Vognmargergarde Barbershop Simple Packaging Design

Making a grooming product that appeals to men can be a tall order. Some guys believe that style products are solely for women. So, for a line of products from Vognmargergarde Barbershop to be successful, the designers had to evoke a feeling of masculinity in the packaging.

Vognmargergarde Barbershop Dark Packaging Design

The packaging is simple and strong, like a masculine gentleman. There’s no embellishment, no flair, no frills—just clean, bold design. The product packaging is a glossy black with minimal text. The typeface on the font is small enough to describe the product, but it certainly does not aim to catch your eye. Rather, the clean, black container stands out amongst anything else you would see in the market.

Vognmargergarde Barbershop Clean Packaging Design

Everything about this packaging just says, “luxury.” However, the designers did a great job of achieving a modern look, as well. It’s common to see designers fall back on a vintage appearance to try and achieve an extravagant feel. Instead of this, a sleek, modern, masculine design has been created that will appeal to men who appreciate taking care of themselves.

Vognmargergarde Barbershop Packaging Design

People often think of men as a market that doesn’t need to be marketed to as aggressively as women. Designers make the mistake of believing that men don’t care about how something looks. Vonmargergarde Barbershop knows their clientele. They know that men do care about how products look and feel. The company knows that men want a product that makes them feel like a man. This bold, clean design should appeal to a lot of men—no matter their specific style.

Vognmargergarde Barbershop is a clean packaging design in the Fashion & Beauty industry.