Woolf Sung Scotch Whisky Stunning Packaging Design

Woolf Sung Collection 001 Scotch Whisky is a Scotch whiskey brand whose packaging was designed by creative agency Stranger & Stranger.

The design is intriguing, if not a little creepy, but the mysterious feel is meant to draw consumers in. The brand’s identity is rooted in that of the wolf, with sharp instincts and a deep desire to hunt down the very best single casks. This brand is no wolf in sheep’s clothing!

Woolf Sung Scotch Whisky Elegant Packaging Design

The whisky bottle is packaged in a box which is very minimalistic, yet exudes an aura of mystery and fantasy. The box is tall, rectangular and dark black matte.

The box has no print on it, other than the name of the whisky inside, engraved on a silver tag with a matching black font. The look, although extremely simple, is very powerful.

Woolf Sung Scotch Whisky Label Design

The bottle of whisky has two labels: One covering the neck and the other wrapped around the body of the bottle. The label on the neck contains details about the libation, including its origins, date of make, and other related product information.

The label covering the body is an extremely powerful visual. It features an interesting graphic of two faces; one holds the head of a wolf like a mask.

This beautiful packaging uses pastels, which adds an element of mystery to the bottle. The label also contains a black rectangular printed box at the bottom, which houses the name of the collection.

The reverse side of the bottle continues the wolf imagery, with a simplistic image of a wolf printed at the top, and an intricately-drawn map in a bronze-copper below it.

Overall, the packaging design of Woolf Sung Scotch Whisky is unique, creative and appeals to a sophisticated audience.

Woolf Sung Scotch Whisky is a top packaging design in the Food & Beverage industry.