Wai Water Colorful Package Design

Sometimes, the best designs don't actually exist (yet). Like Wai Water. 

This concept package design by designer Diana Gomez showcases the purity of H2O with colorful illustrations to create a captivating design that may actually increase some people's water intake. 

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Wai Water Sleek Package Design

The water is flavored with gas, making the clear container even more helpful. After all, with such an interesting flavoring technique, consumers will likely want to examine the product before actually purchasing. 

Wai Water Clean Package Design

On each bottle, the type-based logo is prominently featured. Instead of bogging down the concept with too much text, Gomez let it breathe.

Wai Water's logo design uses a modern font that resembles casual handwriting. It aligns closely with a font you might see at a West Coast surf shop -- perfect for this unique product.

Wai Water Package Design

A picture is worth a thousand words, and Gomez lets hers do the talking, showing consumers what flavors are infused in the water and easing them into what they can expect. 

Each logo is placed atop a duotone illustration that mimics the flavors, resembles the ingredients but appears comprised of water. Each "ingredient" has tiny solid elements, like fruit stems and little leaves, to add a touch of realism to the whimsical design. 

Below the logo and custom illustration is a script-like name of the specific product, followed by sans-serif breakdown of the flavors.

All in all, Wai Water marries colorful elements with copious amounts of negative space to create a playful yet mature package design.

Wai Water is a colorful package design in the food & beverage industry. 

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