9 Best Chocolate Packaging Designs That Will Give You Sweet Tooth

Chocolate is one of those treats you can eat with your eyes. When the chocolate packaging looks great, you can almost taste the sweet, decadent surprise right from the outside. And that’s why a lot of brands strive to create the very best chocolate packaging design.

Packaging is an essential marketing tool that showcases the product’s most appealing features. Think of it as a gateway, a window that elevates the product and brand identity to a much higher level.

For this post, you’re in for a delicious treat! We’ll be looking at some of the most mouthwatering packaging designs that successfully encapsulate each chocolate personality – from milky and fruity to exotic flavors. Let’s take a look!

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1. Hatziyiannakis Choco Bits by 2yolk

[Source: 2yolk]

Standout Features:

  • Totem-inspired illustrations
  • Gradient colorways
  • Ziplock-style packaging

Hatziyiannakis is a Greek chocolate brand that offers an exquisite street gourmet experience. The designers at 2yolk packaged the flavor-filled Choco Bits with a wide range of tastes and textures in simple yet dynamic presentations.

The packaging comes in different color codes that match a specific variant. This is a fun way to introduce the brand’s huge array of flavor choices – from sweet and tangy to savory.

The fusion between multiple ingredients is perfectly illustrated by the large totem-style figure. It sits right at the center of the bag, in between the brand name and descriptions for greater focus. The simplistic gradient background makes this image pop even further.

And to fully realize the snacking experience, the bits are contained in a peel-off pouch with zip lock lining. This immediately suggests that the chocolates are meant for convenient and on-the-go indulgence.

Truly a perfect example that shows chocolate packaging not only has to look great – it should be functional, too!

2. Maua Chocolates by Barcelo Estudio

[Source: Barcelo Estudio]

Standout Features:

  • Minimalist layout
  • Fresh and natural design elements
  • Bean-to-bar red stamp

Showcasing the rich and exotic flavors of the Mediterranean, Maua Chocolates are both a sweet handmade treat and a total eye candy at that.

This bean-to-bar brand tapped the design expertise of Palma de Mallorca-based Barcelo Estudio to create clean, sophisticated and culturally-inspired chocolate bar packaging.

First of all, the light-themed paper is such a great contrast to the deep-brown chocolatey goodness waiting inside. It’s also the perfect canvas for the different tropical patterns that serve both as illustrations and flavor indicators.

Each pattern is inspired by the intricate tapestry native to the “Majorcan Ilengos”, which successfully symbolizes the craftsmanship behind every chocolate bar.

The typography is a combination of simple and dynamic styles. The Maua brand is written in a Tropics-inspired font, while the product descriptions are in the Monosten typeface.

The addition of text indicators like the red “Made in Mallorca, Bean to Bar” stamp and the cocoa content percentage is also an enticing element that solidifies the quality and elevates the brand identity.

3. Coda Signature by CityState

[Source: CityState]

Standout Features:

  • High-contrast ingredient imagery
  • Simple typography
  • Plain black and white backgrounds

For fans of flavor-infused cannabis edibles, Coda Signature is a big hit. The packaging is so clean and pristine that it’s almost a sin to unwrap it.

Brooklyn-based CityState designed the packaging on the chocolate bar with simplicity and sophistication in mind. The team decided to go for all-white and pitch-black backgrounds to make sure all the design elements stand out in full shine.

The first thing that will surely catch the consumer’s eyes is the colorful and high-contrast product images displaying all the ingredients used for every flavor.

They lay flat on the plain surface so their sharpness and vibrance come to the fore. They take up half of the entire space for maximum visibility, too. This way, customers can instantly recognize each variant without having to zero in on the text descriptions.

With this much visual attention, the choice of minimalist typography was a no-brainer. The font colors also match those of the brand logo, which makes the layout very cohesive.

Lastly, the addition of “Cannabis Infused” as well as the CBD and THC content upfront is a good way to inform customers about the brand’s identity and comply with heavy regulations governing the release of these types of products.

4. Xoctail by Mamba Studio

[Source: Mamba Studio]

Standout Features

  • Maximalist package design
  • Art-inspired visual elements
  • Dynamic fonts

When a product makes you want to keep the box or paper that came with it, that’s how you know the packaging design is a success. One great example of this is the packaging design for Xoctail by Mamba Studio.

Xoctail chocolates have a cocktail base, and as such, they offer a fun and exciting vibe perfect for absolute indulgence. That explains the extravagant design inspired by the textile works of William Morris, laced with sophistication and high-level craftsmanship.

The nature-centric visuals envelop almost the entire surface which makes the chocolate bar look like a work of art. The designers didn’t neglect to incorporate the different cocktail ingredients into the artwork for instant flavor recognition.

The main illustration frames the brand name and text descriptions written in various font styles. The typography is a mix of tropical, script, serif and sans serif fonts.

Such maximalist style can be hard to pull off, but the team managed to find the sweet spot. All these elements lay flat on a plain dark blue background, which adds great contrast and balance.

Clearly, they executed the “more is more” principle successfully!

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5. Ferrero Rocher Tablets Market Kit by Spider

[Source: Spider]

Standout Features:

  • Rich and elegant design
  • Realistic illustrations
  • Consistent chocolate branding

Ferrero Rocher is a popular method of romancing among lovers. And looking at this exclusive packaging collaboration with the Italian agency Spider, it certainly isn’t difficult to fall in love with the art of design all over again!

The agency created the limited-edition Ferrero Tablets Market Kit as a stylish casket that houses two personalized gadgets and a feature brochure. They are not chocolates, but they’re designed to give that delectable, indulgent experience signature to Ferrero Rocher.

The box is painted in that rich chocolatey color, enveloped in gold sheet and stamped with repeating patterns of the brand name. This creates a luxurious and decadent feeling right from the get-go.

Inside are three items wrapped in three different flavors and colorways that resemble the iconic Ferrero Rocher pralines. They lay flat on a gold surface for that extra opulent touch.

When unwrapped, customers are treated to a USB card that takes the form of an actual chocolate bar. The other gadget, a soft laptop holder, bears the logo at the center and it’s surrounded by white and milk chocolate pieces.

6. ZoRaw by Studio Kibi

[Source: Studio Kibi]

Standout Features:

  • Vibrant color combos
  • Informative product labels
  • Creative use of graphic icons

ZoRaw is a chocolate protein bar that caters to a certain niche – health buffs. It positions itself as a delicious treat that fitness junkies can enjoy without worrying about the calories. With this brief, the designers from Studio Kibi made sure to create a package that puts health and wellness in the spotlight.

They divided the peel-off paper into two sections. One filled with blocks of color and one with a simple layout.

On the colorful side, the agency displayed badge-style illustrations like dumbbells, training shoes, headsets and other fitness-related icons to follow through with the concept. Just by looking at these visuals, customers can immediately understand that this chocolate bar is a healthy option.

On the other side are informative product labels like “all natural ingredients” and “no artificial sweeteners” written on a plain canvas for sharp focus. They enclosed some nutritional facts in circles too, displayed upfront so customers can easily determine the caloric content.

7. Porcaro Brothers by Clara Ongil

[Source: Clara Ongil]

Standout Features:

  • Vintage and modern design elements
  • Light and fresh color palette
  • Clean and simple layout

Clara Ongil specializes in designing concept-driven visual identities, and that’s reflected in her work for the Porcaro Brothers packaging design.

The challenge was to introduce the brand’s heritage and artisan identity into the modern marketplace. The result is a clean and simplistic presentation that perfectly marries traditional and contemporary styles.

First, the use of vintage design elements brings out the brand’s organic character. The backdrop is filled with classical book cut-outs in small letters, which is more of a style choice because of the low readability.

On top of these lettering are sketches of leaves and flowers for that artisan quality. They are painted in non-traditional colors like mint green, blush pink and canary yellow, which adds that fresh and contemporary touch.

The mix of old-school and sans serif fonts also highlights this character fusion. The brand name and product labels are enclosed in a white arc-style block for greater focus.

And the icing on the cake? The gold sheet wraps the chocolate for that royal, luxurious experience.

8. Monto Chocolates by Crown Creative

[Source: Crown Creative]

Standout Features:

  • Pitch black box design
  • Marble-style illustrations
  • Sophisticated typography

Monto Chocolates are exquisite, decadent and handmade pieces that shine through with this elegant packaging design by Crown Creative.

Like opening an expensive set of jewelry, the chocolates are enclosed in an elongated box. The name “Monto” is stamped right at the center of the pitch-black surface. No frills – just the distinctive brand name written in a gold classic typeface.

On the inside, the chocolates are lined up like fine marbles on a deep, dark bed. This brings out the chocolates’ vibrance as they are coated in rich colors like reds, purples, oranges, and pinks.

The designers matched this color story by creating a brochure strip that indicates each flavor. They did this by illustrating each chocolate’s flavor profile using marble-style images.

And to make the chocolates the center of attention, they used simple font combinations for the product labels and descriptions. Handwritten letters suitably represent the handmade quality and the sans serif fonts give the brand its sophisticated nature.

9. Kellogg's Extra by DS1 Branding Agency

[Source: Kellogg's]

Standout Features:

  • Gift-like packaging
  • Minimalistic tendencies
  • Premium style design

Kellogg's is a world-renowned manufacturer of breakfast cereals and instant foods. On the Russian market, it is represented by such well-known brands as Lyubyatovo, Unicorn, Pringles and others.

Their latest addition to the roster, Kellogg's Extra is a unique combination of granola and premium ingredients (chocolate chunks, fruits and nuts) that bring incredible pleasure. Such a tasty treat had to have an equally tasteful, premium packaging. Enter DS1 Branding Agency!

Although the product was launched on New Year's Eve, its identity isn't limited solely to the winter holidays' aesthetics. A set of Kellogg's Extra Selection cookies is a great gift not only for the New Year's but also for Valentine's and any other meaningful dates.

The packaging design contains references to the premium product and matches the brand's mood. It emanates the high quality of the product that is ideal as a convenient small gift, suitable for any special occasion.

DS1 adhered to a European-style laconic style, avoiding overloading the packaging with additional elements. 


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