Stor Clean Package Design

What are the staple clothing products that every man needs? T-shirts, underwear, and socks, of course! Every man has to have these items for everyday use, and Stor provides them in a fabulous subscription service delivered directly to men in their homes. These products aren’t just for those with hectic lifestyles, but also for the environmentally conscious because they’re made with bamboo and organic cotton products!

To go with such fantastic products, Stor was in need of equally fantastic and representative packaging. The request? Make the packaging mean as much as the conscious product.

Stor Typography Design

To begin, Socio Design was given the existing logo and typography design to use when creating the packaging. The logo is simplistic and natural in appearance. It utilizes an all-capital letter formatting for easy reading and a masculine touch.

Stor Simplified Logos

To complement the font, Socio Design created a series of simplified logos to show off a variety of product descriptions. Each logo can be utilized to label the kinds of products given to subscribers—boxers, better for winter wear, good for heat, etc. They’re simple and easy to place on any product piece.

Stor Packaging Design

Heeding the request of Stor, Socio Design moved onto packaging, where they focused on versatile and recyclable materials to carry on the mission of the Stor company. The cardboard boxes are made out of unbleached and recycled materials that are made to fit three different depths and two different sizes; the specific subscription of the consumer determines their box size. The company’s logo is printed on a number of pastel-colored stickers—primarily pink, yellow, and teal—to put on each box. Not only do these stickers carry the company name, but they are also used to seal the boxes shut.  

Inside each box, Stor features a dark mailing bag that all products are placed in. Carrying on the message of naturalistic clothing, the navy blue mailer is decorated with gray stalks of bamboo. The same design of bamboo is printed on light tissue paper that wraps around the more delicate articles of clothing. The light and airy packaging works wonders to convey the naturalist approach Stor is aiming for.

Stor is a minimal packaging design in the Distribution, E-commerce & Retail, Fashion & Beauty and Manufacturing industries.