Juicero Exciting Package Design

The designers at fuseproject were tasked with helping turn Juicero into the Keurig for juice. Being the Keurig of anything is no small task, nevermind trying to do it while also going head to head with some of the biggest food and beverage brands in the world.

Juicero Colorful Package Design

Juicero is a home cold-press juicing system. The packs of farm-fresh fruits and veggies arrive at customer’s homes every week and then are squeezed into fresh juice using the Juicero juicer. It’s much cleaner than traditional juicing where you have to prep your own fruits and veggies then stuff them into the juicer and dispose of the pulp. However, the problem fuseproject had to overcome was convincing people that juice squeezed from a bag is just as tasty and fresh as juice from a juicer.

To accomplish this, the designers chose bright colors and a simple design. We want our juice to be simple and free of all the extra additives we don’t need. Basically, consumers want something natural. The natural-looking colors are aimed at tricking the brain into thinking it’s not looking at a bag of produce that’s about to be mashed into a tasty juice. Juicero wants your brain to see the packaging and imagine the fruit that’s contained inside while looking past the somewhat unnatural aspect of juice from a bag.

Juicero Fun Package Design

Fruits and vegetables are minimalist so Juicero also went minimalist. The juicer itself is minimalist while it sits on the counter and the bags of produce are minimalist as well. Clean colors with a simple white block that displays the ingredients as well as the USDA Certified Organic logo - just in case you still weren’t convinced about the quality of the produce inside the package.

Juicero Package Design

Overall, it seems Juicero has accomplished the marketing task at hand. Their juice packs remind us of fresh vegetables and fruits rather than plastic bags. Combine the simplicity of the Juicero system with the attractiveness of the product and you may be looking at the hottest new health product on the market.

Juicero is a colorful package design in the Food & Beverage industry.