Raw Wine Pamphlet Cover Print Designs

Raw Wine’s New Print Designs And Brand Identity Give The Wine Fair A Refreshing Redesign

Raw Wine is a wine festival that brings together a community of wine lovers and wine makers. This prestigious wine community is dedicated to creating cleaner, more organic, low-intervention wine for the people that want to drink it.

This international community hosts two-day wine fairs across the globe — from LA, and London, to Berlin and New York. The festival was founded by two wine lovers, Deborah Lambert and France’s first master of wine Isabelle Legeron.

Fairs are hosted to bring together grape growers, wine maker and wine appreciators.

RAW WINE is a totally independent wine fair created and organised by Isabelle Legeron MW. It celebrates wines with emotion. Wines that have a humanlike, or living, presence. They are also wines that are an authentic expression of a place. They are the polar opposite of industrialised, big-brand, manufactured, nothing-but-alcoholic-grape-juice wines, that use imagery and suggestion to sell a product. RAW WINE is about showcasing growers whose fundamental farming and cellar philosophies make these living wines possible. Many of these wines feature on the lists of the world’s best restaurants. They are wines with cult followings and they’re here, together, in London, for two days only so that wine lovers, connoisseurs and curious beginners alike can come together and try their wines.

Raw Wine brings artisans and lovers alike together to appreciate wine and the community that has been fostered today. They put a heavy emphasis on the natural, raw qualities of wine and its creation process to turn it into a work of art.

But the brand needed a new identity to math its blossoming community and to engage an even wider audience. So they enlisted the help of The Counter Press to help update their brand identity and create a host of print materials that better matched their past roots and their future goals.

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Raw Wine Business Cards Print Designs

Raw Wine’s Print Designs Put Character First With Typography And Material

There are a variety of elements two this design, but the two most prevalent are the materials and texture used, and the typography stamped on top of it.

Most of these designs are made from a brown, natural looking parchment or cardstock. There's an organic and gritty aspect to this decision, further emphasizing the brand'd dedication to all-natural ingredients and organic products.

This also simplifies the design as a whole. These designs aren't modern and edgy. They are old-world and simple. They are refined and elegant. And the soft backgrounds are the perfect backdrop for the bold tyopgraphy.

There's a clear connection to nature in the way that these designers decided to use a stamp to write out the words on the various print materials. The text stands bold, dark and powerful, but there's a grundgy edge to it that comes from the flecks that are left out throughout the process of stampping.

It's dirty but effective. It's exciting but subtle. This block text and block foiling pops, adding a sophisticated and urgent layer to these designs that can't be ignored.

Outside of the stamped, gritty quality of the text, there's a layer of color. Color gradients line the backside of these letters, almost fading into the background but adding a pop that draws attention. It gives these designs the modern edge they need to stay fresh without sacrificing the history and legacy of wine making in general.

They also play with layout and orientation -- some letters are larger while others are small. Some are written out from left to right, others are sideways. It's playful and silly. It's modern and fresh.

From the tangible aspects of this design to the visual, these print designs for Raw Wine certainly stand the test of time.

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Raw Wine Pamphlets Print Designs

Raw Wine Understands It Audience And Created A New Identity To Captivate

The creatives at The Counter Press knew that they had to tap into the Raw Wine brand and connect with its roots. They did this in their print designs in a clever way that really gave the brand as a whole a modern refresh that makes it stand out not only as a community of wine aficionados but as a brand that stands strong, powerful and resolute in its beliefs.

With bold typography and a gritty texture, these prints emphasize a dedication to all-natural qualities and ingredients. And the rough, almost wooden surface of these prints aids in this overall vibe.

Similarly, the subtle use of colors and color gradients that stand behind these bold letters adds a fun, playful and modern touch that brings this festival into 2018. Wine isn’t just for the older generations anymore — anybody can love wine, and they should.

There are also strong and regal design elements like the embossed gold logo and the simple illustrations that give consumers a glimpse into the brand and its identity without revealing too much — very sophisticated and regal.

Overall, these print designs elevate the Raw Wine brand tremendously, giving them more of a personality and connecting them more with their history, heritage and their audience. If you’re in the market for new wine, or are looking to attend a wine festival, give Raw Wine a shot (or rather, a full six-ounce pour).

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