A New Type of Imprint, Vol. 9 Stunning Print Design

A New Type of Imprint, Vol. 9 -- "Conversations on Creativity and the Nordic Countries: Finland," takes the reader on a trip to the vivid and colorful creative sphere of Finland.

The cover of the book itself is immersive, vibrant, and colorful, but the entire second chapter of the winter issue is dedicated to Finnish creativity. From the methods of Avanto Architects, to the vivid illustrations of Antti Kalevi, to the photography of Osma Harvilahti, to Satu Maaranen’s bold fashion design, to renowned creative agency Kokoro & Moi, to so much more. The colorful and playful design and layout of the chapter was created by Helsinki based Agency Leroy.

A New Type of Imprint, Vol. 9 Gorgeous Print Design

Each page of the chapter is a different design experience in itself, and aims to showcase Finnish art, creativity, and design culture. The designs are visually very appealing, and use a well balanced color scheme. Ranging from vintage hues of blue and lavender to completely black and white graphic illustrations and modernistic, vivid designs, the second chapter is a phenomenal design experience.

A New Type of Imprint, Vol. 9 Great Print Design

The prints, when accompanied by textual descriptions, take care to balance out the text content and the image content so that it is easy on the eyes. The font used is a plain black lettering on a soft white background, easy to read and well balanced. Paired with the visual design, it makes for a very aesthetic layout. A lot of thought has also been given to spacing of the patterns and shapes used in the design. Weight has been assigned creatively and artistically, so as not to detract attention from the main content of the chapter.

A New Type of Imprint, Vol. 9 Print Design

Overall, the second chapter of the book is an excellent design of a print campaign done right. With emphasis on difference, uniqueness, color, shapes and lines, as well as content strategy, it makes for a very appealing visual and design experience.

A New Type of Imprint, Vol. 9 is a stunning print design in the Advertising, Arts & Recreation, Hospitality and Professional Services industries.