And Yet Beautiful Homepage

And Yet is a versatile design company with a focus on efficiency and the creative side of life.

Their website takes a whole different approach to simplifying how potential clients receive the information from their page. Tossing aside the norm, And Yet makes use of an elegant scripted font in gradient blues in combination with navy sans serif writing. The beautiful dynamic pops against a white negative space.

From this home page, visitors are given access to all the content of the website in one simple scroll down the page. Various segments of the page are divided by encompassing opposing sections in brushstroke swoops of pale blue as the negative space. The simple technique allows users to quickly differentiate between types of information.

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And Yet Beautiful About Page

And Yet maintains a strong community presence and creates programs for community members. The point is to help members learn to embrace their individual gifts and reach out to change the world in whatever way their gifts let them. To give the project impact, And Yet allows community members to interact in a great and elaborate story about how important making an impact is.

By entering the immersive experience, community members can choose between reading the story for themselves or having the story read to them. Each page of the story includes gorgeous illustrations in a contrast of watercolors and a deep overlay of flat design imagery.

And Yet Beautiful Product Page

And Yet takes the same watercolor flat designs from the story they wrote for community members and applies it to the rest of their website.

In the company’s About section, the use of a navy sans serif font is center aligned on the entire page. Words meant to draw the reader’s eye are given impact by using a vibrant blue font over the universal navy.

A combination of swooping blue watercolor borders and thin lines divide up the page into various sections, guiding readers through the page. To maintain the diversity of the page, And Yet incorporates a number of watercolor splotches and geometric shapes in blues, pinks, purples and yellows.

And Yet is a beautiful website design in the Professional Services industry.

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