target audience.

It goes without saying, but you should always check for quality by inspecting prospective providers’ equipment, tools, cameras and other audio capturing devices.

4. Company Culture

Sometimes, the right cultural fit can be even more important than the skills and/or equipment. Working with a corporate video production agency follows the same principles.

If both teams (your internal one and the corporate video production house) are on the same page, culture-wise, chances are that you will have a great filmmaking experience working with them.

To determine their culture, you need to pay attention to their online blog, their founding story and more. Basically, try to learn as much as you can. Once you accumulate enough, you’ll know.

5. Pricing

As previously mentioned, business video production can be a costly ordeal, because, no matter which corporate video company you end up working with, they have already made investments in tools, equipment, and manpower.

With all that in mind, the partnership reflects on your budget, so it’s better to think of this project as an investment because even though corporate video production is not an inexpensive exercise, it is more often than not, the only relevant piece of content that is going to represent your brand.

The bottom line, if you compromise on the quality for budgetary concerns, you’ll end up with a mediocre grade end result that could stain your brand’s image.

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10 Questions to Ask Corporate Video Producers

  1. What type of corporate videos is your specialty and why?
  2. How long have you been in business and what is your company’s history?
  3. Who will be working on this project?
  4. Can I see samples of your previously completed corporate videos?
  5. Can you describe your process of creating a corporate video?
  6. What do you need from us to make this corporate video project successful?
  7. What are the costs associated with video production services for your company video?
  8. Who owns the copyright of my videos, and what will happen if I don’t renew them after a certain time period?
  9. How long does it usually take to produce a corporate video?
  10. Do you offer revisions on edits or changes in script? If so, ow many revisions are included in your service package?

These may be essential questions, but to choose the right corporate video production company, you also need to be prepared and have your answers ready during interviews.

Prospective companies might have questions for you:

  1. What's the purpose of your video?
  2. Who is your target audience?
  3. What are your key messages?
  4. What is your ideal timeline for the video to be finished?
  5. What is your project budget?
  6. Is your video part of a strategy or campaign?
  7. What emotion are you trying to evoke?
  8. What specific visuals should be captured?

Takeaways on Corporate Video Production Companies

Corporate video production agencies help brands reach their audiences by producing engaging video content.

From branded videos to engaging testimonials and animated pieces, they focus on delivering different video styles depending on your business’ needs.

The cost of corporate video production services varies but the rates usually range between $1,000 and $5,000 per minute completed.

To pick the best agency for your business needs:

  • Determine if they’re aligned with your vision
  • Look at their previous work
  • Consider their reviews and ratings
  • Ensure the quality of their equipment
  • Ask about the costs
  • Check where they are located
  • Get a feel of their company culture

Best of luck!


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