Lazur Sparkling Gorgeous Packaging Design

Lazur is an italian sparkling wine with excellent packaging. This design, by Reynolds & Reyner, was part of a larger branding project, and coincided with a fresh brand identity, logo design, and print materials. 

Lazur Sparkling Sleek Packaging Design

In addition to the branding and packaging designs, Reynolds & Reyner created set of glasses and wine cooler, which are sleek and beautiful. They also symbolize a ship floating through waves, which is often associated with Cote d’Azur -- the roots of this wine.

Lazur Sparkling Elegant Packaging Design

The packaging clearly communicates a luxury wine through the shiny silver packaging accented by small gold highlights. The design elements are minimal, but have some slight pattern and a large embossed logo on the side. This creates dimension and adds texture to the package, making it a more dynamic and interesting piece. 

Lazur Sparkling Packaging Design

The shape of the wine bottle is traditional, but the black and gold colors add a sophisticated feel. On the front of the bottle, the Lazur logo with an interesting emblem can be seen. This element is based on Italian history, and contains lions, knight helmets, ribbons, and crosses, all of which add to the thorough branding. Overall, this packaging and branding is chic and classy, which is sure to draw consumers in.

Lazur Sparkling is a bright packaging design in the Food & Beverage industry.