Grek Tea (slide 1)

Grek is a new tea company that imports the best quality of tea from Greece. Interbank took this opportunity to create a cool brand and packaging for them. 

The owner of this company traveled to Greece many times, where there are common Xystia tiles. These tiles are depicted throughout the patterns of the brand, which is a brilliant idea that provides a connection to the country of origin and adds visual interest.

Grek Tea (slide 2)

This is very brave attempt to be different. Most teas are very green or color-oriented, so just black and white colors and simple shapes make this stand out from its competitors. Each tea type has its own geometric symbol, which helps users find the specific type they are looking for. 

Grek Tea (slide 3)

The typography is very simple and minimal, which gives a luxury air to it. Overall, this simple packaging is sophisticated and different from what users normally see in tea packages.

Grek Tea is a geometric packaging design in the Food & Beverage industry.