12 Best Typography Videos by Design Agencies

12 Best Typography Videos by Design Agencies
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: March 03, 2023

Choosing the best fonts for your videos can make your videos pop and stand out from the crowd.

This means that typography is essential to your video's overall look and feel. The fonts you'll use, no matter how many, will determine whether your video has delivered your message successfully.

This article lists the best typography videos by design agencies worldwide. These designs have leveraged various font styles in conveying their brands' messages, delivering massive impact toward their specific markets.

Take inspiration from these designs, then check out other work from our best video designs category.

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1. Sportsnet: Big Reads - Bulls On Parade by Yan Aftimus Rosa

Standout Features:

  • Bold typography
  • Colors that pop
  • Elevated effects

The first entry on our list of best typography videos is this expressive video courtesy of Yan Aftimus Rosa.

Videos like this show the importance of choosing the right fonts for your videos. Since no other visual elements are present, you need to rely on the text to catch the attention of your viewers.

The bold font styles emphasized the significance of the messages they were trying to convey. The design played out the colors cleverly to ensure the points were noted well.

The effects of the typography were also elevated through impressive animation and music, blending with all the elements nicely for a fantastic video experience.

2. International Livioon Convention - Typography Animation by Promo Design Academy

Standout Features:

  • Dominant sans-serif fonts
  • Lack of colorful background
  • Simple video design

When making announcements about conventions, one must think of ways to ensure as many people will see them as possible.

Promo Design Academy nailed this concept in its work for the International Livioon Convention. The agency employed dominant sans-serif fonts and minimal colorful backgrounds, making the typography stand out without distracting viewers.

The font styles were also modern and clean, making the video even more appealing. This video showed how powerful typography can be when used correctly.

Sans-serif fonts are often used for their professional appearance, and this is one way the convention tells their attendees and the people around them that they mean business.

3. Content Works by Puto Studio

Standout Features:

  • Excellent harmony between visual elements
  • Legible typeface
  • Creative design execution

This typography-heavy video shows how fonts can do the talking and yield positive results.

Puto Studio created this video with the concept of harmony in mind. Everything was designed to work together for a fantastic visual experience, from the typeface to the colors used.

The font style has a modern look, helping create an overall pleasant atmosphere. Everything is legible and easy to read despite multiple texts on the screen simultaneously.

This video also showed how greatly the various elements complemented each other, creating a video that makes sense from different angles.

4. TheDesignCoop Showreel 2022 by TheDesignCoop

Standout Features:

  • Impressive text animation
  • Vivacious feel
  • Fun and radiant elements

Sometimes you just want to show off your skills. Take notes from TheDesignCoop and learn how to do it in style!

This 2022 showreel features a unique design with fun and radiant elements. It's no surprise why this video design got a slot here on our best typography videos list! (Check out this list of other impressive showreels)

The text animations are also at the top, with different effects throughout the video. Every element was designed to make sure it would be seen and experienced by viewers.

The typeface is simple but bold, ensuring everyone knows what's being said. The colors were also playful and vibrant, creating an exciting experience for viewers.

This typography video proves that choosing suitable font styles can make your videos lively and engage your viewers in a fun way!

5. Hackathons by BRUTAL STUDIO

Standout Features:

  • Fun effects
  • Vibrant color background
  • Appropriate soundbites

Typography videos often rely on special effects to give the videos an added pop. BRUTAL STUDIO does this in spades with their video for hackathons.

Everything is spot on, from the vibrant background to the fun video effects. The typefaces used are also exciting and bold. Adding to this excitement are the soundbites, perfectly inserted in several video parts that hype the audience.

This is an excellent example of using typography and special effects to create something that will stand out from the rest.

Who knew Hackathons could be this exciting?

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6. Gametheory - Brand Film | Motion Graphics by Filmbaker

Standout Features:

  • Minimal text
  • Impactful purposes
  • Art Deco-inspired

This next typography used less text than the previous examples but was still as striking.

Filmbaker created this video with a unique Art Deco feel that is charming and captivating. The typeface used was also minimalistic. Instead of relying on words alone, it implies its messages through visuals.

The sparse use of text in this video is an excellent example of how you can use typography for greater impactful purposes.

Various graphic designs also added to its charm, making it look sophisticated and timeless despite being only seconds long.

This video shows that sometimes less is more. Even with limited text, it can still be captivating and compelling.

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7. Chromebook Montage by VantageFilms

Standout Features:

  • Helpful text placement
  • Informative purpose
  • Colorful output

In this next video, typography played more of a supporting role to the main stars - the Chromebooks.

VantageFilms created this video which is a montage of many different Chromebook models and shows how it can be used for various purposes. The text placement in this one was beneficial, giving viewers more information about what's going on without being too intrusive.

The typeface used was also explicitly chosen to make the text more legible and colorful - an essential factor when you have lots of information to convey.

This video is an excellent example of how typography can support other elements in the footage while still having its purpose. It's informative without overwhelming, which we should all strive for in future design projects.

8. Success Wise by Broadcast2world

Standout Features:

  • Excellent font choices
  • Innovative animation
  • Refreshing colors

Two words to describe the next typography video design: undeniably unique.

Broadcast2world created an animated typography that is creative and innovative in its use of typeface, animation, and colors. From the smooth transitions to the refreshing color palette, everything was designed perfectly to ensure viewers had an enjoyable experience.

The purpose of this video is also quite uplifting, talking about success and winning. It was a great choice to use typography in this one because it emphasizes the message without needing too much text on-screen.

This video shows how you can create something unique while conveying its message effectively.

Not to mention, how they used the letters and words to create images and effects was quite impressive! A definite must-watch.

9. BFC TV WEEK Main Title by Baco Studio

Standout Features:

  • Revitalizing color story
  • Bold and expressive fonts
  • A compelling juxtaposition of video clips
  • Sporting events are thrilling, especially with an intense opening title like this one.

Baco Studio created the leading title for BFC TV WEEK using bold and expressive fonts with a revitalizing color palette. The juxtaposition of video clips on top of the typography was also very effective in keeping the viewers’ attention.

Red and dark blue are effective colors in sparking emotions, and the font choice complemented it very well. The animation also made the texts look alive, adding a certain level of intensity that’s perfect for a sports-related video. The typography used in this video was unique. It was playful yet had a modern vibe, making it stand out even more.

This video is an excellent example of how you can use typography to draw attention and make your content look more dynamic and engaging for your audience.

10. Savin & Bursk Animated Logo by Brandefy

Standout Features:

  • Comic book-inspired visuals
  • Enthusiastic and reliable feel
  • Impactful font choices

It's not a bird. It's not a plane. It's an animated logo for the law firm of Savin & Bursk!

Brandefy created this video with comic book-inspired visuals and enthusiastic, reliable font choices. The shape used to incorporate the text was also very impactful, as it gives the logo an identity and makes it easier for people to remember.

The colors used in this logo animation were also chosen carefully, as they convey a strong and trustworthy feel that is perfect for a law firm.

Using typography creatively, Brandefy created an animated logo that oozes personality and makes viewers want to learn more about Savin & Bursk.

Leveraging typography in videos can be a great way to make your content more interesting, engaging, and memorable, and this animated logo just proved that solid point.

You may see other ad videos like this in our list of best commercial videos here.

11. CHAO TO: Spicy Tomato & Spinach Panini by Charley Willerton-McKee

Standout Features:

  • A perfect balance of animation and text
  • Educational purpose
  • Clear images and visual elements

Recipe videos can often capitalize on typography as well!

Charley Willerton-McKee created this video to teach viewers how to make a delicious Spicy Tomato & Spinach Panini. The combination of animation and text in this one is perfect, as it lets you follow the recipe without getting too distracted.

The font choice was also apparent, so viewers could easily read and understand the instructions. Moreover, they chose to use visuals that would help illustrate each step in making the sandwich better.

The recipe video is easy on the eyes, which is essential, especially when trying to learn or follow a process.

Typography is essential in creating content that has both an educational purpose and aesthetic value, as this video demonstrated and some more similar tutorial videos here in this post.

12. Flowlnk Pictures Video Showreel

Standout Features:

  • Smooth transitions
  • Catchy graphics and visuals
  • Friendly atmosphere

Another design in our list of best typography videos is the Flowlnk Pictures Video Showreel.

It contains a combination of colorful visuals, sharp graphics, concise captions, and humor. While most brands tend to take things too seriously, Flowlink Pictures made sure it composed a proper showcase for its services.

Let’s be honest; too serious can be boring nowadays. Marketing agencies tend to follow tried and tested trends for their compositions.

However, Flowlink Pictures went with a different approach here. This video design stays unique, with frames shifting between soap opera-esque scenes, detailed graphics of its services and catchy background music.

The designers only included necessary information, making the showreel light and easygoing.

In fact, this particular showreel is already an example of the quality of Flowlink’s ads. Since they cover a spectrum of themes and aesthetics, it already gives a glimpse of what they can offer to many brands.

Ultimately, the video showreel complements the brand and its customers in just one minute and thirty seconds.

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