The Perfect Match Great Packaging Design

If you’ve ever wondered what luxury matches look like, wonder no longer! If you have a few boxes of these matches lying around, you might feel guilty about actually using them. These are pieces of art, not just tools for starting fires.

The Perfect Match Fun Packaging Design

Different purposes require different sizes of matches. The Perfect Match combines all sizes of matches into one sleek package. The clean, white box is accented by colorful match illustrations of the various sizes. The format of the illustrations also matches the layout of the matches inside the box. The different colors align with the shade of the package graphics as well. Everything works together perfectly to create a totally complete and original container.

The Perfect Match Clean Packaging Design

The only text on the packaging appears on the backside. The typeface is clean and simple. Once again, the color scheme is maintained in the font. The attention to detail in these matches is beyond anything most people would ever expect from something that’s only meant to be lit on fire and thrown out.

The Perfect Match Packaging Design

If you’ve never heard of luxury matches until now, you probably aren’t alone. In fact, if Apple made matches, this is probably how they would look. The packaging is clean, simple, organized, and fun. Playing with fire has never looked so good!

The Perfect Match is a creative packaging design in the Manufacturing industry.