Red Fox Video Design Features Stop Motion Animation To Bring The Product To Life

Redfox Video Design Packs Stunning Visuals in a Snappy 20-Second TV Promo

It can be challenging to introduce a new product and make it stand out in a sea of similar options, primarily through a short television advertisement (See best commercial video designs with great storytelling here).

With limited airtime, pulling all the tricks to ensure the viewers’ eyes stay glued to the screen is a must. And that’s a tough nut to crack.

In this television advertisement for Red Fox, UK-based motion design and animation studio Mighty Giant and did it in about 20 seconds, and beautifully so.

Red Fox isn’t your regular cheddar cheese with a rustic reddish color and a blend of a sweet, savory and nutty taste. The video highlighted the product’s unique characteristics and then placed it side-by-side with typical blocks of cheese to make it shine even more!

The video producers added spice to the design by personifying the Red Fox brand through stunning imagery. They incorporated the advertising message, "there’s more to cheese than cheddar," into a gorgeous silhouette of a fox that later runs into the wild. An image that spectators are sure to latch onto.

Red Fox Video Design Uses Stop Motion for a More Contemporary and Tongue-In-Cheek Feel

We rarely see stop-motion animations in TV ads. Demos, walkthroughs and explainer videos are the usual executions for this cinematographic style (Learn how to make a video explainer here). That’s why it’s a pleasant surprise that Mighty Giant decided to adapt it into a commercial spot.

After all, it suits the Red Fox brand identity very well: modern, unique and complex with just the right hint of playfulness.

From the husky and overly dramatic narration to the frantic movement of the cheese blocks, the tongue-in-cheek quality of the video design is a great way to hook the audience from the get-go.

On top of the stop motion cinematography, the sketch-style animation and transitions also added an extra layer of artistry. Video producers use this stylistic technique to enhance their visual appeal and convey a specific narrative. It's almost like watching a modern-day painting come to life.

It’s a risk that eventually paid off!

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A Mix of Bright, Vivid and Dark Colors Set the Tone for the Red Fox Video Design

Red Fox’s video is divided into two separate story sequences.

One is the stop motion aspect, which focuses on building the brand’s identity and unique value. In this section, we see the visual elements laid flat on a light-yellow backdrop making the opening sequence easy on the eyes and allowing the viewers to zero in on the product snapshot.

In the latter half of the video, the tone shifted to a more fluid and cinematic presentation where the visual elements are in dark and rich colors like black, red and deep yellow.

This change in color tones created a satisfying visual experience for the viewers and added more depth and flavor to the whole sequence. It's also how branding agencies utilize color stories to evoke specific emotions and highlight the brand’s identity.

Red Fox Video’s Animated Product Packaging Adds Characterization to the Brand

The viewers follow the fox’s captivating silhouette in the latter part of the video as it walks into the wild and eventually takes the shape of the Red Fox brand image.

What a way to bring a brand to life!

And as the video came to a close, the entire frame froze and zoomed out to reveal the Red Fox cheddar cheese in its full packaged glory. What a remarkable display of how motion graphics experts work their magic!

What started as a raw and naked block of cheese is now dressed in exquisite packaging, giving the customers a glimpse at the product in its entirety (Explore the most stunning food packaging designs here).

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