Pharmacie Goods Simple Packaging Design

Pharmacie Goods is a sock subscription service for men, providing handmade luxury socks every month. The socks are designed in Paris, handmade in Northern Italy, and then shipped from London. Each month, subscribers are presented with a signature, completely unique pair of socks that can’t be found anywhere else.

When Pharmacie Goods approached Socio Design to develop a design for their packaging, they had two simple requests: make it fit in a normal letterbox and make sure the contents on the inside will be protected from the elements.

Pharmacie Goods Clean Packaging Design

To tackle the first request, Socio Design decided to take a simplistic approach to the package. With each pair of socks being standard size, Socio Design settled on creating a slim cardboard box. The box itself exhibits the typical brown coloring of cardboard. However, inside are two tabs at the top and bottom of the box that the socks attach to. The black coloring of these tiny tabs shows through at the top and bottom when the box is closed up, granting the packaging a touch of color against the standard cardboard design.  

Inside, Socio Design also added a slot for Pharmacie Goods to insert a business card into each and every package that goes out of their warehouse. It’s a great tool for subscribers to hand out to friends or family who may be interested. Word of mouth is a great promotional tool for this company!

To continue the promotional trend, each side of the box is stamped with “Pharmacie” or the Pharmacie logo to help promote the business to anyone who comes across the packaging.

Pharmacie Goods Packaging Design

Internally, Socio Design knew they had to protect these top-of-the-line socks from being damaged on their way to subscribers. To do so, they created a simple foil packet that seals in each pair of socks. The foil packet is stamped in the same manner as the external box to display the company name. The top and bottom seals of the packet slide easily into the black tabs inside the cardboard box.

The entire design, top to bottom, is sleek and effective to meet Pharmacie Goods’ unique needs.

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