Flyright Exceptional App Design

If you’re looking to book a trip somewhere exotic, getting an overview of all the important details -- like visas, vaccinations, and travel warnings -- can be a time-consuming task.

The Flyright app is a handy little travel companion that provides a ton of useful country-specific information at a glance, making it easier for travelers to book travel confidently and avoid areas that may have restrictions.

On logging in the user is asked to indicate their passport country (though for now only United States passports are supported). Passport country is used to determine visa requirements.

With a passport issuer indicated, the user can begin typing their destination. Flyright has speedy autofill capabilities, so a list of options is generated quickly as the user begins to type.

The user selects their destination and is directed to a country overview page. This is the heart of the Flyright app experience, and it’s chock full of useful information -- all pulled directly from U.S. government sources, so you know it’s as accurate and up-to-date as possible.

Flyright lets users known what visas they need to travel, if any vaccinations are required, whether there are any travel warnings for the area, and whether there are currency restrictions.

For Flyright users who are currently traveling, each country page also includes U.S. embassy information, should they find themselves in a tight spot.

Flyright is a simple app with a singular purpose. Presentation of content is exceptional, and the dark design aesthetic is fresh and unique.

Flyright is an exceptional app design in the Travel industry.

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