The DVI Group | Atlanta Video Production | iBox Universal Rough

Hansgrohe is a developer of plumbing fixtures for kitchens and bathrooms, and is based in Germany. This sixty second video features a shower rough—a hub where multiple pipes bring water to the shower fixtures.

The video is extremely well done. The focus is, of course, on water, and the opening shot is a stream of water as if spouting from a hose. The background is a gradient blue grey. As the camera shifts, however, we see that the water isn’t spouting from a hose, rather, it’s traveling along a line of invisible piping, and several other lines of water are flowing in the same direction as the main line.

These lines of water lead to the iBox Universal Rough hub—a green and black cylindrical fixture. The camera revolves around the hub for several frames, showing the whole anatomy of the device. During this time, white on screen text describes several key features of the iBox Universal Rough. The font used is a modern, round sans serif, and both regular and bold typefaces are used to offset each other.

A female voice narrates the video, and a smooth, light, electronic rhythm carries in the background.

After featuring the innovative design of the iBox Universal Rough, the camera zooms out to a side-by-side picture comparison of the device. The left side of the screen features the inside of a shower wall, with the iBox Universal Rough installed. The opposite side shows a completed shower wall with a modern, stainless steel temperature control knob. The onscreen text continues to describe features of the iBox Universal Rough throughout the comparison shots. The camera switches between several viewpoints of the shower walls during the comparison.

The comparison shots end, and the video ends by showing the iBox Universal Rough against the same blue grey background as in the beginning. Spinning around, the Hansgrohe logo is revealed—all lowercase letters in a sans serif font on a green banner—along with the product name underneath.

Anyone in the market for new shower plumbing, this device offers a multitude of options for a enjoyable shower experience.

iBox Universal Rough is a stunning animated video.