It’s Thursday night. You're perusing your local wine shop. You spot a wine that is simply gorgeous. You pick it up, inspecting it — searching for the alcohol content, of course. You check the price. You decide it’s worth it. You take it home and a few hours later you’re pretty tipsy, completely full and ready for bed.

I said Thursday, but this is really most nights of the week for me.

Did you go into that wine store looking for a specific wine? I doubt it. No, instead you walked in ready to booze it up with your friends and picked the first bottle that looked cool. We all do it. And most of the time, we’re not disappointed.

That’s the power of logos and package designs. They draw you in and convince you to make a purchase. You were already planning on buying a wine bottle anyway, why not buy one that will also look good in a few hours, empty and sitting on your bookshelf?

Best Wine Package Designs
These 10 wine package designs steal the show.

Design impacts consumer spending in many ways. It’s a compelling way for a brand to drive its identity and its products into the minds of consumers. Of course, they have to create a worthwhile product as well, but if it’s got packaging that grabs attention, they’ve already conquered half the battle.

I base my wine selection specifically on its packaging design. And you likely do, too.

Maybe the design is particularly bright, floral and colorful. Maybe it’s dark, ominous and moody. Maybe it’s minimal and mysterious. Maybe it’s obnoxious and in your face. Whatever it is, it’s working. Because in your head you’ve already begun a conversation about it.

And these 10 wine package designs will really blow you away. (They’ll also make you thirsty. So get ready to whip out that credit card and make a bulk wine order ASAP.)

The 10 Best Wine Package Designs That’ll Have You Finishing Your Next Bottle In A Heartbeat

Motif Best Wine Package Designs
Text isn't necessary for this package design.

Motif Fine Art Wine

Motif’s collection of fine art wines truly are a sight to behold.

The deep, matte black of the bottle is the perfect backdrop for the mix of fun and creative colors and geometric patterns that wrap around the bottle. These wines scream fun and let you know instantly that you’re going to have a great time when you pop them open.

Depending on the type of wine you choose, you’ll get a different burst of bright and exciting fun.

The copy on these bottles is limited. In fact, the only copy is the name Motif. That’s because everything you need to know about this wine is inside the bottle. It’s a clever and crafty choice — not including text — but it works well.

Instead, they use a pattern of color and shape to describe and give life to their wine. And it really does speak volumes. The power of this design is intense.

Yes Way Rose Best Wine Package Designs
Yes Way Rose wines are simple and gorgeous.

Yes Way Rose

A real classic, Yes Way Rose utilizes a very simple and minimalistic design to make an impact. The wine itself, with its pale pink hue, is on full display. A white label with big block lettering makes up the front of the bottle, with little other text taking up space.

This design really captures the essence of the rose itself with its clean simplicity.

A touch of fun and flare can be seen at the top, where a white and pink ombre effect glides up to the twist-off cap — another smart decision in the packaging design department.

And did we mention the name? Yes Way Rose. Yes, please! Even if I wasn’t a rose fan I’d be intrigued by this bold and declarative name.

Our hats go off to the designers and creatives behind the Yes Way Rose line.

Small Talk Vineyards Best Wine Package Designs
Need a conversation starter? These wine bottles have got your back.

Small Talk Vineyards

The wine packaging for Small Talk Vineyards wine really starts a conversation. Literally, the bottles are covered with conversation starters.

They’re covered with small talk topics from how the weather is doing to what good books you’ve read lately. It’s a funny idea — I wish I had this last Thanksgiving.

And it’s not just the idea itself that’s innovative and cool, the design itself looks simply stunning. The phrases are all written out in varying sizes and boldness. The font is very carnival-esque which immediately makes you feel giddy inside. And it ties in perfectly with the logo which is simple, elegant and regal — reminisce of old Victorian times.

The shape of the logo plays in with the theme of small talk as well — a great theme I might add. It’s essentially a giant talk bubble.

The designers at Small Talk Vineyards covered all of their bases with this crafty design.

Made In Milan Best Wine Package Designs
Made In Milan wine package designs are ambitious and bold.

Made In Milan

These bold wines really jump out at you.

The first thing you notice about Made In Milan wines is the bright red color that makes up the neck of the bottle. It’s also seen in the logo itself — a bright red cube with the brand’s name “Made In Milan” stacked within.

The color red is also scene scrawled along the side of the bottle. It gives a description of what lies inside — or rather, pairs with the name in a cute way.

That brings us to the name. The bottles are named after something iconic — something that stands out. They currently have three options — the Brutus, the Romeo and the Paparazzi.

These names are printed sideways going up the bottle. They're big, white and capitalized. There’s no looking away from these bottles. They're in your face, and they certainly make you smile.

Using colors that grab your attention, copy that makes you laugh and a design that literally makes you tilt your head to read, these packaging designs by Made In Milan are an instant crowd pleaser.

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Stack Wine Best Wine Package Designs
Stack Wine takes wine drinking to a whole new level.

Stack Wine

Finally! A wine that comes with its own glass! This is the future I’ve been waiting for.

Stack Wine looks exactly like it sounds — it’s a stack of wine! Each stack comes with four little rounds cups of wine, and the stack itself looks like a caterpillar that’s standing with all its curves.

The stacks are held together by a colored wrapping — yellow for chardonnay, purple for merlot and white for pinot grigio. The colors are matte, giving the overall design a soft look and feel.

Each stack has the type of wine it is written in block letters with a shadow effect that quite literally makes it look like the wine is jumping out at you. And at the top of each design is a gorgeous etching of a grapevine. It's subtle. It’s elegant. It’s stunning.

There is also a little drawing of a wine glass underneath the name with the phrase “wine in a glass of its own” written out in fancy, formal cursive font. There’s something so regal about this design — something that feels weird to say about a wine that is literally stacked in portion-sized cups.

But I’m intrigued. And I want a whole stack to myself.

Tsililis Best Wine Package Designs
Black and white pair beautifully in this package design.

Tsililis BiancoNero

Modern and moody, the Tsililis BiancoNero wines use the colors black and white to its advantage. It’s dramatic and pleasing to the eye, making you anxious to find out what’s inside. And you surely won’t be disappointed.

Their sparkling wine selections are coated in a glossy black, with high shine factor. And the bottles are decorated with little white bubble outlines — letting you know exactly what kind of wine lies within.

In simple, small white lettering you get a brief description of the sparkling wine inside. This design is dark. It’s minimal. And it’s enchanting.

Their other wines also play with the colors black and white. Some bottles are decorated in geometric shapes. Some are decorated with leaf patterns. But they’re all mesmerizing.

This is a design that will haunt you if you don’t pick it up off the shelves.

Bonfire Wines Best Wine Package Designs
Bonfire Wines wines come in a sleek pouch design.

Bonfire Wines

Slap the bag in style with these Bonfire Wines. Each pouch contains two whole bottles of wine. Let me repeat that. Each pouch contains TWO WHOLE bottles of wine.

Ok, now onto the packaging.

For starters, it’s in a pouch. Not in a bottle. Not in a box. This is nifty in and of itself. It’s got a sleek look and handles to make travel a breeze.

As far as colors go, the statement color changes on the wine. But all of the bags are colored a dark matte grey that looks very sleek and sophisticated. Painted across the middle of the pouch-like it was brushed over with paint is a statement color, and inside you see the name of the wine and its type.

And many of the wine names tie back to the brand name — Bonfire Wines. It’s a cool and classy way to bring everything together.

In the background in glossy black is the Bonfire Wines logo, which is, you guessed it, a little fire outline. Over that is the brand’s name itself written in a beautiful curvy white font.

This design stands out. It’s modern and sleek. It’s fun and playful. So let’s dive right in.

Burn Cottage Vineyard Best Wine Package Designs
Burn Cottage Vineyard wine designs are edgy and cool.

Burn Cottage Vineyard

The wines at Burn Cottage Vineyards are full of class and sophistication. They’re dark and mysterious, with a regalness that makes them almost too pretty to drink.

There is a simplicity to this design that’s very majestic. It might be the off-white color of the label design that gives it a very old-world vibe. Or maybe it’s the drawing that details a little village — with a giant sea monster in it? And a floating head that looks like it was one of our founding fathers.

The design is a little weird, but it kind of works. It’s edgy and cool. It’s modern and a little twisted.

In the upper left-hand corner, you can see the name of the company, as well as the wine. It’s in bubbly lettering that fits right into the weirdness of the design itself.

Overall, this packaging design plays with classic, old-world elements while also offering a modern and silly twist. I’m in!

Armand de Brignac Best Wine Package Designs
Armand de Brignac champagne screams sophistication.

Armand de Brignac

This is the most expensive wine on the list. Can you tell just by looking at it? I could. Because this wine package design oozes dignity and splendor. The packaging here is on point.

The glossy, metallic finish draws all eyes to it — whether the bottle is pink, black or grey. Light bounces off and catches your eyes and instantly you’re hooked.

Then you really start looking at the bottle, with its matte black neck and its regal design. The Armand de Brignac logo stands at the center of this bottle, a spade with an A stamped in the middle. This looks like the kind of design you’d see on a knight’s shield or something.

And then you have the label at the bottom that is also pressed on. This definitely feels like it belongs in another era — where kings and queens sat at tables and threw lavish parties.

Jay Z did well with this one.

Mollydooker Best Wine Package Designs
Mollydooker wine package designs are cooky and creative.


The wine packaging at Mollydooker is some of the cutest we’ve ever seen. Each design tells a story and includes a character that is playing a part. And you can actually follow these characters on their website — you can learn who they are, what they do and what motivated them

We especially like how the creative team at Mollydooker made the wine drinking experience so immersive.

So each bottle gets a girl who is either dancing, playing a musical instrument or just plain old hanging out. But it’s not just the characters that bring this wine to life. The colors that are used are equally stunning and impactful.

Depending on the type of wine, the colors change. Some have bright pops of blue and yellow, others have mellow red and burgundy, and others have fun multicolored patterns.

The label design itself is split into two parts. On one half you have the cool and creative characters, and on the other, you have the logo and wine name. These are written out in a curly, curvy and crafty font that play up the fun factor of these delicious looking wines.

Good luck not grabbing a whole case!

Why Wine Package Designs Are So Crucial

When it comes to wine, packaging matters. Like all areas of design — logo, web, app, print and video — packaging design needs to make you feel something. And when it comes to wine, packaging can really help you stand out from the competition.

Because let’s all be honest here — price tag doesn't always indicate how a wine will taste, and many low and high-end libations can surprise you. Perhaps your $15 cabernet sauvignon tastes just like your $25 cabernet sauvignon which tastes just like your $35 cabernet sauvignon. Maybe if you’re dropping major change on your wine you’ll disagree, but for the most part, we’re going to a wine store to find an accessible bottle that grabs our attention. No top shelf reserves here.

So that means that you have to grab attention in other ways — with the help of your designers, of course. There isn’t a clear-cut way to say you’re the best tasting cabernet out there, but you can create a package design that is dark, deep, vivacious and mysterious, which lures people in automatically.

Wine packaging designs might be one of the most influential types of package design, followed maybe by chocolate and coffee — unless you’re a snob. And in that case, oh well.

So each product's design has to DO something. And these 10 wine package designs do a lot in the limited space they’re given.

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