Baku City Circuite home page screenshot

The Website’s Unusual Color Combination Helps Capture Visitors’ Attention From The Get-Go

The Baku City Circuit is a Formula 1 race track in Baku, Azerbaijan, and this website is dedicated to the 2020 Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix race. Even though the race was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the website stands as a distinctive, attention-worthy web design solution.

So, what exactly makes it stand out?

For starters, its somewhat unusual color combination – purple, red and white. The dark purple background and red highlights on the home page create a bold first impression.

However, these colors are only one-half of the website’s color scheme. The other half is a timeless black and white combination, again with red as an accent color.

As you scroll down the page, transitions from a purple to the white background are frequent, but it only enhances the dynamic flow. The transitions are smooth, creating a play between dark and light, while the color red emphasizes elements like underlined text, active links, CTA buttons and more.

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F1 Details and Animations Bring The Baku City Circuit Website To Life

The image of a Formula 1 car is nicely incorporated in the background of the home page hero section. With powerful animations around the image, it creates an energetic look and feel.

Moving elements passing by the car, as well as turning car wheels, successfully give an impression of the car speeding through the background. Motion graphics contribute to a highly effective visual effect here.

Other micro-interactions across the website provide an on-brand F1 experience for visitors, too. Besides the logo which represents the Formula 1 flag within the letter B, the flag-like elements are also visible after hovering over the hamburger icon in the navigation bar, as well as over CTAs.

Baku City Circuite main navigation menu page screenshot

Several Navigation Menus Ensure The Website Is Functional And Accessible At Every Point

The main navigation bar in the header links to the Store, Race Guide, Press Centre and About Us pages. Each of these category pages offer subcategories for more information.

Besides the main bar, there is an additional navigation page behind the hamburger icon in the header.

This navigation page offers links to the main category pages as well, along with the subcategories. But the layout is rather bold and atypical here, which makes it so distinctive. It features large page titles with letters cut off on both sides by the vertical lines.

The main navigation page is also where visitors can find the newsletter subscription form. Requiring only an email makes it a simple, clean and clear solution for an opt-in form.

Another practical, well-incorporated solution is a vertical navigation bar on the side of several sections to offer additional information where needed.

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Baku City Circuit race guide section screenshot

The Website’s Race Guide Provides Useful Information With A Clean Layout And Ample White Space

With a track of six kilometers long, The Baku City Circuit is the second-longest track on the Formula 1 race calendar. Besides that, it is often referred to as “the fastest street circuit in the world” thanks to the long straight parts where cars often reach the speed of 360km/h.

All the important information about the track is shown on the Race Guide within the website. This section offers a lot of white space to let the textual content breathe. It also provides distinctive details, attractive typography elements, readable fonts and a clear layout.

In the form of a sidebar, there are also links to additional information about the schedule, entertainment events and useful tips. Separating information in several modules is a good way to ensure visitors are not overwhelmed with all the statistics, tips and other elements at once.

A large search bar at the bottom of the page is a great addition to help visitors find what they are looking for and increase their time spent on the page.

Typically, the search icon or a small search bar is placed in the website header, but the way it is shown on the Baku City Circuit website makes it much more visible, accessible and useful.

Baku City Circuite news page screenshot

The Unconventional News Section Uses Card Elements And Color Accents To Highlight The Most Important Information

The News section on the website is where visitors can find news and press releases related to the Grand Prix race, as well as the official F1 events happening in Baku.

What makes this section so effective is the card-like sorting of news.

The first card introduces the three latest news stories, while the following ones feature one post per card, showcased with a large title, short introduction and a strong CTA button calling visitors to read more.

Another atypical point in this section is that there are no photographs for any of the posts. However, the lack of images is compensated very well with:

  • A functional solution using news cards
  • Large font for titles and subheadings
  • A lot of white space so visitors aren’t overwhelmed
  • A simple black and white color structure
  • Accents made with red elements for high contrast

As mentioned, red color accents are present throughout the website. This is a minimalistic design solution that creates a strong visual effect. However, it isn’t so frequent in the sports and leisure website designs, which only makes this website even more unique.

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Baku City circuite online store Grandstands section screenshot

The Baku City Circuit Website Offers A Well-Organized Online Ticket Store Even Though The 2020 Race Was Postponed

Due to the postponement of the race, tickets cannot currently be purchased on the website. Because the online store is out of function, the “Buy now” button leads to a page with information about the postponement.

However, if the online store had been working, it would have been one of the strongest and probably one of the most frequently used part of the website.

This is especially true for the Grandstands section that shows different standing positions for audiences around the track, complete with important details, additional information and ticket prices.

For each of the standing positions, visitors can find the location on the race map. This map is a great web design solution added to the Race Guide page, using a color-coded system to represent different areas on and off the track.

Baku City Circuite 404 page screenshot

An On-Brand 404 Error Page Adds Another Layer To The Formula 1 Experience

For non-existing pages, there is a custom-made 404 page design on the website. It is informative, engaging and to-the-point, with the image in the background depicting Formula 1 technicians working with tires behind the scenes.

Knowing that the purpose of a 404 page is to inform visitors that the page doesn’t exist and guide them to other useful and relevant pages on the website, this page does a good job by providing a CTA button to the Store page. A complete navigation menu in the header offers even more options.

This 404 page perfectly fits the website’s color scheme and design style, while an original, on-brand image resonates with visitors and engages them even more.

As such, this page is a powerful addition to the overall website design.

The bottom line: Even without many photographs on the Baku City Circuit website, the playful color palette, bold typography, smooth transitions and meaningful, on-brand details make this website stand out from the crowd.

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