9 Best Olive Oil Packaging Designs

9 Best Olive Oil Packaging Designs
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Last Updated: August 19, 2022

Olive oil is one of the most popular and versatile ingredients in the culinary world. It’s most chefs' secret ingredient in making a wide range of flavorful recipes, from salads and casseroles to pasta dishes and more!

A good bottle of olive oil has become a staple in every pantry for its nutritional value. Not to mention its health benefits! Every health-conscious individual just has to have it ready.

To create the perfect packaging design for this globally famous and in-demand food item, take inspiration from some of the best packaging design companies' works we’ve compiled for you. Get your creative juices flowing with the best olive oil packaging designs here!

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1. Travitana by Mompo Studio

olive oil bottle design
[Source: Mompo Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Cohesive color story
  • Parchment-inspired die
  • Sketch-style visuals

Travitana has stayed true to its unique heritage through the years. Fine quality and tradition have always been at the heart of its brand identity.

Now, the challenge lies in appealing to the modern market.

They collaborated with Valencia-based design agency Mompo Estudio for a refined packaging presentation infused with Travitana’s organic character and beautiful history.

The color story says it all. The actual bottle, texts, and symbols are dressed in green, while the main canvas is in white. The designers wrapped the olive oil in a single shade that perfectly represents the product and the brand’s roots – olive green.

Such a clean and streamlined layout is easy on the eyes and has a great contemporary touch.

Extra details also help tell the brand story in snaps: the sketched illustration of the farm where products are made, intricate die frames shaped like parchment, and the patterned design in the background.

2. Violagro Premium by Elena Anagnostelou

olive oil packaging
[Source: Elena Anagnostelou]

Standout Features:

  • Luxurious packaging design
  • Gravitas-inspired typography
  • Minimalist text layout

Ever wondered what an award-winning bottle of olive oil looks like? Take a peek at Violagro Premium, a renowned extra virgin olive oil produced straight from the olive groves of the Christakou family.

Such a world-famous product deserves no less than exquisite packaging. And Elena Anagnostelou’s creative studio was more than happy to deliver this branding and design project.

Nothing screams royalty and excellence louder than its black and gold bottle. The luminous gold finish of the logo, brand name, and product descriptions against a pitch-black surface did justice to the brand’s well-established reputation and product quality.

To fully commit to the luxurious branding, the designers went with corporate gravitas-inspired typography and laid it on a minimalist layout. The oversized, wrap-around gold leaf detail was fine; it cut through the simplicity of the overall design, achieving a more sophisticated look.

3. Tenute Cristiano by Nju:comunicazione

olives packaging
[Source: Nju:comunicazione]

Standout Features:

  • Mermaid silhouette
  • Ringed linear pattern
  • Wooden bottle cap

Tenute Cristiano’s extra virgin olive oil draws inspiration from the mythical Sirens of Ulysses in the lost city of Terina, where the brand's olive groves lie close.

An enchanting brand story as this warrants a sophisticated and alluring packaging design. Thanks to Nju:comunicazione for bringing the "oil of the sirens" identity to design.

The silhouette figure of a mermaid displayed front and center represents the unique brand identity and superior product quality through time.

The iconic illustration sits atop multiple irregular rings that give the brand its raw and organic quality. They come in different colors, too, according to product variation.

And the cherry on top? The wooden bottle cap with an embossed finish of the logo on top.

4. Extra Istrian by Make

olive packaging
[Source: Make]

Standout Features:

  • Neon heart image
  • Dark theme
  • Textured typography

Who would’ve thought neon would look good on a bottle of olive oil? The designers at Make Creative Design Studio, apparently.

They nailed it in this label and packaging design for Extra Istrian, a Croatian extra virgin olive oil brand. They took the no-frills route on this product packaging: no over-the-top visuals, lengthy descriptions, and crazy colors.

The focal point of this design is the huge heart that took center stage with its bright green color on a pitch-black surface. And just like Extra Istrian bursting with flavor, the heart is oozing with green splatters, almost as if it’s beating.

The product’s net weight and variant indicator are the only things we see on the front. The designers did a great job of keeping the design clean but still with a masterful personality.

At the rear, consumers can find all the details they need about the product. They also added an embossed texture to the typography for that extra premium feel.

Overall, this ensemble is set to stand out on the shelf!

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5. deFuroner by Mr

Best Olive Oil Packaging Designs
[Source: Mr]

Standout Features:

  • Spiral layout
  • Dark and light contrast
  • Manufacturing details badge

deFuroner’s first-class olive oil is extracted from centuries-old trees in Switzerland – all cared for by hand. With such a delicate and traditional process for producing this ingredient, it’s only fitting that it comes in a highly sophisticated packaging design concocted by Mr.

deFuroner looks like a fine bottle of wine in a large, shiny black container with a luxurious gold cap.

The white paper containing all the essential product descriptions cuts through the dark theme. It envelops the bottle in a spiraling fashion, a complete departure from the circular and rectangular wrap-around layouts we see in typical olive oil packaging designs.

This style makes the brand stand out and creates movement in the overall design.

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6. Thema Olive Oil Exclusive by Left Graphic

Best Olive Oil Packaging Design
[Source: Left Graphic]

Standout Features:

  • Matte black bottle
  • White sketch visuals
  • Streamlined layout and typography

The Thema Olive Oil Exclusive packaging design by Left Graphic is a stunning visual representation of the olive oil’s circle of life.

The bottle features a hand-drawn illustration of a leaf taken straight from an olive tree. At the bottom, the leaf disintegrates into the soil, taking the form of the brand name “Thema.”.

This image depicts the continual process of decomposition and growth to keep the olive tree alive. It also proves that packaging designs are excellent vehicles for telling brand stories!

The designers kept the layout simple and streamlined to deliver the message clearly. The bottle has a matte black finish with minimal text (product labels and descriptions). No crazy hues are in sight, too, just a simple black-and-white color story for a clean look.

7. Piante Space by ROSSOMURA

Best Olive Oil Packaging

Standout Features:

  • Abstract brand symbols
  • Textured text and illustrations
  • Minimal product labels

Piante Space’s packaging presentation isn’t just a visual treat. It’s an experience.

This packaging design is courtesy of the award-winning boutique brand design agency ROSSOMURA. And the game plan? To highlight the customs and traditions of producing olive oil.

The brand’s organic roots take the limelight here. Consumers can instantly connect with its heritage through the abstract image depicting how olive trees are grown sustainably in the Marche region.

The raindrops, landscape, and brand name were styled with an embossed texture for extra sophistication. Plus, it’s dressed in gold foil to complete the premium look!

Such an artistic presentation can take so much of the consumers’ attention. That’s why keeping all the other visual and textual elements at a minimum was a wise design choice.

8. Verde DiOliveira by Lazuligam Creative Studio

olive oil bottle packaging
[Source: Lazuligam Creative Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Hand-painted illustrations
  • Quality assurance badge
  • Light theme

Verde DiOliveira is a family-owned business that runs a small olive farm with artisanal quality. It caters to a specific consumer group: chefs looking for a premium olive oil option to make their dishes shine.

With this brand positioning, Laguzlam Creative Studio packaged the ingredients with elegance and luxury in mind.

The hand-painted illustrations of olives serve as the main visual for the bottle. This design move, complemented by the typography in a handwritten style, gives the brand its organic character.

Also, the bright yellow and black colors against the white canvas added an extra color pop!

To highlight Verde DiOliveira’s top-of-the-line quality, the designers added a golden transparency badge indicating the olive oil’s distinct characteristics.

9. Thavma by Concept Maniax 

olive oil bottling companies
[Source: Thavma]

Standout Features: 

  • Premium design
  • Monochromatic palette
  • Gap unveiling the contents

Working with their compatriot brand, Concept Maniax had a special approach when designing the Thavma Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil's packaging. As one of the most renowned Greek ambassadors, this product had to showcase the utmost highest quality, starting with general aesthetics.

The agency created a marvelous bottle painted and printed on hand, leaving a bright, sunny gap that serves as the unveiling of the interior freshness and balance. It is an exceptionally contemporary packaging that not only reflects the luxury, i.e., the premium nature of the product, but one that reflects the philosophy of the so-called "Gold Senses" and establishes a sense of elegance.

The final result is breathtaking and it perfectly embodies the brand's namesake (Thavma means Miracle in Greek).

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