Snapchat Logo Design
Last Updated: 06/25/2024 

Can you imagine that a logo for a world-known company could be crafted in just a single evening by an amateur designer? Yet, that's the story behind the Snapchat logo.

At the heart of this design is a playful ghost illustration on a bold yellow background that symbolizes the app’s ephemeral nature, encapsulating the brand’s “phantom” policy. Allow us to reveal to you the interesting story behind this iconic ghostly emblem and discover how it represents the very spirit of Snapchat.

First Snapchat Logo Design

Snapchat's Evolution and Logo Origins

Snapchat's story began with three university students who initially named it Picaboo and developed it exclusively for iOS users. The idea was sparked by Reggie Brown, who envisioned an app for sharing pictures that would automatically delete after a user-defined time.

Without much business expertise, Brown sought out Evan Spiegel for guidance. Then, they both realized the need for a skilled coder to bring their idea to life, which led them to Bobby Murphy.

However, the story took a dramatic turn when Brown, the originator of the concept, was ousted from the company. Despite internal strife, Picaboo made its debut in the summer of 2011. This tumultuous start set the stage for what would become one of the most influential social media platforms of our time.

Snapchat Symbol Design

Snapchat Logo Is a Recognizable Symbol of the App’s Unique Function and the Fun It Provides

The Snapchat logo is iconic — it is one of the most recognized logos in the world. Part of this is that the logo, like Nike, shares a common trait: one image. There are no words, unnecessary hashes, or checkmarks. Just a ghost — a universal symbol that resonates with people from every country on Earth. An all-powerful symbol that everyone recognizes regardless of language.

The inside of Ghostface Chillah is white, symbolizing Snapchat photos simultaneously being seen and disappearing while the yellow background (Hex: #FFFC00) communicates excitement. This choice of background hue appeared as the right one, judging by the fact that leading branding agencies specializing in corporate branding utilize attention-grabbing yellow to communicate a fun and energetic nature and cater to young audiences.

Snapchat Logo Design

Today, Snapchat is still very much relevant, with millions of loyal users, which brings us to the final caveat of the logo’s design. Millions of eyes use, send, and receive messages with a ghost logo app, which represents repetition, and repetition legitimizes.

You see, to make an iconic logo, a great design is simply not enough. People have to see it again and again, and once they do, the design is no longer a design — it's transformed into a symbol. And symbols? They become icons.

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