7 Best B2B Website Designs Of 2023-2024 And What We Can Learn From Them

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7 Best B2B Website Designs Of 2023-2024 And What We Can Learn From Them
Article by Maria Martin
Last Updated: December 01, 2023

Did you know that 90% of people leave poorly designed websites almost immediately?

This highlights the need for investing in compelling UX and UI design to increase user engagement and improve trust and credibility.

Keep your website design up-to-date as we share the best B2B website examples of 2023.

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7 Best B2B Website Design Examples And Best Practices

For B2B businesses, websites are an effective marketing tool for building meaningful customer relationships and boosting brand recognition.

A strong and authentic B2B website design can strengthen your marketing strategy and drive your leads from the beginning to the very end of the sales funnel, which tends to be a relatively long and winding process.

Here are the best B2B web designs that tackled some of the biggest challenges and converted prospects into clients by following the best practices.

1. Asana | A Strong And Clear Call To Action

[Source: Asana]

One of the primary goals of every B2B business is to entice its website visitors to complete certain actions.

Whether it is signing to a newsletter or setting up a consultation, incorporating bold and clear CTAs is one of the most important considerations on a B2B website.

Asana’s homepage CTA is displayed at the center of the home page. The button’s surroundings are kept simple and clutter-free to allow the bold "Try for free" button to stand out.

The clear design and negative space flawlessly blend with the brand’s value proposition and unique selling point surrounding the CTA.

They catch the visitors’ attention by educating them about the benefits they would enjoy once they try using this tool.

By telling users what’s in it for them, Asana is enticing them to click and convert.

2. Carolin Soldo | Minimalism

[Source: Carolin Soldo]

Negative space, short paragraphs and minimalist design are some B2B web design best practices for 2021.

With the use of white space, Carolin Soldo enables its users to easily navigate through the page and allows for important elements like pictures and demo videos to stand out.

This is vital to keeping the visitors’ focus on the products/services rather than on any secondary elements.

The ample white space and brief paragraphs of text create a better hierarchy and allow users to easily consume the communicated selling points.

This minimalist web page design reduces loading time, improves readability and user experience while informing visitors to take the desired action.

3. Dropbox | Consistent Branding

[Source: Dropbox]

Did you know that presenting a brand consistently increases the average revenue by 33%?

Dropbox has one of the best B2B web designs because they know exactly how to incorporate their logo, colors, typography and other branding elements on every single page.

They use their widely applicable logo across all digital channels, including the website, to maintain consistency. If you need an attractive logo to use accross all digital channels, consider hiring a graphic design company and have them create it for you. 

The cloud-based file sharing platform follows web design best practices by employing personalization and having its own branded color palette.

Dropbox strictly adheres to their brand guide book which contains the rules on how their branding assets must be used. For example, the exact proportions of their logo, the precise hexadecimal values of their brand colors and so on.

Dropbox teaches that the brand is the face of the business and that maintaining a professional look across all pages and platforms increases brand recognition and builds trust.

4. Square | Simple Navigation

[Source: Square]

88% of digital buyers will never return to a website after having a bad user experience.

Once website visitors land on a page, they should be able to quickly and easily find the info they are looking for. Otherwise, they won’t be able to execute their purchase decision and therefore won’t convert.

This is why simple website navigation plays a major role in your business's success. It is one of the evergreen web design trends because it plays a key role in providing a satisfying user experience.

Square is a great example of a site whose menu has a clean design, limited options and minimal text.

Its categories are logically organized as well, making it easy to find different sections that the visitors are looking for.

All these factors allow Square’s visitors to navigate easily, find the information they seek and stay engaged with the website.

5. IBM | Responsive Design

[Source: IBM]

Mobile phones generated 50.81% of the total website traffic in the first quarter of 2020.

People find it much easier to search for quick tips or nearby places and even shop from their mobile devices.

This is why mobile-friendliness is currently one of the biggest web design trends and a must-have for B2B websites.

Not only is it one of Google's rankings factors but it also plays a key role in improving user experience and overall satisfaction.

One of the best B2B website designs that operate seamlessly on smartphones and tablets is IBM’s website. It allows users to easily navigate the site and find what they are looking for on screens of all sizes and devices regardless of operating systems.

Its pages load fast and its navigation menu options are clear. There is also a search box that helps visitors quickly find the products and services they seek.

6. Makers & Dreamers | Crooked Typography

b2b best web designs: Makers Dreamers
[Source: Makers & Dreamers]

Designers are also breaking the rules of traditional typography in 2021.

They use uneven spacing, different sizes and odd line breaks.

Makers & Dreamers carefully plays with typography while following B2B website design best practices and allowing the visitors to understand what they are trying to say.

The homepage may feature some flips and turns to catch the user’s attention, but their website design is still clean and simple.

7. FieldEdge | Subtle Animation

[Source: FieldEdge]

FieldEdge not only looks appealing, but it also gives a masterclass of the B2B websites artform.

Combining most of the above-mentioned B2B website design trends, FieldEdge achieves the impossible – it manages to be simple, consistent, minimal and responsive, with eye-catching CTAs, subtle animation and parallax effects.

While many B2B websites try to overwhelm their visitors with panache and spectacular visual gymnastics in order to enhance the UX, they do quite the opposite by overstaying their welcome.

FieldEdge uses its main attributes to guide user attention, breathe life into valuable stats and amplify their UVP – talk about efficiency!

Every step of the user journey intuitively and effortlessly leads visitors towards the bottom of the funnel.

B2B Web Design Innovations That Are Here To Stay

Apart from the best practices that B2B businesses incorporate in their web design strategies, here are the top five innovations that are changing the way users interact with websites:

  • Chatbots: B2B websites are becoming more and more interactive with the increased use of chatbots. In fact, 56% of users prefer chatbots than calling conventional customer support. They are a great way for brands to communicate with their visitors and they are available 24/7 for any questions the visitors may have.
  • Voice User Interface (VUI): VUIs allow visitors to interact with websites through voice commands. This is one of the most popular B2B website design trends that improve user experience and visitor satisfaction by providing visitors with instant answers.
  • Micro-interactions: Brands utilize micro-interactions to guide visitors through their websites, create an emotional effect and encourage user engagement. They also prevent user errors which ultimately enhances the UX.
  • Progress indicators: Incorporating entertaining progress indicators is becoming more and more popular. They tell the visitors how long it will take until the webpage loads or how much of the article remains. Many IT solution companies have already integrated these innovative features to enhance their B2B customer experience.
  • GIFs: These small animated images boost visitors’ time-on-page stats more than static images since they are attention-grabbing and a user needs to finish watching a single loop to understand its meaning.
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Other B2B Website Design Trends

Here are some of the design trends that are a hit in 2021:

  • Dark Mode - to adapt to the reading environment and make your content more legible
  • 3D elements - to grab the visitors’ attention
  • Mixing real images with illustrations - to increase brand recognition
  • Black and white design - to increase dwell time
  • Liquid animation - to entertain your users
  • Patterns - to keep the visitors’ focused on your products/services

Incorporating the latest styles and web design best practices in your B2B strategy can improve user experience, increase your brand credibility and boost your conversions.

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Final Thoughts On B2B Website Designs

Remember that your audience means business and every precious time they spend on your website is crucial. Therefore, you should make sure your B2B website:

  • Loads fast
  • Is mobile responsive
  • Is easy to use and navigate

However, it’s not only about what the visitors see, but also about how they feel using the website and whether they are provided with a satisfactory experience.

Regardless of the trends you'll follow, the key to successful design is to always put your audience first, get to know their needs and understand their behavior.

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