Snapchat Iconic Logo Design

Evan Spiegel drew the original Snapchat logo on his bedroom computer.

In one night.

When researching the top 100 apps, Evan and his dormmates drew a robust conclusion:

None of them were yellow.

The ubiquitous Snapchat ghost has a name: Ghostface Chillah. Ghostface Killah of the legendary hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan is the source of this inspiration.

Ghostface Chillah is outlined in a black line that creates the ghost shape. The inside is white, symbolizing Snapchat photos simultaneously being seen and disappearing.  

The yellow color in the logo's background is Hex: #FFFC00. Leading branding agencies specializing in corporate branding utilize attention-grabbing yellow to communicate a fun and energetic nature and cater to young audiences.

The original logo featured Ghostface Chillah with his tongue out and two-tone yellow background.

Snapchat Old Logo Design

But Snapchat decided to update the logo with its current look: a blank face, and one solid yellow color. The brand implemented the change because it was vital for the user to feel like they were the face of Snapchat.

The Snapchat logo is iconic. It is one of the most recognized logos in the world. Part of this is that the logo, like Nike, shares a common trait: one image.

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Snapchat Symbol Design

Absent are words. Vanquished are unnecessary hashes or checkmarks.

The ghost is a universal symbol that resonates with people from every country on Earth. Having a word, a logo in a language that most people do not understand is ineffective.

A symbol that everyone recognizes regardless of language is all-powerful.

Snapchat Logo Design

Let us add in the catalyst that completes the formula for this iconic logo: millions of users. Millions of eyes use, send, and receive messages with a ghost logo.

Repetition is created. To make an iconic logo, a great design is simply not enough. People have to see it again and again.

Once they do, the design is no longer a design.

It is transformed into a symbol.

And symbols? They become icons.

Snapchat is an iconic logo design in the Entertainment and Technology industries.

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