TopBuzz Video Clean App Design

TopBuzz Video bills itself as the place for video junkies to get access to all things viral. Through an algorithm powered by AI, the app promises to deliver the latest trending videos, GIFs, and news articles, so users never miss a beat. As the user engages with TopBuzz, the algorithm will use their behavior and preferences to gradually improve content recommendations, getting better at predicting the types of content the user will like best.

A scrolling menu appears are the top of the screen. This allows users to easily jump between categories. This menu can also be edited by the user to display the content categories they care about most, which adds an element of personalization to the app.

Videos appear in a single, long-scroll. Enticing headlines are overlaid on video stills, and videos play within the feed, which eliminates the additional step of moving between a video player and the feed content. Users can opt to view a video in a dedicated video page, in which case suggested content will appear below the video player.

As the user browses the video feed notifications appear to let users know if new content is available -- an effective way to ensure users spend lots of time with the app since they’re virtually guaranteed to never run out of fresh content recommendations. Within the GIF feed, GIFs play and pause automatically as the user scrolls.

The design of the TopBuzz app seems to deliberately fade into the background, allowing content to become the focal point. A muted palette of greys, blacks, and whites is used for the background and highlighting of navigational elements. The navigation of the app is intuitive, and is handled through a static menu of options at the bottom -- including Video, GIFs, and an account area. Category browsing is handled through the scrolling menu along the top of the screen.

TopBuzz Video is a clean app design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industries.