11 Best App Designs That Deliver Great User Experiences

11 Best App Designs That Deliver Great User Experiences
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: June 02, 2023

This list gathers the best app designs with sleek and minimalistic interfaces and vivid, colorful user experiences.

Let’s take a closer look at the top-rated mobile app designs that captivate users and capture the masterpieces of the best app designers. Plus, learn how to make a user-focused design that sets new benchmarks for the industry.

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1. Rebate App by Ndimension Labs

[Source: Ndimension Labs]

Standout Features:

  • Discount filter
  • A quick QR payment system
  • Suitable for patients and vendors

Rebate App’s design by Ndimension Labs is one of the best mobile applications today. As a pioneer medical price reduction app in Kuwait, it offers discounts and benefits for patients and vendors.

Rebate’s screens use a shade of green frequently associated with medical professionals. The agency also categorizes five markets through cards with minimal illustrations on the user dashboard. The user can keep track of the savings summary through a visual element above the categories.

The design filters the discounts from the highest percentage, allowing the user to make the best choice for them in the shortest amount of time. And once they do, they can purchase the product or service with a quick personalized QR code scan.

2. FOREO by Undabot

[Source: Undabot]

Standout Features:

  • Extensive filtering and categorization options
  • Smooth shopping experience
  • Model-led product placement

Undabot’s design for the FOREO app is another beautiful app design. The app is easy to use, offering a clean user experience that helps the customers get their desired products quickly.

Rather than browsing through a series of tiring, identical product cards that go too deep into the details, the shopping experience on FOREO is smooth and distinctive.

The products are listed one above the other, each highlighted with a unique pastel shade rectangle that’s easy on the eye. Each product features a white typeface label and a picture of a model holding the product, making up a gentle, feminine composition.

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3. Dog Breed by Saeculum Solutions

[Source: Saeculum Solutions]

Standout Features:

  • A cute, playful layout
  • A fun, gamified learning experience
  • An effortless navigation system

Dog Breed's app by Saeculum Solutions makes its way into our best app designs list. The app helps users classify and learn fun facts about their feline friends through real-life pictures and trivia information charts.

This design uses a simple, two-color combination and lovely minimal illustrations and icons to deliver a cute, playful layout. The navigation system consists of five options, and your current open “tab” hovers slightly above the other options, helping you remember where you’re at.

The design analyzes the dog’s breed and details its origin, primary historical function, average weight and height, and lifespan. A fun, gamified learning system also helps you memorize the breeds through a picture-based quiz system.

4. Stock Sports by Evoqins

[Source: Evoqins]

Standout Features:

  • An educational platform
  • Color-coded bar charts
  • Trading games

If you want to enter the stock market but are unsure where to start, Stock Sports will do wonders for you. Designed by Evoqins, it offers an amazing learning experience complemented by an appealing user interface.

This dark-themed app design encompasses a ton of accessible and comprehensive lessons. It offers many trading games based on real-time stock market data. These games teach fundamental analysis techniques, enhance trading skills through daily challenges and train users for their future broker careers.

The payments and movements in the market are easily tracked through color-coded bar charts that help follow and craft simple reports and transactions.

5. FS Football is Sexy by Tepia Co.

[Source: Tepia Co.]

Standout Features:

  • A different take on football
  • A premium color palette
  • Educational and fun

Tepia Co. developed FS Football is Sexy, a fun learning platform for new football fans.

The app’s name hints that it offers a different take on the beloved sport. Full of delightful minimal illustrations, quiz games, and Instagram story-like screens, the design delivers a personalized educational journey that introduces you to the world of football or helps you further explore your passion for it.

The premium color palette combines black and gold to present the classy legacy behind the sport while preserving its modern-day appeal. The typography is easily legible and suits the playful, more lenient side of the design.

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6. The Newsroom by CresMedia

[Source: CresMedia]

Standout Features:

  • Rebuilt news cards
  • Better news channel filtering
  • A simplified user journey

Next on our list of the best app designs comes CresMedia. The agency drastically improved The Newsroom app design by elevating UX through a more approachable interface.

The reimagined interface follows a more intuitive approach which puts the simplicity of the user journey at the forefront. Apart from traditional filtering, the rebuilt news cards now feature a bar indexing the political viewpoint of the source, helping the readers develop critical thinking.

The news channel filtering now secures information segmentation that’s easier to follow and navigate thanks to larger news cards and reduced ambiguity through the new political scope bars.

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7. Monto by LittleGiants

[Source: LittleGiants]

Standout Features:

  • Wholesome card categorization
  • Reliable reviews section
  • Helpful rent calendar

LittleGiants worked with Monto to deliver an app design that provides an all-around renting platform. Whether you’re missing tools, sports, or traveling equipment, this best app design got you covered!

The design encourages exploring your vast renting possibilities through wholesome card categorization. The cute illustrations remind you of children’s drawings and embrace the overall friendly neighborhood atmosphere of the app. The agency also used beige as a background color for that warm and welcoming feel.

You can check the users’ reliability through a simple Review section that lets you rate your experience and leave a follow-up comment.

Lastly, a rent calendar feature lets you keep track of your scheduled return dates.


[Source: LANARS]

Standout Features:

  • A detailed data-gathering and transfer system
  • Measuring an oil well’s depth
  • Monitoring system

LANARS’ design for the WI-FI LOAD CELL APP deserves a spot on our best app designs list. The design connects with the drilling machines' microcontrollers to offer the user vital work-related information.

The design relies on a microcircuit with a primary function that helps measure the depth of the drilled oil well while monitoring other quintessential indicators. These include features like controlling the twisting moment and controlling the drill from a safe, remote location.

Apart from the vital safety enhancements, this app provides detailed data-gathering features that can help optimize drilling parameters or detect unforeseen issues.

9. Burger King by Pangolin Development

[Source: Pangolin Development]

Standout Features:

  • Bright and fancy
  • Enticing product shots
  • Streamlined order processing

Our next pick for the best app designs list is Pangolin Development’s delicious Burger King design upgrade.

The new layout is bright and fancy, exceptionally well-branded, with drastic improvements in the user experience. It provides streamlined order processing, easy payment procedures, a simplified delivery system, and attractive loyalty programs.

The design is direct but informative, focusing on the user’s convenience and satisfaction. The product placement features clean white cards led by enticing product shots supported by a tasty copy describing it.

Overall, this app aims to mimic in-person Burger King experiences from any remote location.

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10. AntiDepression App by PROFSOFT GLOBAL

[Source: AntiDepression App]

Standout Features:

  • Informative and understandable
  • Soothing minimal illustrations
  • Journaling functions

AntiDepression’s app design helps people cope with their mental issues. PROFSOFT GLOBAL crafted a design that supports people overcoming negative emotions and finding positive ones!

Following the cognitive-behavioral style in psychotherapy, the design uses tests, journaling, and communication with professionals to analyze and deal with negative thinking. Once informed and with a deeper level of understanding, the users are presented with effective coping mechanisms that help them feel better.

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The soothing minimal illustrations help convey the “one day at a time” approach as they often reflect the most common states of mind in these situations.

The journaling function is segmented into several tabs, so you can keep differentiating your situation from your thoughts and feelings. This is essential in forming a clearer picture of one’s issues and gives them a way to solve them.

11. Homla by Holdapp

[Source: Homla]

Standout Features:

  • Dashboard slider for quick access
  • Advanced product filtering
  • Clear information architecture

The Homla app design by Holdapp brings the world of home décor to users' fingertips with its intuitive UI, excellent eCommerce features, and modern visuals. It ensures that browsing and buying are effortlessly integrated into their mobile lifestyle!

With its quick search tool, users can easily navigate through various products. The dashboard slider is particularly engaging as it showcases featured products, promotions, and special deals.

The app also allows customers to curate their list of favorite products. It simplifies saving and organizing the items that catch their eye, making it easier to revisit and purchase them when the time is right.

Its advanced product filtering works like a charm, too. It helps users narrow their search and find what they are looking for. Even on small smartphone screens, the app's clear information architecture ensures a comfortable browsing experience!

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