American Express - Global Business Travel Spain Professional Website Design Homepage

You know the name American Express. Now, acquaint yourself with their Global Business Travel division, responsible for all your business travel and event needs.

Efficiency, innovation, integrity, excellence and flexibility. These are the traits that American Express aims for when it comes to working with your business. Abstract imagery combines with big lettering to introduce you to these ideas in a professional website design.

Each ideal flawlessly transitions from one to another over a slowly moving video clip. When you’re ready, go ahead and click the play button to watch a video introduction to the Global Business Travel division. Keep an eye on the gorgeous blues, grays, and whites used within the film. They coordinate beautifully with the American Express logo design you’ve come to know!

With such an extensive company, the Global Business Travel division has extensive information to present to you. It’s why they give you an expandable menu to utilize as you need. It’s simplistic set up focuses the pages listed rather than a visually impressive web design.

Grey blocks combine with a blue font to evenly list out the different main pages you can navigate to. Interacting with you, the menu expands as you begin your scroll. Vibrant blue subtitles showcase the different segments you’re bound to come across as you read. It’s a wonderful choice to add complexity as you go rather than overwhelming you with all your options straight up front.

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American Express - Global Business Travel Spain Clean Web Design

The best way to understand a product or service? Learn about other people’s experience with it! American Express’s Global Business Travel wants you to learn through the eyes of other clients how their services are beneficial.

Instead of reading, the page brings you video clips of several clients who are ready to talk to you about the company. Close-ups with these clients allow you a personal experience, reading their expressions and seeing as well as hearing their words. The video choice creates a strong connection between you and the client, making you latch onto their every word as they impact you with their thoughts.

American Express’s Global Business Travel website design focuses on bringing users a dynamic service and allowing them to visually experience it through the use of well-designed video clips. These visualization tools combined with strong navigation tools create a highly user-friendly website design that lets users make the absolute most out of the website.

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