Noto Gin Print Design

Noto Gin’s Print Designs Represent the Prominent Natural Treasures of the Noto Peninsula in Japan and Overseas

Gin wasn’t conceived in England, but it was popularized beyond belief in the UK. And while it can be produced affordably, true gin connoisseurs understand that the highest quality of this delicious beverage requires the best ingredients.

Yuki Matsuda decided to also quench the touristic thirst of gin lovers with a delightful story embracing his product.

Matsuda asked Episode Two to create the packaging and the print designs for the gin that will reflect and share his admiration for the geographical origin of the ingredients.

This quest resulted in a distinctive appeal of the bottle and print that illuminates the Noto peninsula’s endless natural riches. If you love authentic drink designs like this, check out some of the best wine bottle label designs with custom brand identities.

Noto Gin Print Design by Episode Two

Combining Pastel Colors and Treasure Maps for an Incredible Journey from Your Sofa

The herbal gin’s appeal exceeds the drink’s palate-tickling taste. 

The bottle’s print design encompasses a map of the Noto peninsula on white background. Across the map, there’s a red semicircle (the Noto Gin logo) with a highly legible logotype.

This distinctive way to represent the origin of the essential botanical blend provides multiple layers to this gin, all together prompting you to close your eyes as you sip it and envision yourself in the beautiful Japanese seaside. Check out other interesting marine-life-inspired print designs here.

The pastel blue and red alleviate all aggression, providing a soothing atmosphere and boosting your unique experience. The color choice also speaks of the vibrant relationship between the product and its country of origin – as the white background and the red semicircle hint at the Japanese flag.

Print Designs for Noto Gin

The Hand-Drawn Elements Convey the Love and Passion Behind the Noto Gin Creation

Apart from the tranquilizing colors and the map view of the Noto Gin’s birthplace, the print design is also laden with many hand-drawn elements that can be traced as you sip the gin. These monochrome translucent visuals embody the ingredients in their raw, natural form.

We can see kaya and yuzu fruit and other predominantly Eastern-Asian ingredients, bay leaves and many other branches and fruits that compose the perfect blend on the print. 

Their arrangement initially seems chaotic, but as the visuals spread along the edges of the blue peninsula “map,” everything comes together, implying that each Noto peninsula is full of natural treasures.

Indeed, it's a surprising yet calming design that attracts the audience, something every print designer strives for. 

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Print Design by Episode Two for Noto Gin

The Typography on the Noto Gin Print Design Suits the Local Patriotism Note and Adds a New Layer to Its Distinctive Appeal

While most of the prints’ aesthetics draw from the packaging's allure, the font styles elevate the design. And if you’re looking for guidance on picking the perfect typography for your brand, find out how to choose the right fonts here.

The packaging design encompasses two variations of sans-serif style fonts. The logo and the peninsula map typography are white, with headlines featuring increased spacing. The inscription on the map entails Japanese characters and the English alphabet, providing a soothing calligraphic look. In the bottom left corner, you can see the ingredient list complementing the same shade of light blue seen on the map.

Other print designs frequently entail an old-school, script-style signature of the Noto Gin’s creator, Yuki Matsuda. The red signature maintains the color palette’s balance as it’s placed amid the teal typography on white background.

As with any other experienced graphic design agency, the goal is to always have a consistent brand image across several platforms and materials. Episode Two ensured that the visuals' striking balance and soothing atmosphere remain consistent whether it’s a tote bag, a billboard poster, or the packaging design

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