Slack's Geometric Video Design Uses Color And Creativity To Emphasize Communication

Slack’s Communication Application Shines In This Motion Graphics-Heavy Video

Slack is a platform that creates a place for conversation in the workplace. It’s a tool that eliminates the need for meetings, calls and constant email back and forth conversations.

Slack is a one-stop shop for all of your workplace conversation needs. You can organize discussion into channels and narrow those down by project and team. And with Slack, you can also engage in voice and video calls.

It’s a great solution for staying in contact with colleagues and getting work done with efficiency and ease.

People love Slack because of how easily it integrates into other commonly used business platforms. Data, reviews, surveys and more all can be contained within the Slack platform and cataloged, marked and tracked.

It’s also highly rated because of how easy it is to maneuver and manipulate. Finding conversations, topics and information is easy. This platform holds all your data in easy to find folders and files.

Slack makes work smarter, and it’s been doing so since 2013 when it was founded by Stewart Butterfield.

What began as an internal company tool has since become a platform that brings coworkers together and simplifies the work process.

Slack is a simple to use and efficient tool for workplace discussion, but it’s still in its early stages. As a result, the brand has come up with some creative and engaging marketing material to widen awareness and get people interested.

One exceptionally clever piece of collateral was their promotional video.

Slack’s Informative Video Stuns With Bright Pops Of Color And Clever Animations

This exciting and informative video is all about communication and chaos — so it’s fitting that the scene opens up with a mess of geometric, multi-colored shapes falling from the sky and down the screen like this is a game of pinball and they’re trying to find their way to victory.

The narrator talks about the chaotic nature of the workplace — from meetings and discussions to emails and documents that often get lost along the way. Similarly, these bright shapes float and sway — getting lost and getting sidetracked in the meantime.

And in a way, these shapes take on the feel of all of those files lost to email purgatory or buried in folder upon folder upon folder.

There is no rhyme or reason to it all, and that’s what this video aims to emulate in its playful yet educational tone.

The bubbly and vivacious nature of this video is captivating and contagious. The colors and shapes lift you up and give you hope — even though they look chaotic at first — much like collaborations and discussions in the workplace.

But that’s where Slack comes in, and that’s how all of these colors and shapes combine — to create the hashtag Slack logo — the answer to all your workplace conversation stress and anxiety problems.

Slack brings together everything you need — those files and folders, progress reports and tickets and even collaboration meetings. Similarly, in the video you see all of these shapes flying towards the center and into the Slack logo.

As the video continues, there’s more structure to these colorful squares, swirls and triangles. They come together as a team and sit nice and neatly in their designated boxes, folders and files. And these stunning motion graphics really bring the whole concept to live.

These geometric pops of color fly across the screen, come together to create shapes and really add a depth and personality to the Slack platform and the Slack brand. The more you watch it, the more you want to get to know Slack and the way it operates — more specifically, the ways it can help you and your team.

The video ends with just four little dots coming together to create the Slack logo once more. It’s clean and effervescent and entertaining. It’s informative and captivating. It’s Slack.

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Slack’s Playful Video Is Bright And Clean

Slack’s promotional video is informative, fun and engaging. They took a topic that is otherwise dry and boring — workplace meetings and collaborations — and turned it into an event for all to take part in.

This video informs with a narrator voicing over the video with the story of Slack and its purpose. But the real stars are the exciting and intelligent motion graphics that play across the screen in a bright and colorful way.

These little geometric shapes bounce and zoom across the screen, creating an engaging experience that simplifies and brings to life the idea of workplace conversation and the power of Slack to create a space where collaboration, discussion and debate can occur.

Not only that, but Slack offers brands a way to collect and record all their data and have it readily available. It’s a comprehensive tool, and this video beautifully boils it all down into an easily digestible format.

This informational Slack video is a fun and exciting way to talk about conversation, and it keeps you interested from the first second until the last.

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