7 Best 3D Modulated Video Designs That Go Beyond Flat Screens

7 Best 3D Modulated Video Designs That Go Beyond Flat Screens
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: November 19, 2023

In this article, we learn the strategies and approaches of the most creative video production companies in creating the best 3D-modulated video designs, each delivering a captivating spectacle.

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1. The Harvest Moon’s Tale by Tron House

Standout Features:

  • Turning concepts into 3D visuals
  • Colorful visuals
  • Relaxing motivational tune

The Harvest Moon’s Tale is a cute and creative advertising project. Tron House worked on it, and this short video depicts how they made the magic happen.

We first see the colorful snippet of the final product, with lovely colors and dazzling visuals for a second, only for it to be stripped down, depicting the first steps. Throughout the video, the initial 3D models come into life with coloring and texturizing work, with slides showing the process.

Then, we see a similar work with the background scenes. These areas quickly transform into colorful settings from colorless schematics. A relaxing yet motivational tune completes the video, making it look mystical and ethereal.

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2. TELEFE Channel IDs by Pablo Kerllenevich

Standout Features:

  • RGB balls
  • Party-like setting
  • Playful sound effects

The cheerful TELEFE Channel IDs ad was created by Pablo Kerllenevich, with three small RGB-colored balls as the main characters.

The beginning of the video shows the balls in a party-like setting, complete with party hats, beach umbrellas, and confetti. The screen then cuts to the balls working together to raise a word from the ground, letter by letter. The last scene depicts the balls rolling as a red carpet unfurls, ending in front of a podium, resembling an awards show.

As the events on the screen unfold, their activities are accompanied by playful sound effects that make this video feel fun and energetic.

3. 3D Animation & Motion Design Promo by deBridge Studio

Standout Features:

  • Rotating model
  • Typographical counters
  • Instrumental background music

deBridge Studio created a short video to showcase some of the brand’s work, starting with the company’s logo as an introduction accompanied by instrumental background music that sets the mood for the visuals.

We then see rotating 3D models centered on the screen, hovering amid a purple background. Other clips show a close-up of a 3D typographical solution made for a client TV channel, followed by a globe.

The video design is simple, subtly yet attractively showcasing the brand’s portfolio.

4. Why Spree3D by Framework Films

Standout Features:

  • Addressing a common issue
  • 3D clothing items
  • Solution-oriented

The Why Spree3D video, designed by Framework Films, shows a common issue among us: not knowing what to wear. This solution-oriented video immediately catches one’s attention, as it’s relatable to most viewers.

It starts with a girl assessing her available clothing options in her closet. Then, the girl checks her phone and reads a message from her friend asking her whether she’s tried the MyDubble App. Frustration turns into excitement as she jumps on the bed and discovers the app’s excellent features.

We then see her swiping various outfits, swapping her cozy sweatsuit for 3D clothing combinations that give her an idea of what to wear. Liking what she sees, the video transforms into her daydream about a mini fashion show, solving her wardrobe issues right there.

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5. Tak Steak by Pixune Studios

Standout Features:

  • Story-based video
  • Vivid colors
  • Playful background music

Pixune Studios’ story-based video design for Tak Steak depicts a short film of a head chef presenting his delicious dish to an excited customer. However, just as he is about to dig in, the chef stops him because his special sauce is empty.

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From there on, the viewers enjoy a hilarious scenario that follows the chef’s kitchen eye scan and taste test that unlocks the vault where the hidden recipe is preserved. After passing all the authentication tests, he delivers the final touch to the meal.

This fun and humorous storytelling and excellent visuals will stick to the viewers’ memories, effectively strengthening brand recall.

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6. Champion Boxing Club by Rasinmotion

Standout Features:

  • Colorful visuals
  • Abstract 3D models
  • Shadowboxing

Rasinmotion created a short video for Champion Boxing Club. The video features a combination of real-life visuals and animated 3D models behind display windows.

The abstract models are built by using colorful bubbles put together into the shape of a man. As the camera passes, it records them practicing punches in a shadowboxing session. The video is accompanied by a street-like crowd noise that adds a realistic touch, complementing the setting.

Between the three display windows are posters related to the club and the sport on the wall, adding a branding element to the composition.

7. Xquisite Wine Selection by JumpCut Productions

  • Slow-motion product animations
  • Luxurious gradient background
  • Mesmerizing scenery shift

Unveiling Xquisite’s newest wine collection, JumpCut Productions created a captivating 3D animation video that builds anticipation. As the sequence gradually reveals each wine, the slow-motion revolving and panning effects weave a fluid - almost hypnotic - visual narrative.

The sophisticated black gradient background exudes luxury, perfectly aligning with Xquisite's high-end market positioning. This premium feel is enhanced by the minimalist typography used for text pop-ups, elegantly detailing the product features.

Midway, the video undergoes a dramatic transition that ushers viewers into a vivid, lively setting. This dynamic shift from monochrome to vibrant scenery offers a visually refreshing contrast. And the best part? The lo-fi ambient soundtrack creates a relaxed atmosphere that rounds the immersive experience!

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