Book Covers by Janet Hansen Creative Print Design

Janet Hansen is a talented American designer who works at Alfred A. Knopf, a division of Penguin Random House. She has created a wonderful selection of book covers, and her work has been recognized by AIGA, Design Observer, and The New York Times. Her book covers include designs for autobiographies, science fiction novels, and non-fiction, to name a few genres.

Book Covers by Janet Hansen Gorgeous Print Design

All her print designs use an excellent color combination, great use of shape and space, as well as contrast and focus. In the book titled “Sushi Chef Sukiyabashi Jiro”, the cover is an attractive combination of a deep salmon color and white. The shades contrast and complement each other wonderfully, but it is the use of lines on the design that makes it unique. The lines, drawn in a subtle cream, make the design as a whole resemble a piece of tuna or salmon sashimi, completely on brand with the identity of the book.

The book titled “Act of God” has a very celestial vibe to it, again, on brand with the identity of the book. The cover is very aesthetic visually. It features a black background with face-frames that have been filled in with small colored rounds resembling celestial objects. The faces have been topped by hairstyles, making each of them resemble a female face. The use of shapes is excellent, and ties together the entire design.

Book Covers by Janet Hansen Cool Print Design

In another book, titled “Is Shame Necessary?”, the cover is in a bright neon green, ensuring that it is eye-catching and visually appealing. The cover is decorated with a repetitive graphic; a fist with the index finger pointing outwards, indicative of shame. Once again, Hansen cleverly uses shapes and contrast to create a visually very attractive design.

Book Covers by Janet Hansen Print Design

Overall, Hansen’s covers are great examples of designs that been planned and executed with the utmost creativity. Her splendid use of colors, shapes, lines, and contrast ensure that each book cover stands out as unique.

Book Covers by Janet Hansen is a creative print design in the Distribution, Education and Entertainment industries.