LIFE Intelligence app

The Dark, Navy-Blue Mode On The Life Intelligence App Inspires A Feeling Of Tranquility And Order

LIFE Intelligence is an emotional toolkit and personal growth app that helps users manage their stress and anxiety, improve work productivity and build healthy, lasting relationships.

It is available on both Apple and Android devices and focuses on two key areas: immediate problem-solving solutions and comprehensive self-development courses.

The complexity of the app’s functionalities requires a meticulous design that takes the mental state of the user into account.

The app’s designers used a deep tone of royal blue as the interface’s main color. Complementary shades of blue create a unique dark mode that instills a sense of peace and serenity – two qualities of a digital safe place.

UI is simple to navigate as users switch between different sections of the app, enriched with unique illustrations that complement the section’s theme.

With plenty of space between bits of expert textual content, the LIFE Intelligence’s interface "breathes” enough to help users gather their thoughts and impressions on solutions and ideas that matter to them.

LIFE Intelligence mobile app design

LIFE Intelligence’s Holistic Approach Educates And Motivates With Nine Core Topics And Sections

LIFE Intelligence focuses on a nine-step program that concerns the career, relationships and self-management of users.

The program consists of:

  1. Building Mental Resilience
  2. Gaining Self-Awareness
  3. Developing Holistic Health
  4. Setting and Meeting Goals
  5. Managing Time
  6. Making Difficult Decisions
  7. Connecting with Others
  8. Love and Communication
  9. Motivation and Leadership

Each of these modules is segmented separately for better focus on each topic. Swipeable pages, well-blended CTAs and bite-size mental health advice constitute the majority of each section.

Life coach lessons and guided worksheets facilitate navigating difficult situations with proven methods, thanks to an intuitive layout.

The app's interactive book and journal demonstrate app designers’ expertise in creating legible and user-friendly interfaces for content-rich experiences. Despite its in-depth and well-researched nature, the content is still easily scannable.

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LIFE Intelligence smartphone app design

Science-Backed Graphs And Diagrams Help Users Manage Their Daily Mood

Certain modules and sections on the Life Intelligence App feature interactive graphs and charts that allow users to evaluate their emotions. Branding professionals often transform data into visually compelling representations, making it easier for users to interpret and analyze the information presented.

Recognizing that thoughts and emotions are fundamental to everything and to help users understand how they deal with mental ruts, the app invites users to pinpoint their exact emotion, then offers solutions on how to master it.

The user’s response opens a new screen that allows them to elaborate further on their emotional state, with a simple submission form.

The next step takes them to actionable steps to solve their problem, through direct action, physical exercise or expert psychological assistance.

Each of these steps opens in a new screen that is quite concise in copy and centered around listening to the user and carefully planning ways to help them, based on their responses.

LIFE Intelligence app design

The App’s Problem-Solving Skills Are Backed With Legible, Contrasting Typography

LIFE Intelligence’s app logo is a very smart amalgam, resembling an ancient rune made out of letters “L,” “I,” “F” and “E,” as if to signal the mastery of archetypal human problems that many people face on a daily basis.

A very simple non-serif font is used throughout the app’s messaging and content. Simplifying the users’ reading efforts, the typeface offers a very clear overview of all the major sections.

The headlines differ from the main text only in color. They are grey, while the copy is in white, which contrasts the navy backdrops.

The app’s simple fonts do not distract the user from their main goal and do not make it difficult for them to navigate the app through its many facets.

LIFE Intelligence self-help app design

The LIFE Intelligence App’s Goal-Oriented Design Helps Users Reach Balance And Self-Understanding

The app’s own description of its capabilities goes as follows:

“LIFE Intelligence is a science-backed self-development app. We holistically cover self, career, and relationship development. Beyond CBT, DBT, narrative therapy, and emotional management coping strategies, we also educate with evidence-based research on relationships, decision-making, goal setting, time management, and leadership.”

The LIFE Intelligence app uses design as a means of helping people.

Design's utilitarian nature is often forgotten and neglected at the expense of aesthetics and visual appeal.

Self-improvement and wellness mobile apps have seen a surge in popularity in recent years due to increasingly hectic lifestyles and, especially, the mental health challenges that arose with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Their primary purpose is to help users get their lives together and salvage private and professional spheres. The UX design is a great contributor to success – or failure – in this regard.

An intuitive interface, clean layout, simple navigation and well-integrated expert content make it possible for users to track their moods, learn, cope, reflect and master their emotions.

LIFE Intelligence’s smart design goes beyond the atmosphere and feel of the app – it provides a broad set of tools and knowledge necessary for keeping it all together when the going gets tough.

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