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10 Best Video Designs of All Time 

1. Nike – Just Do It (1988) Video Design 

Standout Features: 

  • Iconic campaign slogan 
  • Short yet inspiring storyline 
  • Massive cultural impact 

The debut of Nike's "Just Do It" campaign in 1988 marked a groundbreaking moment in advertising history. The commercial, featuring the then 80-year-old Walt Stack's daily 17-mile run, showcased the campaign's authentic and approachable tone. In a media landscape filled with cable channels, this straightforward and unpolished approach to advertising stood out starkly! 

"Just Do It" represented a bold era in brand marketing, where companies were unafraid to embrace and broadcast their vision. The video's impact popularized the "Just Do It" motto and energized millions worldwide to pursue their fitness dreams. Nike saw its revenue skyrocket from $867 million in 1987 to an astounding $6 billion in 1993, displaying the campaign's profound influence. Its blend of universal appeal, motivational undertone, and an enduring legacy sets it apart as a masterclass in advertising! 

2. Apple – 1984 Video Design 

Standout Features: 

  • Groundbreaking cinematic direction 
  • Dystopian allegory  
  • Pioneering in tech advertising 

Apple's "1984" commercial, aired during the Super Bowl and directed by Ridley Scott, represented a radical shift in advertising. Its dystopian narrative and high-quality production set a new standard for television commercials. This ad didn't just introduce the Macintosh; it revolutionized how technology was marketed and perceived. Its portrayal of a defiant heroine breaking free from a conformist society encapsulated Apple's philosophy of innovation and individuality.  

This masterpiece is widely recognized as one of the best videos of all time with its bold narrative, cinematic quality, and direct challenge to the status quo. The result? It increased Apple's stock price by 37% in one day, selling over 750,000 Macs within 100 days! It defined Apple's brand identity and signaled a new era of creative marketing in the tech industry – a perfect example of emphasizing storytelling and conceptual depth over mere promotion. 

3. Guinness - Surfer (1999) Video Design 

Standout Features: 

  • Breathtaking wave cinematography 
  • Reverse storytelling technique 
  • Iconic black-and-white aesthetic 

Guinness’ "Surfer" commercial, directed by Jonathan Glazer, stands out for its artistic and cinematic excellence. This ad is a masterpiece of visual storytelling, featuring a surfer's daunting confrontation with a colossal wave. The stunning cinematography captures the raw power and beauty of the sea – a visceral and breathtaking experience. 

This commercial's reverse narrative structure builds tension and intrigue atypical in advertising. The choice of black-and-white visuals creates a classic and elegant feel while highlighting the dramatic contrast between the human spirit and nature's might. The ad's creative approach paid off significantly, boosting sales by 30% in Ireland and garnering international acclaim, including the Cannes Grand Prix. Its stunning visuals, emotional depth, and innovative storytelling cement it as one of the most revered videos in advertising history. 

4. John Lewis Christmas Ad - The Bear & The Hare (2013) Video Design 

Standout Features: 

  • Heartwarming animation 
  • Emotional storytelling 
  • Mellow and inspirational soundtrack 

The 2013 John Lewis Christmas ad brings cheer to holiday advertising with its enchanting animation and poignant narrative. The ad features an unlikely friendship between a bear and a hare, using captivating animation to bring its story to life. Reminiscent of classic children's storybooks, it's one of the most memorable and heartwarming additions to John Lewis' renowned Christmas campaign series. 

This video effectively reinforced the brand's reputation for compelling holiday adverts. It's highly celebrated for its artistic approach and how it seamlessly merges emotion, music, and storytelling. No wonder it's a Christmas commercial that resonates with audiences of all ages! It generated millions of views and became a cultural phenomenon in the UK. That's why The Bear & The Hare remains a beloved and iconic piece of holiday marketing that perfectly embodies the warmth and joy of the season. 

5. T-Mobile - Mama Tests 5G (2020) Video Design 

Standout Features: 

  • Relatable humor 
  • Clever use of influencer marketing 
  • Effective product demonstration 

The T-Mobile "Mama Tests T-Mobile's 5G Network" video ad quickly distinguished itself among the best tech commercials in history with its lighthearted and relatable approach. The ad effectively showcases the capabilities and advantages of T-Mobile's 5G network by utilizing the familiar and humorous trope of a skeptical parent testing technology. Anthony Anderson's inclusion also adds a layer of authenticity and relatability. It resonates with a broad audience and drives the message home in a fun and memorable way. 

Unsurprisingly, the campaign was a significant success for T-Mobile. It increased brand awareness and customer engagement and contributed to a measurable uptick in 5G network subscriptions. The combination of humor, influencer appeal, and clear demonstration of product benefits made this ad a key player in T-Mobile's marketing strategy. It resulted in a boost in sales and a stronger market position in the competitive world of telecommunications. 

6. Dove - Real Beauty Sketches (2013) Video Design 

Standout Features: 

  • Progressive brand message 
  • Authentic self-perception portrayal 
  • Surprising narrative reveal 

Dove's "Real Beauty Sketches" campaign is a groundbreaking video ad for its commercial success and profound social impact. This campaign redefined beauty advertising by focusing on genuine self-worth and challenging prevailing beauty standards. The ad unveils the stark contrast between self-perception and how others see us by featuring real women describing themselves to an FBI-trained forensic artist. The emotional reveal of the portraits offers a powerful commentary on the nature of beauty and self-acceptance. 

The video got over 11 million views in its first week and immediately sparked a global conversation. This campaign significantly boosted Dove's image as a brand that champions natural beauty and authenticity, moving beyond traditional beauty advertising. By aligning their brand with a socially relevant and empowering message, Dove showed that ads can be more than just a means to sell products. They can be powerful agents of social change. 

7. Old Spice - The Man Your Man Could Smell Like (2010) Video Design 

Standout Features: 

  • Hyper-masculine humor 
  • Quirky, unexpected pitch 
  • Stereotype reversal 

This Old Spice video commercial is a prime example of advertising genius that reshaped brand perception and redefined industry standards. It is among the best videos of all time for its witty humor, quirky characters, and a playful yet impactful challenge to traditional masculinity stereotypes. 

The ad's success lies in its hyper-masculine humor and the unexpected nature of the product's pitch. This idea resonated strongly with a younger audience, making Old Spice relevant and trendy. The campaign's clever use of humor and reversal of gender roles appealed to a broad demographic, making it a cultural phenomenon. 

The commercial exploded in popularity online, amassing over 50 million views. This viral appeal translated into tangible business results, with Old Spice experiencing a 37% increase in sales following the campaign. 

8. Snickers - You're Not You When You're Hungry (2010) Video Design 

Standout Features: 

  • Humor from "hanger" situations 
  • Celebrity cameos with exaggerated traits 
  • Mood swing relatability 

The Snickers "You're Not You When You're Hungry" video campaign's stellar quality is its clever use of humor based on a simple yet universal truth: hunger-induced mood changes. By incorporating celebrity cameos that exaggerate the effects of being "hangry" (hungry and angry), the video ad entertained viewers and created an immediate and relatable connection. The concept of dramatic mood swings due to hunger was both humorous and insightful as it reflected everyday human experiences in a lighthearted way. 

It generated over 60 million views online, becoming a long-running campaign recognized for its humor and creativity. More importantly, it established Snickers as a go-to snack for hunger-induced bad moods. The clever marketing strategy paid off with a 10% increase in Snickers sales. Look at our list of digital marketing agencies that can help achieve your desired results. 

9. Google Android - Rock, Paper, Scissors (2016) Video Design 

Standout Features: 

  • Engaging stop-motion animation 
  • Witty character portrayal 
  • Lively soundtrack 

Google Android's advertisement from 2016 sits as one of the best video designs of all time for bringing the playful rivalry and eventual collaboration among rock, paper, and scissors characters to life. The ad's humorous and insightful storytelling cleverly uses these well-known game elements to highlight Android's diversity and customization capabilities. And the exciting part? It is accompanied by an upbeat and catchy soundtrack. The audio and visuals create a fun and engaging atmosphere that holds the viewers' attention. 

The impact of this ad was significant in terms of brand awareness and industry recognition. It won several prestigious awards, including the Cannes Grand Prix for Film. It also made a huge buzz, increasing consumer interest and awareness of the Android brand. Finally, it showcased the vast potential of mobile devices and apps for creative storytelling! 

10. Kit Kat - Give Me A Break (1988) Video Design 

Standout Features: 

  • Catchy jingle 
  • Humorous and relatable scenarios 
  • Effective product placement 

Kit Kat's "Give Me A Break" video commercial is a classic example of timeless advertising. This ad resonated with audiences by portraying the universal desire for a quick, enjoyable break. It connects with viewers by depicting everyday moments, seamlessly integrating the Kit Kat bar as the perfect solution. This video ad's cherry on top is the memorable jingle, now ingrained in popular culture, synonymous with taking a break and enjoying a light snack. 

This commercial solidified the brand's identity and contributed significantly to its market success. Kit Kat achieved a 20% increase in sales the year following its release, instantly becoming one of the most popular chocolate bars worldwide. Its enduring appeal is evident because this jingle and concept variations are still used in Kit Kat advertising today. 

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