Krone Beer Simple Packaging Design

Krone beer has the coolest beer packaging design I have ever seen. It looks like the beer was created from the depths of a futuristic society where the currency is hops and the beer is more valued than the cat was in Ancient Egypt.

Creuna is the agency that gifted us with the gold colored packaging and typography that makes every other beer brand look like brandy.

Krone Beer Elegant Packaging Design

Krone (Crown) is a Norwegian beer that decided to compete with the big Norwegian beer brands.

Krone Beer Clean Packaging Design

Creuna notes that their idea was to create a sort of bold and urban beer brand that showcases quality while being simplistic. This is minimalism at work. Hint: minimalism always works.

Krone Beer Packaging Design

This minimalistic design conveys the few and natural ingredients of a beer that is organic like the soil under Antarctica once the glaciers melt and reveal land that hasn’t been touched in millennia.

This is purity. Look at the glass. Krone. The E fits perfectly over the N. I feel elegant and premium just looking at the logo. The frosted beer bottle?  Glorious. I want to start a collection and after five years create a pop-up beer bottle art exhibit in the middle of Times Square with no permit before triggering a ten thousand person flashmob.

The frosted bottle (even saying the word frosted) sets the beer apart from every other beer brand that has to show the barrels in the commercial and the guy with the beard burying his nose in a bountiful handful of hops.

It looks cool on the store shelf. There are no frosted beer bottles in Norway. I have never seen a frosted beer bottle before. Have you? This is unique like the graphics that are silkscreened directly onto the bottles.

Did I mention that real gold is used in these bottles? Yes. Real gold. The stuff that things like bullion bars are made of. The element that caused people to journey three thousand miles across the United States in horse and buggies with shovels and hope.

This package design has raised the bar for beer. From the use of real gold to the frosted glass beer bottles, we are witnessing a new player in not just the Norwegian landscape, but the entire world.

Krone Beer is a minimal packaging design in the Food & Beverage industry.