What Are Branded Video Production Companies?

Branded video production companies create content that tells a story with intention and the right perspective according to your requirements. 

The creative team focuses on understanding your goals and establishing the narrative that best represents your vision and mission. They participate in uplifting your brand awareness or showcasing your product’s value proposition.  

Video productions services are a great investment for a successful video marketing campaign as a solution to distinguish you from the competitors and impress the stakeholders. Video has an online usage reach of 93%, and the number of viewers keeps rising yearly. 

Considering this number, production teams can help your brand stand out. And apart from the video content, some of the key points are as follows: 

  • Logo Design
  • Identity System 
  • Messaging System 
  • Relevant Visual Content 
  • And more

These elements align with your core message and vision and help you identify your company’s unique and ownable corporate identity.

branded video production: video editing
Video content has an online usage reach of 93% global viewers
[Source: Statista]

What Services Do Branded Video Production Agencies Specialize in?

Sales conversion is one of the critical points for your company and video can be impactful in every stage of your funnel. According to Statista, among video marketers worldwide in 2022, 33% of them said their leading goal was to increase revenue and sales. 

From having more trust from viewers to producing high-quality leads, branded video production companies can equip you with the right content. Some of the specializations in this process are as follows: 

  • Video marketing: Video marketing companies ensure that your video marketing campaigns are innovative and effective. Stunning images created to leverage data become an effective way of elevating your brand while increasing conversions. 
  • Drone production: Aerial cinematography is done with a drone to shoot aspects and scenes of the video. Drones are becoming more popular because they capture shots, the bird’s eye view, that people wouldn't ordinarily get. 
  • Commercial production: This rich and engaging medium is a cost-effective and easy way to help your key points highlighted for the viewer. It offers benefits from the target audience understanding your product to have a brand development strategy implemented. 
  • Social media content: Shorter video forms allow you to be concise and capture the audience’s interest in the first few seconds. Tweets with video attracted ten times more engagement than tweets without video. And video ads can save your company more than 50% on the cost-per-engagement rate. The success lies in condensed information that are easily digestible snippets of content, long enough to maintain attention but informing efficiently. 
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Why Should You Hire Branded Video Productions Companies?

Read these four reasons why you should hire a team for video productions services for your business: 

Reason #1: Catching the Eye of the Target Audience 

High-quality video content should be in line with your brand voice and the story can catch the customers' eye. It makes them aware of your brand and encourages them to know more about it. 

Investing in professional production guarantees to enhance the brand definition of your company for the target audience to see. The storytelling that engages and connects the audience with your brand differentiates a good video from a great one.  

Branded video production agencies are great storytellers, and they have the ability to: 

  • Capture your brand story 
  • Highlight the core values 
  • Evokes the audience’s emotions 
  • Motivate them to take action toward your company 

They can also help improve your company’s existing ideas and turn them into reality. 

Reason #2: Accessing the Best Equipment 

Video productions companies have access to professional equipment to create stunning together with their professional knowledge on utilizing the gear’s full potential.  

You can tell how the following standards shot a video: 

  • Clean images 
  • Steady shots 
  • Clear audio 

Those components depend on the quality of the equipment used while shooting the video.  

For example, audio is a critical component, and using the right equipment can help minimize background noises and provide soft or harsh pitches as needed for the scenes. 

Lighting is also key for various tones, moods, and emotions that suit your brand. 

Reason #3: Having a Quality Post-production Process 

This step of video production can take the longest time to finish. Many hours are dedicated to the following tasks: 

  • Matching the audio with the visuals 
  • Editing the right clips together 
  • Adding subtitles 
  • And more 

Hiring the right professional from the many branded video productions companies can save time and money in post-production.  

Their years of experience in the branding industry and their knowledge of utilizing software make the post-production process more efficient. 

Reason #4: Relying on Genuine Conversion 

Branded video production agencies can provide strategies to market your video content, such as the best time and media to promote different types of content. 

This can help you achieve more exposure and insights on how to reach a bigger audience. The strategy to effectively distribute the content is an investment for your brand to gain more conversions in the future. 

Professionals handling the video productions services can take full control of the complete process. This means your company’s team will have fewer tasks and more time to concentrate on different parts of the end project.

How Much Do Branded Video Production Agencies Cost?

Professional productions vary in price, depending on the video’s length, style and overall quality. 

On average, mid-level experienced branded video production companies charge from $1,500 to $3,000 per minute, while highly professional teams charge from $5,000 to $20,000 per minute. 

Video productions services can cost from $50 an hour to $250 an hour, depending on the industry experience of the production team. On average, most video productions companies come in from $75 to $200 an hour, which includes shooting, editing and directing.

How to Choose the Best Branded Video Productions Services for Your Business?

There are several different ways to choose the fitting business partner from many branded video production agencies, and following these steps can help you: 

Step #1: Define the Target Audience 

You must understand the competitive landscape to define your company’s brand features. Do the comprehensive market research, look at your competitors, and acknowledge the broad strategic field in your industry with some key concepts such as: 

Then the key to everything is to articulate that your brand stands out from the competitors you just learned about. It is a list of reasons people want to do business with you, join your organization or buy your products. 

Step #2: Develop the Storytelling Strategy

A video is a storytelling tool that opens a limitless world of possibilities. It utilizes the most impactful and engaging forms of art, communication and emotional connection.  

Sound design helps paint a detailed picture of your environment, while graphic and animation arts are utilized to visualize the more complex ideas. People and imagery captivate and connect in very intimate and powerful ways.  

When you combine these elements in your storytelling content plan, you have a video that can reach your audience and connect with the right people. 

Step #3: Check the Portfolios 

When looking for branded video production agencies that might be one of your potential hires, it is important to review their portfolios. 

Some video production companies share their case studies and previous clients on their websites, while others share only their best work. What is important is to ask the agency about the clients related to your specific industry. 

Step #4: Read the Reviews and Testimonials 

Check the agency’s reviews page on the public review sites, and question them about those clients they worked with. They might have some additional comments to share with you. 

In addition, ask the company to share the negative testimonials and what went wrong there. It is important to inform you about their bad experiences and failed campaigns. Everyone has them, and talking about it shows how honest the team can be. 

Step #5: Talk Openly When Recruiting 

And when it comes to honesty, be sure to have it plenty yourself. Most organizations tend to keep their ideas to themselves, and although this means playing it safe, ensure you create enough room for discussion. Maybe the best way to see if the video productions services team is right for you is by letting them know what you precisely want of them. 

That way, you will get a straight and precise answer on whether you can count on their expertise or choose a different professional for your project.

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10 Questions to Ask Branded Video Productions Companies 

When interviewing the branded video production companies, feel free to ask them some of the following questions: 

  1. How long does it take for your team to produce one minute of social media video? 
  2. What software do you use for task management? 
  3. How long have you been in the branded video production industry? 
  4. Do we have a possibility to provide your company feedback after seeing the final product? 
  5. Will I be able to follow your team’s production timeline? 
  6. How do you settle for an idea when your team has many? 
  7. Can you share with us one failed campaign you had? 
  8. What does your payment structure look like? 
  9. Do you outsource your experts or work only with in-house professionals? 
  10. How many weekly or monthly meetings will we have? 

Takeaways on Branded Video Production Companies

In this digital age, when users can explore all the diverse content in the media quickly and easily, your brand needs to stand out. 

One of the things that your company can do is have professionally done video content on your platform. Hiring a professional team for video productions services will take the pressure off of you, save you time and you will get the results you want. 

When it comes to the cost, one minute of high-quality video content can get to $3,000, and hourly rates for professionals are around $120 per hour. 

When looking for your future business partner, take into account the following: 

  • Company’s budget 
  • Project’s timeline 
  • Brand requirements 
  • Cost of the team 

Best of luck!


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