9 Best Product Explainer and Tutorial Video Designs That Showcase Products With Style

9 Best Product Explainer and Tutorial Video Designs That Showcase Products With Style
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: October 23, 2023

We've gathered the best product explainer and tutorial video designs that redefine excellence and shine bright on essential topics. Let's analyze the techniques, strategies, and aesthetics that make these videos stand out!

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1. re.life app by Think Human

Standout Features:

  • Easy to follow
  • Tech-related elements
  • Action-packed animations

Think Human’s product explainer video for the re.life app builds a futuristic, digital atmosphere with neon colors and a blue tech-inspired background that sets the expectations for the product.

It features direct and concise narration transcribed on the screen, word by word, each emphasized in one of many creative effects. White words lead the gray typeface as the narrator uses them, making it easy to follow and understand the cohesive presentation.

The visuals include action-packed animations that give a persona to the phone, the central element throughout the video. There are also lots of glossy elements that contribute to its futuristic theme.

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2. SAMS – DEPOMOD by Paton Creative

Standout Features:

  • Visual learning
  • Aquatic vision effects
  • 3D visuals

Visual learning is one of the best ways to learn about a complex subject. That’s why Paton Creative created a delightful medium that helps interested parties understand and envision SAMS – DEPOMOD and its unique purpose and benefits.

As the product represents the aquatic world, its video design features soothing blue shades, boats, and other marine-like visual effects. All 3D elements are set across a 2D grid with keyword messaging in a large white font size that’s playfully placed diagonally.

The visuals’ efficiency is elevated through supporting sounds that resemble those expected in a natural, watery environment.


Standout Features:

  • Microscopic learning journey
  • Colorful visuals
  • Soothing voiceover

If you’re down for a scientific learning experience with exceptional animation, you’ll enjoy watching NEFKUS’ explainer video for IMUNOGLUKAN.

This learning journey starts by quickly introducing the product and its constituents. The video then educates the viewers by depicting a human ingesting the pill, showing the effects of the product. As the pill disperses, we see its path through the small intestine, where we look closely at how it affects the body. (Curious how educational videos like these are made? Learn how to make an explainer video here.)

The beautiful animation includes colorful visuals, narration, and a peaceful soundtrack that piques our curiosity as the narrator explains what’s happening on the screen.

Finally, each visual is explained through a comprehensive cell-type legend to ensure everything’s clear to the viewer.

4. Starling Bank - 7 Features by Rob Heasley

Standout Features:

  • Quick features listing
  • Upbeat, urban tune
  • Clean background

Rob Heasley created a fast-paced yet informative explainer video design that showcases the seven features of Starling Bank.

The video combines an upbeat, urban tune with a clean, light gray background to deliver a quick scope of features. The presentation style mimics the scrolling on a social media platform, with each slide including a typographic one-liner that explains your distinctive possibilities with the product.

Although the typeface features lively, bolded letters in black, each slide features a keyword highlighted in a vibrant purple shade to make it stand out.

5. Fusion Quartz by 1 Minute Media

Standout Features:

  • Animated effects
  • Real-life product uses
  • Well-branded

Every driver knows how challenging it can be to keep their vehicle spotless. However, Fusion Quartz is a product that makes it easy, and 1 Minute Media explains how in a short video.

While the narrator explains drivers' most common issues when preserving their cars’ exterior cleanliness, the video shows a series of short frames that illustrate his points. These issues are highlighted through a big white typeface in the bottom left corner.

Once the viewer feels like the brand understands the problem, the video presents the product as a solution: explaining what it is, how it works, and showcasing its efficiency with live demonstrations.

Additionally, this video helps the brand shine by featuring a black screen with the brand’s logo at the center of the screen.

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6. Sage Intacct by Chuck & Charlie

[Source: Chuck & Charlie]

Standout Features:

  • Cool animation style
  • Creative way to illustrate the problem
  • Showcasing real-life product screens

Sage Intacct approached Chuck & Charlie to help the brand design its top-level animated product explainer video to assist them in promoting their core product to new customers.

The video features a soft, uplifting sound and a cool animation style that evokes friendliness and relatability despite addressing an insufferable issue. The first half of the video focuses on a protagonist with a funny point of view, illustrating the problem creatively and hinting at a possible solution.

The latter half combines the animation with a screen-view of the actual product, showcasing its dashboard and distinctive features at work by listing all its benefits in a series of animated shots in office and remote work environments.

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7. Wisr Today by Veronita Va

Standout Features:

  • Lively animation
  • Pastel colors
  • Fast-paced display of features

Wisr Today is an app that understands how inflation can affect our psychology, so it provides a combination of tips for preserving financial and mental stability. To help present the product, Veronita Va created a short explainer video featuring soft, pastel colors and easy-to-follow animation.

The initial frames use clever ways to illustrate the cause and effect of the financial-induced stress, followed by an abundance of visual elements that portray the narrator’s messages in a memorable but relaxing way.

The video explains the product through a fast-paced sneak peek of how the app works. This entices the viewers to try it out and bring their financial troubles to an end.

8. Stey by Pigeon Studio

Standout Features:

  • Quirky animation style
  • Innovative transitions
  • Vibrant and energetic

Pigeon Studio designed an explainer video for Stey, a new and revolutionary way of living that combines sustainable technology and modern design. The main feature is flexibility and maximum customization regardless of location, mixed with social connections. The video highlights it from the get-go through a blend of imaginative animation sequences.

The animation style is quirky and fast, with creative transitions that grab the viewers’ attention. These elements hold the viewer's focus effectively as the narrator lists all the Stey residents’ lifestyle characteristics.

The video also includes vibrant and energetic colors and movements, supporting the brand's quick solutions for traditional residential issues.

9. N2 Applied by Crown Animation Studio

Standout Features:

  • Educational text pop-ups
  • Problem-to-product sequence
  • Split-screen animations

Crown Animation Studio has crafted a compelling 2D explainer video for the N2 unit: a game-changing technology that powers sustainable agriculture.

The educational aspect shines brightly. Text pop-ups and illustrative labels dissect complex scientific processes into digestible information. It balances the grave environmental concerns of liquid manure with the optimistic solution that the N2 unit offers.

Moreover, the video depicts the device’s intricate workings through dynamic graphics. The split-screen animations add visual depth. They create rhythmic visual choreography and a richer narrative that educates and inspires.

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