Nutri and Co. Simple Packaging Design

Nutri & Co is a young start-up in Paris that designs and markets food supplements. The company creates formulas specially adapted to the limits of the modern diet. Their supplements are inspired by the latest advances in nutrition, and offer the purest ingredients at the right dose. Nutri & Co is part of a process to democratize food supplements, and their idea is to assimilate them to the level of cosmetics. Keeping this identity in mind, French designers Jean-Baptiste Gouraud and Edouard Fornas teamed up to create the packaging for the company.

Nutri and Co. Clean Packaging Design

The supplements are contained in a dark, cylindrical bottle, with a silver-gray lid. The label is simplistic, minimal, and aesthetically very appealing. The logo of the company is featured at the top, with lettering in an upper-case, well-spaced, black font. The name of the kind of supplement is printed in bold letters next, ensuring that it stands out and it easily readable.

While minimal on the usage of text, the packaging is still informative. The bottle label contains relevant and important information about the product, including what it helps the body to deal with, like stress and energy. The label also uses attractive color palettes that complement each other yet create an attractive contrast effect. Using a base of white, the labels use a second main color, like blue, orange, green and brown, depending on the kind of supplements contained in the bottle. The backside of the bottle is in the secondary color, and contains information about the ingredients used. The font is a plain white color, easily readable and well-spaced. The color contrast, along with the dark color of the bottle, makes for a visually very aesthetic design.

Nutri and Co. Packaging Design

What makes the packaging design of Nutri and Co even more appealing is the use of small shapes to describe the effects of the supplements. In all, the packaging of the company gives off a fun, young vibe, evoking a sense of high-quality products.

Nutri and Co. is a clean packaging design in the Manufacturing and Medical & Pharmacy industries.