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Edinburgh is the 8th best city in Europe for quality of living​

What Makes Edinburgh Web Design Companies Unique

Edinburgh web design companies differ from their UK peers and global competitors in these key features:

Feature #1: Edinburgh Attracts Leading Talent From Across The World

The capital of Scotland, Edinburgh, is ranked eighth as the best city in Europe for quality of life. In 2019, it was the UK’s 18th most attractive place to live and work.

Edinburgh is way more than its rich cultural heritage that dates back centuries and its spectacular natural landscapes. The city offers plenty of benefits to skilled talent.

Edinburgh is a major center for higher education. It houses three internationally acclaimed universities: the University of Edinburgh, Heriot-Watt University and Edinburgh Napier University.

Founded in 1582, the University of Edinburgh is one of the oldest universities in the English-speaking world. Ranked 16th in the QS World University Rankings for 2022, it’s a hub of excellence in research, innovation, engineering, arts and more.

This top school attracts high-end talent from all over the UK and each year produces leading experts in IT, including web design and development.

According to the City of Edinburgh Council’s 2020 report, Edinburgh enjoys an unemployment rate of 2.7%, which is lower than any other major city in the UK. Moreover, in 2020, the city had the highest average hourly pay in the UK outside London - £17.49.

Boasting a higher learning environment and healthy job market, Edinburgh offers the best quality of life in the entire United Kingdom. This makes the capital city of Scotland a magnet for high-degree talents from across the world, in web design and beyond.

web designers in Edinburgh: QS World University Rankings for 2022 ​
[Source: QS Top Universities]​

Feature #2: Edinburgh Has A Highly-Educated Workforce

The University of Edinburgh alone is accountable for some of the most accomplished professionals, scientists and artists in the world, including 21 Nobel laureates in Physics, Peace, Literature and more.

Based on the City of Edinburgh Council’s recent data, Edinburgh has the UK’s second-highest amount of higher education students per 1,000 population.

In 2019, 62.7% of the city’s workforce have a college degree or above. This makes Edinburgh workforce the most educated in the United Kingdom, outranking London.

Edinburgh web design companies have teams of well-educated specialists who can provide services at the highest level of quality.

Feature #3: Edinburgh Has A Thriving Tech Sector

Edinburgh is on its way to becoming UK’s next tech hub.

The city’s world-leading universities and the high concentration of graduates in tech, namely computer science and engineering, make Edinburgh a breeding ground for tech startups.

Currently, 31% of the city’s total jobs are in the tech industry, making this Edinburgh’s fastest-growing sector. Tech professionals enjoy an average salary of £59,776, which is higher than the national average of £53,945.

Therefore, Scotland’s capital is home to a thriving tech community and offers a large pool of skilled IT specialists. Web designers in Edinburgh are likely to be the most qualified in the country, if not the best.

Feature #4: Edinburgh Is Home To Growing Industries

Edinburgh is the most productive economy in the UK aside from London, as reported by the City of Edinburgh Council.

The leading industries powering the city’s economy are:

  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Education
  • Health
  • Tourism
  • Business
  • And more

Edinburgh web design firms handle projects for clients operating in these key industries. They have accumulated extensive experience in the local business environment and are highly equipped to build websites that generate successful results for these specific sectors.

What Do Website Designers In Edinburgh Specialize In?

Equivalent to other agencies across the world, Edinburgh web design companies specialize in creating visually enticing and high-performance digital products such as:

  • Websites
  • eCommerce shops
  • Mobile applications
  • Web applications
  • Intranets

They have the technical and creative skills to build intuitive, easy-to-use and engaging website platforms. They focus on these key elements:

  • Structure
  • Layout
  • Graphics
  • Images
  • Colors
  • Font styles
  • Content

Additionally, web designers in Edinburgh specialize in different web building platforms such as:

Most Edinburgh web design companies also offer auxiliary website-related services, including:

How Much Do Edinburgh Website Design Services Cost?

If you consider outsourcing web design projects to Edinburgh companies, the local companies are able to offer a few different billing options.

Some of the most common are:

  • Fee per hour: In this case, projects are estimated based on how much time the specialists spend building your website. The average cost varies between $150 and $199. The key factors that will dictate the price are agency reputation and size, the number of experts involved, your project’s complexity and deadline.
  • Fee per project: The total cost will depend solely on your business needs: how complex your website will be in terms of design, number of pages and the platform used. You can expect to pay anywhere between $1,000 to $10,000+.
  • Results-based fee: As for this type of fee, you will be invoiced as soon as your agency partner delivers the specific results you mutually agreed upon. These results may be: increasing your conversion rates, organic traffic, search rankings and more.
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Why Should You Outsource Web Design In Edinburgh?

Here are the main reasons why you should consider outsourcing web design in Edinburgh:

Reason #1: Gain Access To A Highly-Skilled Talent Pool

Home to globally recognized higher-education institutions, Edinburgh enjoys both a well-educated workforce and a highly-skilled tech talent pool.

According to the University of Edinburgh, its graduates are placed 25th in the world by employers. These are some of the world’s leading experts at the forefront of innovation in plenty of fields, from science and medicine to computer engineering and IT.

Edinburgh web design companies are well provided with bright, competent and qualified specialists who lead the “wind of change” in web design by offering ingenious work.

Reason #2: Leverage Their Competitive Mindset

According to the UK competitiveness index 2019, Edinburgh is the sixth most competitive city in the United Kingdom.

The rankings were based on factors such as:

  • Higher quality jobs
  • High standard of living
  • Attracting business investments
  • And more

Operating in such a competitive business environment, Edinburgh web design companies are compelled to stay on top of industry trends and refine their skills constantly to be able to provide internationally competitive services.

They nurture a competitive mindset which allows them to be more creative in their problem-solving and find clever solutions to help business supercharge their online business growth.

Reason #3: Benefit From Their Local Market Know-How

Website designers in Edinburgh have a deep understanding of the locally dominant industries.

They know the industry players, key competitors, local audiences, market trends and more. They can build successful digital products without trial and error and in a reasonable timeframe as well.

This in-depth knowledge of the local audience makes them the perfect choice to outsource your web design, as long as your business falls within one of Edinburgh’s key sectors.

How To Choose The Best Web Design Company In Edinburgh

Before kicking off your research for the best web designer in Edinburgh, you need to address two key points:

  • Choose your website type: You need to determine what type of website you require in order to accomplish your goals: an informational website, blog or eCommerce shop? In addition, decide whether it will be custom or template and what features and functionalities you would like to have.
  • Define your budget: Think about how much you can allocate to building a professional website. It will help you filter companies and find a partner that can meet your budget.

Then, take these next steps:

Step #1: Check Their Previous Work

When looking at a web design company’s past work, the best way is to check out their previously built websites. See if their web designs match your vision, what is their level of creativity and whether they can develop interactive websites with great graphics and functionalities.

Their past projects will also reveal if they have developed products for your industry. In this case, Edinburgh web design companies that prove relevant expertise are a better fit for your project than anyone else.

Step #2: Assess Their Processes

Website designers in Edinburgh that have structured and streamlined processes in place will be able to devise a strategy tailored to your needs, ensure the results you are looking for and accelerate project delivery.

Ask each company how they formulate their processes and implement their strategies, how much time will they dedicate to your project and how they will track and measure website performance.

Step #3: See If They Provide Post-Launch Support

To function at peak performance and generate results, websites need consistent maintenance and professional assistance.

Make sure your future partner can commit to a long-term collaboration and will be there to fix bugs, make updates, add new features, upload content and so on.

Step #4: Read Their Reviews

Take the time to read their reviews to paint an accurate picture of your future experience. You will understand if these companies are reliable, trustworthy and transparent in terms of planning and pricing.

Moreover, their client reviews can help you learn whether they are capable of delivering results and meeting deadlines.

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15 Questions To Ask A Web Designer In Edinburgh

  1. Do you have expertise in our niche or a similar one?
  2. Can you show us examples of similar websites you have worked on?
  3. What services do you provide outside of web design?
  4. What does your web design process entail?
  5. Will you optimize our website for search engines?
  6. What type of platforms do you think will meet our needs the best?
  7. What project management tools do you use to ensure the project stays on track?
  8. How experienced are the professionals working on our account?
  9. Who will be the project leader and how often we will communicate?
  10. What metrics will you track to measure our site’s performance?
  11. On what particular basis will you send analytics reports? Monthly, weekly or daily?
  12. Do you provide after-launch maintenance and support?
  13. Can you send us a few references so that we could contact them?
  14. What will be the total cost of our website? Are edits and revisions included in the price?
  15. How do you stay updated with emerging web design trends?

Takeaways On Edinburgh Web Design Companies

Considering its status as a major educational center, Edinburgh is home to highly qualified IT and digital specialists. Local web design firms are likely to host some of the best experts in the UK.

Edinburgh web design companies differ from their competitors by these features:

  • Highly-skilled talent pool
  • Experience in the local market
  • Internationally competitive services

They have an average hourly rate between $150 and $199.

To find the most suitable agency partner for your business, take these steps:

  • Choose your website type
  • Determine your budget
  • Check agencies’ portfolio
  • Evaluate their workflows
  • Inquire about post-launch support
  • Read their reviews

Best of luck!

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