Mutti Great Packaging Design

There is an old adage we all know: “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

Newsflash: designs are judged. They are judged before we can even utter a word. We make automatic assumptions. Is this product good or bad? What does it do? That color is interesting. I wonder when this came out?

These are the thoughts that great packaging design forms within the minds of consumers. Auge Design created a stunning packaging design for an Italian brand called Mutti. Mutti is known for their tomato products and the name Mutti is synonymous with excellence in the processed tomatoes category.

So much excellence, that FICO Eataly World (which is the world’s largest agri-food park) chose Mutti to be the one and only ambassador for the processed tomatoes industry.

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Mutti Retro Packaging Design

Attraction. We create attraction in packaging design by our conscious choice of colors. And the creative agency Auge delivered.

They were tasked with redesigning six special edition packages for Mutti. Look at the glimmering gold details on the font. It is breathtaking. The red tomato symbolism on this can of finely chopped tomatoes pops out like a target reticle aiming your attention to the can.

Mutti Elegant Packaging Design

The packaging screams “high-quality product” because of the regal looking gold and red. It looks sophisticated and premium -- even when its encasing tomato paste. There are no corny illustrations of bright green tomato cartoons or tacky tomato vines. This is taking tomato packaging to a packaging design level once reserved for high-end fashion brands.

Auge Design created a cohesive visual system through the use of symbolism which creates a pattern in the design. Patterns are used in the best packaging designs, best logo designs, heck, every type of design that exists.

Patterns make it easier for the human brain to recall information. Seeing a pattern more than once increases consumers familiarity with the product, especially if they have a great experience (or bad one).

The gold foil is glamour. This is not just a tube of tomato paste. No, it represents much more. This is tomato luxury. This is a can that is so well made it can be a souvenir or used as an art piece for the kitchen. The ivory color mixed with gold represents quality, tradition, and Italia.

Mutti Packaging Design

Each packaging design fits into one cohesive vintage theme thanks to shared traits. The cans and glass bottle all have gold tops. All of the products use red and gold foil lettering or ivory. When things come together like this, it is a work of beauty.

Auge Design took an already high-status tomato processing company and elevated them to another level. The demonstrated that attention to attraction, promotion, and differentiation can make any line of products shine. 

Be conscious of your color choices, for the book’s cover shall be judged.

Be thoughtful of the brand message your design promotes, for the fate of the company sits in your hands like a small dove, waiting to be released to wander the world and be seen by all.

And be considerate of your overall packaging designs because, in this game, the first impression is the only one that matters.

Mutti is a stunning packaging design in the Food & Beverage industry. 

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