Blue Apron Fresh Logo Design

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What do you call three guys, 2500 employees, and 36 months?

A $2 billion recipe.

Instead of looking up recipes, driving to the store, and finding ingredients that may not be in stock, why not get everything delivered to you fresh, in a convenient box?

Welcome to Blue Apron.

Blue Apron combines fresh ingredients and an entire recipe in a meal kit. They ship all over the world. By September 2016, the company shipped 8 million meal servings.

Frank Collective, one of the most renowned logo design companies "cooked" an ideal visual solution that is simple, straightforward, bold, and compact. The name Blue Apron arose as a homage to world-renowned chefs who wore blue aprons whilst learning the art of cooking.

The blue in the logo and apron acts as a symbol for lifelong learning within the culinary arts. The blue apron serves as a totem of inspiration for people to discover new ingredients and techniques when preparing and cooking food. Blue calms the senses, allowing for the intake of peaceful emotions, cleanliness, trust, and productivity. These are all traits that align with the Blue Apron brand.

The deep blue color is #313565.

The font used is a customized Signika Bold, which is a sans serif with gentle character. The font has a high level of readability in small sizes and large distances from the viewer.

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Blue Apron Simple Logo Design

Blue Apron has a simple and memorable logo that signifies that companies core philosophy: lifelong learning. The creativity to incorporate a blue apron which is worn by chefs that are beginning their journeys is akin to the journey the consumer is taking in the kitchen when they open their Blue Apron Box.


Blue Apron Logo Design

This is pure genius. The brand association makes the logo captivating and unique. It tells a story. We are all students of life. The blue apron is fun and rewarding. The logo encapsulates the experience of the brand.

Great logo design connects the story with the product experience.

And this story, this experience, is worth $2 billion.

Blue Apron is a fresh logo design in the Distribution, E-commerce & Retail and Food & Beverage industries.

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