FedEx Office Walmart

FedEx Office is as much a printing store as it is a shipping hub, and now with their partnership with Walmart, more customers will be able to reach them than ever before. This training video is meant to help new employees get a solid vision of what their purpose is as a store and how to best help potential customers.

The video is narrated with a deep, male voice throughout, meant to command attention yet inspire. There is a faint background music, meant to inspire purpose and determination. The establishing shots of the video feature Walmart logos, and we follow customers on their way into the building. The lighting isn’t spectacular, and it’s not meant to be, as the sky behind is overcast and the colors are muted.

To highlight the partnership between these two companies, the FedEx Office logo is then shown immediately upon customers entering Walmart. There’s a slight difference between it and the regular FedEx logo—the font and text are the same, as well as the iconic arrow between the E and the x—however, the logo is purple and teal instead of purple and orange. This color palette sets FedEx Office apart from the regular shipping locations and immediately draws the eye.

The next several shots depict Walmart customers having positive experiences within FedEx Office. This is one of the main themes of the video, and is shown by having employees dressed in FedEx purple smiling and helping customers with whatever they need.

Another focus of the video is showing the integration of the Walmart and FedEx partnership, and how the desire of both companies is that regular Walmart customers will become regular FedEx customers. This is repeated several times in the narration, and depicted through regular Walmart customers discovering a FedEx store in their local Walmart.

FedEx team members who view this video will get a sense of community when watching, and that when they put on the purple uniform they’re a part of something important.