Tenzing Skincare Clean Logo Design

Named after the first two-man team to ever climb Mount Everest, Tenzing Skincare is a product designed to tackle the skin of even the most rugged of men. With their unique take on skincare that debuts a wide range of aloe-based products, it’s no wonder they relied on Socio Design to create a highly visible branding strategy for them.

First, Tenzing Skincare provided Socio Design with the reasoning behind their name, and they selected a vibrant orange to stand as the foundation for their identity. Relying on the story of Sherpa Tenzing Norgay conquering Mount Everest, Socio Design began with a logo worthy of the story.

Tenzing Skincare’s logo is straightforward and basic, depicting three simplistic mountains in a circle. The design is simple enough to not become overwhelming, but it still easily stands out against competitors’ products—especially when combined with its orange coloring. A bold typography is used, accenting various segments of each letter in the word, “Tenzing.” The word stands out and is strongly masculine, drawing in the male audience Tenzing Skincare is trying to reach.

Tenzing Skincare Clean Print Design

For Tenzing Skincare’s packaging, Socio Design utilizes a complementary orange color scheme, relying on shades of gray and white across the design. The color choice makes a statement for consumers. How can you not see the shocking orange plastered against the subtle grays and whites while cruising through a shopping aisle?

Tenzing Skincare Simple Packaging Design

Maintaining masculinity, each Tenzing Skincare product piece designed by Socio Design combines the color scheme in one of two ways. A charcoal gray base relies heavily on orange caps and the orange logo. Meanwhile, a white base continues the trend to rely on orange caps, while also heavily depending on the orange logo and orange lettering.

Tenzing Skincare Packaging Design

Socio Design also created business cards, letterheads, and stationery products for Tenzing Skincare’s offices, as well as for their distribution of promotional products to their potential clients. Across the board, the combination of grays with whites are utilized so as to have the company name and logo stand out on everything while simultaneously matching the actual design of the company’s product packaging.

As a whole, Tenzing Skincare’s products are masculine, vibrant, and noticeable, ensuring that they’re marketing to the right audience with their unique design.

Tenzing Skincare is a clean packaging design in the E-commerce & Retail, Fashion & Beauty and Manufacturing industries.