Movewith Elegant App Design

Movewith is a personal fitness app that bills itself as “your personal audio fitness studio”. The app gives users unlimited access to guided fitness workouts that they can complete anywhere, anytime. Movewith offers access to tons of different workouts from qualified instructors. Each workout pairs audio guidance with a custom playlist to keep users motivated and moving.

On launching the app, the user is taken to a personalized home screen that offers multiple pathways to content. As the user engages with the app more, and completes more workouts, it gets better at making recommendations for workouts it thinks the user will enjoy. These workouts are listed in “Your Weekly Picks”. The home screen also features new workouts, workouts from instructors the user follows, and classes the user has done before. All of these are presented in a card-based design that the user can scroll through to discover workouts they want to try.

Navigation of the app is handled through a tabbed menu that runs along the bottom of the screen. A set of icons paired with text represent each menu category, and the current category is highlighted and underlined in red in order to orient the user within the navigation. From the Classes tab, users can browse workout categories such as HIIT and Yoga. Each class card has a catchy title, an instructor name, category, level, time, and average rating. Users can also select the Instructors tab to get to know the instructors on the app, browse based on the types of classes they teach, and follow an instructor to see their workouts.

The Movewith app has a modern, streamlined design. A white background with minimalist gray typography allows the content on the app to take center stage. Visual consistency in app photography keeps the experience of using the app feeling seamless and unified.

Movewith is an elegant app design in the Entertainment and Sports & Leisure industries.